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MOONSORROW released "Jumalten Aika” album

"Jumalten Aika”, the new album by MOONSORROW is out now. The band commented "Jumalten Aika is a journey to the deepest North and into the darkest mythologies created in the depths of human soul. Narrated by the voice and sound of Moonsorrow"

You can get it in digipak, CD, and LP over here.

01. Jumalten Aika (12:43) 02. Ruttolehto incl. Päivättömän Päivän Kansa (15:21) 03. Suden Tunti (7:06) [ video ] 04. Mimisbrunn (15:55) 05. Ihmisen Aika (Kumarrus Pimeyteen) (16:00)
Bonus disc : 01. Soulless (Grave cover) (3:18) 02. Non Serviam (Rotting Christ cover) (5:10) [ video ]

SALTATIO MORTIS : Zirkus Zeitgeist Live

SALTATIO MORTIS released "Zirkus Zeitgeist Live" in CD and DVD.

01. Wo sind die Clowns
02 . Willkommen in der Weihnachtszeit
03 . Wachstum über alles
04 . Des Bänkers neue Kleider
05 . Nachts weinen die Soldaten
06 . Habgier und Tod
07 . Idol
08 . Augen zu
09 . Maria
10 . Wir sind Papst
11 . Geradeaus
12 . Koma
13 . Erinnerung
14 . Satans Fall
15 . Todesengel
16 . Eulenspiegel
17 . Prometheus
18 . Früher war alles besser
19 . Tritt ein
20 . Trinklied
21 . Worte
22 . Rattenfänger
23 . Spielmannsschwur

Douce Dame Jolie by OLAM EIN SOF

Marcelo and Fernanda, the cramfer of the OLAM EIN SOFband made their own version of the old song "Douce Dame Jolie" :

Guzten parted ways with IRMINSUL

Guzten was bassist for IRMINSUL band he founded over 10 years ago. The lack of time is the main reason for it.
The band published the following message :
A sad announcement from us!  Guzten has decided to leave Irminsul. The lack of time is the main reason for it and he felt that’s the best thing for all involved!  Guzten is one of the founders of Irminsul and we have enjoyed playing with him for over 10 years. Many hours have been spent together so it’s with sadness we part ways and wishes him all the best in the future!  We will struggle on with next album. Guzten will appear on some of the songs so he will be a part of this album as well! How the Line Up will appear in the future is hard to say at the moment, all focus will be on the record to get that ready!  Hails and Cheers / Irminsul

UTMARKEN : Välkommen till Norrland video

UTMARKEN will release their self-titled album under the flag of Einheit Produktionen.

The label unveiled the official video for the song "Välkommen till Norrland" taken from that record coming pretty soon.

Good bye, SOLA NORR !

The SOLA NORR band project from France ended.
However, a new band may see the daylight soon.

HAGBARD second album is coming soon

HAGBARD will release in Digipak format their second album entitled "Vortex to an Iron Age" in May 2016.

01. Intro
02. Never Call The Sage To Drink In Your Home
03. Bridge To A New Era
04. Iron Fleet Commander
05. Last Blazing Ashes
06. Death Dealer
07. Relic of the Damned
08. Inner Inquisition
09. Deviant Heathen
10. Shield Wall
11. Outro

IRDORATH continues to move forward

IRDORATH band shared this great news :
"Dear friends! We have some important news.
Six years ago Irdorath was just a street band. First performances, first applause… We worked hard, advanced, learned. We came through hardships. We became a team of professionals connected by love for music and an audacious idea. Some people said to us that we were moving to a dead end, others shared with us hard and joyful moments with open hearts. We were creating the world of Irdorath part by part, the world without boundaries and rules, the world of beauty, music and wild energy. And now something happened that gives us new powers and opportunities!  Irdorath signed the contract with “Screaming Banshee Records” (German label of such bands as Omnia, Sava, Shelmish, Faey, and former label of Faun). From this moment the “Alive” company will distribute the “Dreamcatcher” album in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Folk Metal : bandpages and project

As for the Folk bands, I am working now on the folk metal band pages so, I write their bio again with more keys as possible and make them as short as possible for everyone to look faster infos on band regarding biography. The design for bandpages is the same for all.
I work also on band logos when is needed as it is most of the time...  and delete or change links from articles available here that go to address, for the one in this website. Of course, if you notice a dead or wrong link on this website for the bands already added and the following additions, contact me.

