November 27, 2016

UTMARKEN : Bröder i strid

"Since people got caught in the doom and gloom on last post and apparantly didn't read the last line "This is not the end" ... let's make a special announcement today, continuing the introduction to "Förfallstid". Track #5. Bröder i strid. Brothers in battle. Probably the most non-folkish track on next album, more of a power-metal hymn that celebrates brotherhood. If everything should fail (and it won't) worst case is that next album will sound something similar to this. Observant followers have already noticed that an excerpt of this track can be heard in one of the episodes of "Utmarken-TV"UTMARKEN said.

It was the previous announcement of the band :
Important announcement (regarding Utmarken anyway, this has little effect on the overall global schemes of the world). Utmarken in its current form seems to be coming to and end. Members have decided to quit, no hard feelings for all I know, and what comes next is currently not clear, other than that Utmarken will continue, in whatever form the gods deem appropriate. 
To me, personally, there has never been a real plan behind Utmarken, other than that I have had to put the material that I have gotten in my head into the world. Everything else has just "happened". Forces outside my control. I never wanted to be a "band manager". I don't feel up for the job. Honestly, I wish I was like everyone else. Being able to see my days pass by while watching TV and drinking beer. Walk that broad path, as a perfectly optimized consumption/production unit in the machinery. Everything within the safe boundaries of standard deviation. No scary surprises, minimum risk, no fear, no mistakes (thus nothing learned), no expectations, no honour, no heroic deeds, just following that pre-programmed from-cradle-to-grave state machine... well doesn't it sound tragically sad and boring?? 
With Utmarken I wanted to create a "place" outside time and space, that people can connect to. Something to gather around. People that, like me, believe there is more to life than merely optimizing material profit during a lifetime. Etc... I could go on and on about this, it's not the right place and time for that, but most importantly, it was a way for me to reflect my experiences and practice my own preaching; that I believe we are all unique, and everyone person has something unique that only he/she can do, and that it is important to resist the forces that merely try to reduce us down to a tiny cog in a wheel in the machinery. To a mere power source for the matrix. Yadda yadda yadda... And then a lot of things just happened, and I merely tried to swing at what was thrown at me, hit things on volley. With varying degrees of success. 
To me it has been a challenging, interesting, bizarre, crazy, exhausting and fun ride. It has taken me to places I never ever imagined I would go. I'm most honoured to have had the opportunity to be in the company of talented musicians and men of free spirit. Whatever happens now, I hope to at least still have you around me, as friends and brothers. THANK you! 
Right now, it is time for contemplation, reflection and finding strength again.  
This is not the end

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