December 01, 2015

A new bandname for SKULL & BONES

Today, the Pirate metal band SKULL & BONES from Argentina changed their band name for NAUFRAGANT,
a latin word for "be wrecked".

The 7 minutes long single "The Black Corsair" based on book by italian writer Emilio Salgari, will be released under this new name. Their style remains unchanged.

They said the following :
"After dealing with poisoned legal waters and being so close to a brand new release, we decided to reinforce our quest by renaming our mighty flag to face new horizons... We've chosen this fascinating Latin word "Naufragant" for to "Be wrecked"! 
That being said, you can expect even MORE epic swashbuckling songs!
And now the time has come to officially announce our next adventure...
"The Black Corsair" (Single) will be out at the end of December! (Digital download and stream only)"
The band is currently working on a second full length (and the first one under Naufragant name).

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