December 08, 2016

NINE TREASURES released 10 years

"10 years" is the title of the new single by NINE TREASURES

December 04, 2016

Nine years with Sword Chant

Hi everyone,

Lately, I had so much things to deal with that I didn't notice the anniversary of this site, a month ago.
I know that you enjoy all the changes on this site - or the transition - done in this year

However, I planned nothing for this event but I would like to, for the next one. :)


If some bands or labels get some ideas
we can plan together for the event taking place in a year.
(birthdate : november 10, 2007)

Thanks to all of you
for following Sword Chant!


HYPOCRAS released implosive EP

The Implosive EP by HYPOCRAS is now released.