June 25, 2017

ODROERIR released Das Erbe unserer Ahnen

The new ODROERIR album "Das Erbe unserer Ahnen" is out now. You can get a copy to their label.

01. Abecedarium Nord
02. Das Erbe unserer Ahnen
03. Thule
04. Idisi
05. Wanderer
06. Phol ende Uuodan
07. Hyperborea

June 24, 2017

DOOM OF VALYRIA unveiled the official video

Lately, DOOM OF VALYRIA released the new album "Warg" and now, the band unveiled the video that probably could not be without contributors for that crowdfunding project.

KRAAMOLA released Molfar EP

"Molfar" is the new work signed KRAAMOLA. "The idea of this mini-album is to show you non-standard side of the band’s material. Songs, presented in this release, were born in different times and for objective reasons were not included in previous album. Each of them is the result of creative search and does not completely fit general concept of the band. “Molfar” song is also a kind of experiment, but it’s also a kind of a beacon to follow, while working on next full-length release", said the band. The record is available on Bandcamp and more.

01. Molfar 
02. Oh you, skylark… 
03. Moment of intimacy 
04. Ministry of fools (Saxon instrumental cover)

Line up :
Serhiy Isaiev – vocals (1,3)
Julia Hershtun – vocals (2)
Anatoliy Zinevych – guitars
Anatoliy Khomenko – violin
Kyryl Shapovalenko – bass guitar
Dmytro Sychov – drums