May 29, 2017

Deiwos will be the new CELTIBEERIAN

Spanish band CELTIBEERIAN are currently working on their next record entitled "Deiwos".
A crowdfunding will start in some hours. Below are details for the new record.

01. From deep waters (intro)
02. Deiwos
03. Devotio
04. The wolf I am
05. The shadow of the Lynx
06. Fear my beard
07. The reborn
08. The harvest song
09. Navigium Isidis
10 Puellae Gaditanae
11. Life goes on
12. Txoria Txori
13. Looking for beer
14. Gallaecia II
15. The spirit of our inner nature (outro)

ŽREC returns with an EP

ŽREC band returns with a new EP titled "Klíč k pokladům".

The very first KROMLEKH work available for free

KROMLEKH is a new band from Ukraine with members of KRAAMOLA.
They released their first single "The Time of Eternal Winter" that you can get for free download.