December 07, 2015

SKOGSHALLEN released a new single

"Krampusnacht" is the title for the new single by SKOGSHALLEN available for free.

SKOGSHALLEN will release their next record "Fara í Víking" during 2016.
I contacted the band on that matter and this is their reply :
"Initially planned for this year, there may be some delay. We want to make sure we give it all our creative energy and that means some attention to detail that we felt was lacking in former albums. The older albums were fun but roughly done at best. I can tell you two things about the album :
- First and foremost, it will feature 14 original compositions as well as 2 arrangements of old folk songs.
- However due to the long wait, we decided to write a song in honor of krampus to be debuted tomorrow.  The song will be free to download".

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