I interviewed FEJD

I interviewed Esko, drummer for FEJD. The interview deals with the band, and their upcoming album entitled “Trolldom”.
01. Hi Esko ! First of all, You all have named your band as FEJD which means "quarrel",  why ? What is the story behind that band name ? Well, everybody who knows us knows that we’re always fighting about something, it’s a constant battle in the band.  Seriously, we wanted a short name that was easy and when the name Fejd came up we all agreed that it would work

02. Soon will be released your fourth album entitled “Trolldom”, are you happy with the result ? I don’t think we would release anything without being happy with the result. But of course, in retrospective, when you have all the cards in your hand and have the possibility to lock back, there are always things you might have done differently. That’s the reason we started recording stuff in the first place over 15 years ago, because we knew we could never move forwards and create new stuff as long as we …

AFTERGOD are folkish no more

Today, I discussed with the band AFTERGOD who told me they are going to play Melodic Death, Metalcore now instead of Folk Metal and, soon will be the last Folk song online that is a mix of polka and core, they said.

GRIMNER released "Frost Mot Eld" album

"Frost Mot Eld", the new album by GRIMNER is released in CD, vinyl and digital.

01. Res Er Mina Söner
02. Eldhjärta
03. Nordmännens Raseri
04. Enhärjarkväde
05. Midgård Brinner
06. Vargarnas Tid
07. Mörkrets Hem
08. Etter och Flammor
09. Muspelheims Härskare
10. Frost Mot Eld

THE DREAD CREW OF ODDWOOD released "Lawful Evil"

"Lawful Evil", the new album by THE DREAD CREW OF ODDWOOD is out now. You can order to the band store.
01. Join The Ranks
02. Side Quest
03. Heavy Mahogany
04. Sulfur [ video ]
05. Siren's Song
06. Heavy Submarine
07. Humours Of Oddwood Isle
08. Raise Your Pints
09. Sand Lobster
10. Whalin' Rumbo
11. Trollwhack
12. The Gleeman
13. Storm Riders
14. Dead Man's Medley

Here comes the very first WOLFHORDE official video

WOLFHORDE made a video for the song "Boundless Agony" taken from "Towards the Gates of North" album now released.

AMON AMARTH released "Jomsviking" album

"Jomsviking" album by AMON AMARTH is out now in CD and LP.


01. First Kill
02. Wanderer
03. On a Sea of Blood
04. One Against All
05. Raise Your Horns
06. The Way of Vikings
07. At Dawn's First Light
08. One Thousand Burning Arrows
09. Vengeance Is My Name
10. A Dream That Cannot Be (feat. Doro Pesch)
11. Back on Northern Shores

TROLL BENDS FIR covers Myllärit

TROLL BENDS FIR covers "Самогонка" (Samogonka) by Myllärit.

THE WOLVES OF AVALON interview online

I interviewed Metatron from THE WOLVES OF AVALON, about the band and their record entitled "Across Corpses Grey" now released.

