Live Events

Folk like Folk Metal events can be found to this page. Partnership can be between Sword Chant and festivals, live associations, bands or labels for better support for live events.

Click on the events for more details.

You can email me the following events' elements for I add the upcoming shows to the calendar : dates, country, venue, location, bands of the event, and possibly links of festival websites (and not from social networks).

Do not send me event one by one but a listing of shows and check out the calendar and see if your event isn't inside.

Thank you.

Sword Chant can support better your concert, festival, and tour that means an article about on this website, and the flyer into "the supported events" part of this website until the show happened. I will remind the event to the people in twitter and facebook times to times too.

All you have to do is to add the banner of Sword Chant on the flyer, within some advertise for Sword Chant on your pages, and to ship me some prints of that flyer.

I can write live report and I can take pictures either with camera or cell.
For this can be possible and unless some exceptions: Paris and Lille (France) are usually my limits for distance. Then you'll need to invite me (guestlist + invitation card or something) and I'll need to know if i can bring my reflex camera or not. Pictures will be shared on Deviantart.

Contact me for the whole.


I may help Folk Metal bands or festivals worldwide to find other bands for gigs and complete the line-up.

Check out my ELD project and contact me from the Eld email address.