December 20, 2016

Bucovina : Aşteaptă-Mă Dincolo De Moarte song translated to English

Words : Official English translations
Song : Aşteaptă-Mă Dincolo De Moarte (Look Forth for Me from Beyond (Death’s Doorway)
Release : Aşteaptă-Mă Dincolo De Moarte
Thanks to the band for the sharing.
Translated by Alex Diaconescu.

Look Forth for Me from Beyond (Death’s Doorway)

Autumn casts blood-freezing rainfalls
Grief flowing down like a river
Styx of old
In mournful shroud attired

Charon stands shuddering, stills his oars
His boat he is loath to set forth in
That you, hawk, may
In yon deep be never mired

See me haste my stride
Join your gloomy tide
To where sorrows abide
Look forth for me from beyond death’s doorway

Windstorms would gather their forces
To thwart your drear advance
And mountains would eagerly fall in
To a dam in your way stood

Knowing its strife unavailing
Yet lest it should ever lose sight of you
Time itself, death it would hamper
If only it ever could

There was no silken flutter
No farewell ever received
Not one sole parting kiss
On furrowed brow did alight

But one shadow enthralling the autumn
Has instilled its chill in hearts
And you set off down the pathway
In the night.

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