01. Hi Metatron ! First of all, how came the idea to found the band WOLVES OF AVALON ? Hails. Having a main focus on Genocide and world religious megalomania emanating from the band, The Meads of Asphodel, and musically, the Meads, being an entity unto itself, I felt the need to channel my interest in British history though another band more driven by a pagan ethos, a more stable musical direction.The name of the band is from an ancient British term that is located in Glastonbury, as Avalon was the place the mythical King Arthur was taken when he was mortally wounded at the battle of Camlan. In a historical context, Avalon was the marshlands of Glastonbury, and Arthur an actual Celtic folk hero who fought against the invading Saxon hordes. The full band name, Wolves of Avalon, embraces the Wolf, as this creature was to be found in Britain many centuri…

TRI YANN : tracklist for "La Belle Enchantée" album

Below is the tracklist for the forthcoming album "La Belle Enchantée" by TRI YANN :

01. Far Away From Skye 02. L’ankou, La Libertine Et Le Ménétrier 03. Les Six Couleurs Du Monde 04. Sant Efflamm Hag Ar Roue Arzur 05. La Bonne Fam Au Courti 06. Aliénor En Arrabie 07. The Velvet Otter 09. La Bayadère Et Le Roi 10. Gavotenn An Huñvreoùigoù 11. L’ermite Et Le Connétable 12. La Belle Enchantée 13. Saint Efflamm Et Le Roi Arthur (Bonus Track)

The LORDS OF THE DRUNKEN PIRATE CREW album is coming soon

"Loaded to the Gunwalls" , the debut album by LORDS OF THE DRUNKEN PIRATE CREW is taking shape since the songs are in the final mixes and artwork is being completed.

Teaser :

A new design for Folk bandpages

Some news regarding my current work on this website.

I have written about 70 pages again and changed most links and pictures in the related articles.
It took me one active week to get all the Folk bandpages on this website.

Everything is available here :

Now, I'll write all the 466 Folk Metal ones.

Wish me "good luck"!

The next TRI YANN album planned for April 2016

TRI YANN will release a new album entitled "La Belle Enchantée" on April 15th, 2016.
12 tracks + one bonus about tales and legends will complete the record

The following front cover shows Georges Lacombe artwork (Art museum @ Quimper, France).

BOISSON DIVINE released "Volentat"

BOISSON DIVINE released their new album entitled "Volentat".
You can order here.

01. Sent Pançard
02. Los tilholèrs
03. Dauna de Brassempoi
04. Quin Braguèr
05. Aiga d'aur
06. Los Invisibles
07. Cepèra
08. Pujar
09. Caussada deus Martirs

"Innenwelt" release by FIRTAN

"Innenwelt" is the new maxi single (and not an "EP") by FIRTAN.
To be released on may 6th

01. Innenschatten
02. Im Licht meiner Sonne

New video signed MOONSORROW

MOONSORROW's label published the official video for "Suden Tunti" track taken from "Jumalten Aika”. 

DARKESTRAH : Turan album available for pre-order

From now, you can pre-order here the new DARKESTRAH album entitled "Turan" in LP & CD.

THE WOLVES OF AVALON released their maxi

released their Maxi single entitled "Across Corpses Grey".

You can order your copy here.

01. Across Corpses Grey
02. Die Hard (Venom cover)
03. The Voice Of Steel (Nokturnal Mortum cover)


THE DREAD CREW OF ODDWOOD released their new video for the song "Sulfur" taken from the forthcoming album "Lawful Evil".

One second poll to hear better your voices

Somedays ago, I launched one first poll with five questions related with bandpages, and the projects of Sword Chant.  I have in mind to move things from the platform to this website.
I heard you regarding the listings for bandpages and so, I worked on, heavily since yesterday : I made the alphabetical order listings for Folk & Folk Metal bands again. Now left to create the 540 bandpages again. Thus, the old listings with links to reach bandpages from the platform are still available.
And I made this page again : There, you can reach both new and old listings, plus the ones by country for all the Folk and Folk Metal bands bio available on Sword Chant.
Now, regarding questions about the projects, I couldn't hear well your voices so I made a second poll with eleven questions for this time, and closed the first poll. 
Your answers and feedback are very important for the future of this site and make it better for you, for me,…

I interviewed FÄNGÖRN band

I interviewed Vitaly from FÄNGÖRN. The questions deal with their "Inferno" and "Where The Tales Live On" records ; and also about the band.

