July 08, 2016

VIKE TARE Feed The Flames

Frisian Pagan Black Metal band VIKE TARE will release their album "Feed The Flames" by September 2nd, 2016.

The title of the album as well as the band's name are linked to the old pagan custom Biikebrennen, an annual celebration held on February 21 in North Frisia ; celebration to Weda (one of the two Frisian war gods, often equated with Odin. The expulsion of evil spirits, protection of the seeds on the fields or fishermen's and whalers’ pleas for safe passage on the sea might be possible interpretations. During the celebration, bundles of straw or straw dolls (so called Petermännchen) are burned in a fire (Biike).

01. Feed the Flames (About One Who Wouldn't 0Obey)
02. Phobos Anomaly
03. Trutz, blanke Hans!
04. Die späte Rückkehr (Die Geschichte von Nis Randers)
05. Like a Silent Hill
06. Rebirth Denied
07. Der Fischer
08. Heimgang

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