Live Events

Folk like Folk Metal events can be found to this page, and they can be better supported by Sword Chant.

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Click on the events for more details.

Tourdates and shows can be sent to my contact as a listing of details (bands, dates, venue and country)
Links to festivals websites can be as well. Flyer is not needed.

Do not send events, one by one.

Thank you.

Your show can be supported by Sword Chant. It means a flyer and article available on the website.
You'll have to add the banner of Sword Chant on your flyer and contact me.

The supported events were :

Pocono Folk Metal Fest 2 (USA)

Toronto Folk Metal Fest (Canada)

Pocono Folk Metal Fest (USA)

Varang Nord - 1st concert (Latvia)

Folk Metal Meeting III (Poland)

Craving tour 2015 (Europe)

Wild Land Fest 2014 (Argentina)

Tourbi√®re Fest 2014 (France)