01. Hi, Vitaly! You founded FÄNGÖRN back in 2008. What are the main lyrical themes of the band and why ?
Hi there everybody! As far as you know, we name our genre “fantasy folk metal”, so the main lyrical themes are fantasy tales, ancient myths, and our main lyrical theme is nature itself. Main themes are changing from album to album. On the first album “Mysterious land” we’ve paid much attention to “viking” stuff. Such songs as “Forgotten hero”, “Under the banner of berserk” and “Shield and sword” carry you to the land of Scandinavian legends. Our second album “Where the tales live on” is just a collection of fantasy tales, some of them refer to “Lord of the Rings” and other fantasy tales. Talking about “Inferno”, we should say, that we’ve tried to expand borders of lyrical themes, adding some of our world and life views.

MOONSORROW covering Rotting Christ

MOONSORROW shared the following cover that is available as bonus track on the forthcoming album "Jumalten Aika”.  

The band said :
Everyone in Moonsorrow has been a great Rotting Christ-fan since the early 90´s and with our version of this song we wanted not only to honor the band but also give the credit how much we have been influenced by them throughout our history. With our hails and deepest respect to our brothers in Hellas, we proudly present our interpretation of their creation: Non Serviam.

THY WORSHIPER unveiled the artwork for "Klechdy" album

THY WORSHIPER revealed the front cover for their upcoming album entitled "Klechdy" .

METHYSOS released their debut album

The debut album entitled "Folkloria" by METHYSOS is now available in CD to that page and digital to Itunes and all platforms.

TRACKLIST : 01. Trollen
02. The Keeper Of Cosmos
03. Drink Loud_Drink Proud
04. Rumpelstiltskin
05. Amathounta Stronghold
06. Kelvar Templa
07. Folkloria [instrumental]
08. Namahage
09. Waltz...With The Gods
10. Wine Fest
11. Farewell
12. Ramen [Bonus Track]

DRAUGNIM released "Vulturine" album

DRAUGNIM released their new album "Vulturine" in CD and 12" vinyl. The record can be ordered to that page.

01. That Name Is Hate [ sound ]
02. As In Hunger, So In Demise
03. A Passage In Fire [ sound ]
04. Grief Unsung
05. Drums Of Black Death
06. Serpent Stone

Review : Vérbulcsú EP by MAEOTIS

Today, I will review the MAEOTIS EP entitled "Vérbulcsú”. This EP is officially made of three tracks but actually contains five tracks. The two other tracks are hidden shaman songs with lyrics unavailable inside the booklet, unlike the three others.
01. Untitled Track  The first track is one of the two hidden folk song made of zither, jaw’s harp, singing and shaman drum. The track is rather average.  Length : 1 minute 30.

02. Vérbulcsú The second track starts rather soft. Clean strings sound like they tell a nice journey is but saturation shortly introduced at 0.13 and then to 1.34 it becomes stronger within some palm muted (1.58) on strings and making things serious more. The transition from soft to metal is nice. Vocals go to the same mood as music on the respective parts (clean and saturation).

JONNE : new album recordings

Heres a footage video of the next JONNE album :

One more teaser for all the MOONSORROW fans

MOONSORROW shared one more teaser for "Jumalten Aika”, their new album coming soon.
Watch the first teaser here.

New album and video signed TIME OF TALES

TIME OF TALES released their album "Tales Of time" and one official video also available on the Sword Chant channel.  Find the tracklist below the video.

BOISSON DIVINE : New track online

BOISSON DIVINE unveiled a new track entitled "Dauna De Brassempoi" that is a tribute song to Venus of Brassempouy
The track will feat. on the forthcoming record "Volentat".

LEŚNE LICHO released "Pieśni Starego Lasu"

"Pieśni Starego Lasu" (Songs of the Old Forest) by LEŚNE LICHO is now released.

FEJD : Trolldom album details

The new FEJD album "Trolldom" will be the first one for Per-Owe Solvelius, as guitar player for FEJD.
The record will be released on May 27th, 2016.

