January 16, 2018

March 2018 will be the next ABINCHOVA release

ABINCHOVA will release their new album "Weltenwanderer" under Massacre Records on March 30, 2018. A crowdfunding was for that release. The album title means "world wanderer".

PRIMORDIAL new album soon

PRIMORDIAL unleased the artwork for their forthcoming album titled "Exile Among The Ruins".

One heartbroken message from LEMURIA

Wesley Beernaert (Formerly known as lead vocalist of Lemuria) said the following words :

          Dear friends, fans and foes.
Today is the day Lemuria has to announce a very painful decision. As most of you who have been following us know, I, Wesley, had some serious accidents in the past. Cracked rib bones and fractured ribs, heavy concussions and more were part of my aches. At some parts I just continued touring with the band, with the intention of not letting the band down.... in another event, where I actually died for a few moments and got hospitalized with a whole lot of fractures, broken rib-bone, fractured ribs and a swelling in my head, probably induced seizures by fainting on top of the stairs and falling down hitting each and every step until I lied down unconscious, died, revived, spit blood out of my mouth and got hospitalized... all future gigs needed to be canceled in order for my recovery.