January 31, 2015

EQUINOX debut album

EQUINOX plans to release their debut album made of 10 tracks and 1 bonus in March 2015. This album is entitled "Świteź".

The band said:
"Świteź" is recorded. At the moment Sergey Lazar (CDM records, Arkona) is mixing a new material. The album consists of 10 absolutely new songs and one bonus track. No re-recorded compositions, no covers, just post-folk metal with a lot of progressive elements.Most of the lyrics based on the oeuvre of famous polish poet Adam Bernard Mickiewicz. The main song of the album is the ballad about beautyful spirit-maiden of the lake Świteź telling a story about ancient russian war between Moscow and Lithuanian princedoms. At the moment well known artist Jan Yrlund is working at the decor of the album.

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