Below are the artwork and the final tracklist order :


03.Ingjald Illråde
04.Bed för din själ

You can pre-order "Trolldom" here and there.

NAUFRAGANT new single released

NAUFRAGANT released their new single "The Black Corsair" in digital. You can get it passing by their website.

Preview for band page

Adding band on Sword Chant :
Copy and paste this form in a text file (.doc,.docx, .rtf, .txt, .odt...), complete with your details  and then, send to my email address.

LOCATION : City, State, Country

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Name : instrument1, instrument2
It would be nice if you can add all folk instruments. 
Lower case for instruments. 

Past members :
Name : instrument1, instrument2

Answer (history, how and when was founded the band).
Since records appear in the "recordings", you don't need to write "on x-year was released  x-album"if there isn't history part with it. Make this part as short as possible ; and full of infos. The following fresh news don't appear here but will in another article linked with the "latest news" below.

Title, type and the release year [ details ] [ review ] *Do not use special symbol such as "", ( ), ...Write it simple like here.

Links for all sites (including f…

Heres the very first interview of the RAVENOAK band

I interviewed James Purple from the UK band RAVENOAK. This is the very first interview for the band,  I feel like honoured. :)

01. You founded RAVENOAK during last year. What means the band name ? Well we chose the name RavenOak, because many of our lyrics are to do with battle, so the oak part of the name fits with the wooden shield used. The Raven comes from the fact that the Raven is a symbol of knowledge, divine providence, and is also known as the bringer of death.

02. You are currently working on the first record for your band, RavenOak. Can we always expect one upcoming EP ? We were going to release an EP, but we feel like we need enough tracks to make it a diverse album, that show multiple styles.

Kaytos Kom EP by DRUSUNA is out now

The Pagan Folk band from Gallaecia, DRUSUNA, released their debut EP entitled "Kaytos Kom".


01. Tirros Drusunas (Land of Drusuna)
02. Spiralis Amsteras (Spiral of time)
03. Cernunnos
04. Litus Samoni (Shaman Ritual)
05. Wexta (journey)

YOMI tells the tracks' meaning for "Age of the Gods" album

YOMI unveiled some explanations regarding the tracks titles for "Age of the Gods", their debut album.

01. The August Countenance of Amaterasu Amaterasu-omikami (天照大神) or Ōhirume-no-muchi-no-kami (大日孁貴神) - is the goddess of the Sun and the ancestor of the Royal family of Japan. She, along with Tsukuyomi the Moon and Susano-o the Storm, is also one of the so-called 'three illustrious children', upon whom Izanagi-no-Mikoto, the Creator of the Land, bestowed the right to rule in the Heavenly Plain.

02. Yamato-Takeru Prince Yamato-Takeru was a royal general in the legendary period of the Japanese history (there are also some doubts about whether he was a real or a mythical character), most famous for his successful expeditions to various provinces of the archipelago. According to the legends, he have battled the leaders of many tribes, including those of Kumaso and the people of Izumo, and one of them have given him (just before having his chest ripped open) his nickname - …

New DRAUGNIM track online

This is the third track from the forthcoming album "Vulturine" by DRAUGNIM.

Vulturine by DRAUGNIM

THY WORSHIPER new album 2016

THY WORSHIPER are recording a new album to be released in May 2016.
The album title is "Klechdy" (Tales) and is full of 12 tracks. Soon will be one promotional single entitled "Wschody" (Sunrise).

New single by NYTT LAND

Awaiting their new album, NYTT LAND released a new single entitled "Hljóðs Bið Ek Allar".

Hljóðs Bið Ek Allar by Nytt Land

BRYMIR : For those who died, the video

BRYMIR published a video for their single "For those who died" out now.

UTMARKEN debut album in a month

UTMARKEN band will release under Einheit produktionen their self-titled debut album on April 1st, 2016.

DARKESTRAH : Turan album trailer

DARKESTRAH unveiled a trailer for their album "Turan" coming out in Apeil 29th under Osmose Produtions.