August 26, 2016

The EX DEO's future plans

The band shared the following statement :

"Hello everyone a quick message from yours truly , We have been getting MANY requests about " IF Ex Deo WILL RETURN TO THE LIVE STAGE " at the moments I must be sincere and I have to say that NO plans have been made for EX DEO to do any touring or plays shows for the next album , so rumors of us touring soon are untrue .

We have done the album because there was demand for it and because we missed it and wanted the challenge ourselves to see if we can top the "Romulus" and " Caligvla" albums , to be honest EX DEO is a tough project live and demands a lot time ( which we dont have much to spare ) , However we are currently exploring some options for 2017 but we are not certain if we will do them , most likely not, for those who want to see the band live then you will need to make your voices heard to the people who matter and spread the word , so the other guys in the band are willing to put back their armours and destroy live once again , so you never know !

For now I must say , we plan to release the album only and take 2017 as a break from all activities after the release of this little beast called " The Immortal Wars " 

Beleive me you will enjoy this album , I will transport you to another world , an Ancient one that still lives in our hearts and minds called ROME !

-Maurizio "The General of the XIII "

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