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OPEN ACCESS released their debut EP

Polish band OPEN ACCESS released their first EP entitled "Over a Mountain Peak".
You can get in digital what you hear through Sword Chant TV, below :

You'll have to contact the band to purchase a physical version of the record.

Preview of the upcoming album by SALTATIO MORTIS

Find below preview songs taken from "Zirkus Zeitgeist", the SALTATIO MORTIS album coming out this August.

RAVENOAK debut EP coming soon

UK band RAVENOAK are currently working on their debut EP entitled "May The Niflheim Rise". The record planned for the end of this year or 2016, will deal with Norse mythology, folk law, every day life, drinking, and the underworld. 
This is the artwork :

DEMOTERION song online

DEMOTERION revealed one first song taken from the forthcoming album "Echi di Vittoria". The song title is "Magister Militum".


LOCATION : Trento, Italy

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Enrico Lunelli : vocals
Denis Grajqevci : lead guitar
Francesco Pinter : guitar
Davide Jamil : bass
Enrico Dorigatti : keyboard
Adriano Magagna : drums

JARUN released "Pod niebem utkanym z popiołu"

"Pod niebem utkanym z popiołu" by JARUN is out now. Contact the band to order your copy.


August 7th, NACHTGESCHREI will release their next record entitled "Staub und Schatten".

01. Monster
02. Das Nichts
03. Die Wilde Jagd
04. Staub und Schatten
05. Lunas Lied
06. Kerberos
07. Eden
08. Der letzte Tag
09. Verloren
10. Bruder
11. Leben für den Klang
12. Schlaflos

MORMIEBEN EP coming soon

Pirate Metal band MORMIEBEN will release "Hissons le Pavillon" EP on September 19th.
This is the artwork :

FRI SJEL song online

The band FRI SJEL released a demo version of the first track to feat. on their debut album. The song title is "Drakkar of the Gods".

The following guests appear in this song :

- Gaby Koss - Soprano and Alto choirs from Germany (ex-Haggard, Equilibrium, Cantus Lunaris, Nota Profana)
- Albert Dannenmann - Bagpipes, Flutes and Bass choirs from Germany (ex-Blackmore's Night, Cantus Lunaris)
- Tommaso Corvaja - Bass choirs from Italy (Cantus Lunaris, Ion of Chios)
- Ireheart Bergin - Tenor choirs from Canada (Scythia)
- Dave Khan - Tenor choirs from Canada (Scythia)
- Jérôme Hippolyte - Uilleann Pipes from France (Nérïa)

Reissue of two BUCOVINA records

BUCOVINA re-released their debut album "Ceasul aducerii-aminte" & Duh EP through one compilation entitled "Saizeci De Anotimpuri De Folc, Hevi, Blac".

Nothing has been changed from the oriiginal records, the sound is the same.
Contact the band to order a copy. Pricing is 13€ + shipping cost.
This is the back cover :

Tod u Vergäutig album by EXCELSIS available for pre-order

As you know

EXCELSIS will release their next album 
"Tod u Vergäutig" on August 28th but from now, 
this new record can be pre-ordered to

that link.

DRAUGÛL reveals the artwork for "Chronicles Untold"

This is the artwork for the next DRAUGÛL record which is entitled "Chronicles Untold" :

This art was designed by my friend, Wappenschmied.

ISENMOR released "Land of the Setting Sun" EP

"Land of the Setting Sun" EP by ISENMOR is available both in digital and CD on Bandcamp. Tracklist:

01. Death is a Fine Companion 02. Pyre 03. Land of the Setting Sun 04. So Willingly Deceived 05. The Old Mead Hall
Bonus tracks (CD only): 06. Havoc (Eluveitie cover) 07. In My Sword I Trust (Ensiferum cover) 08. Pyre (Acoustic Version)
09. So Willingly Deceived (Acoustic Version)

SVARTBY new single

SVARTBY are currently searching for a label to release their new and upcoming record 'Swamp, My Neighbour'. Meanwhile, they released a new single entitled "Clock Tower" that you can download on Bandcamp, supporting the band.

Echoes from DEMOTERION to Victory

The debut album by DEMOTERION entitled "Echi di Vittoria" (Echoes of Victory) will see the daylight around July 2015. The band had to face some problems which delayed the record. However, DEMOTERION kept the goal to release it in this year.
All vocals and some guitar parts were re-recorded for "Echi di Vittoria" album. Expect a new song soon.

Artwork revealed for the next TALAMYUS album

TALAMYUS plans to release their next album by October. The title for this record is "Honour is our code, Death is the reward". This is the artwork :


LOCATION : Varginha, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Bruno Maia (Tuatha De Danann) : vocals, guitars, flutes, mandolin, banjo, bandolim
Alex Navar (Tuatha De Danann) : uilleann pipes, tin and low whistles
Daiana Mazza : violin
Edgard Brito (Tuatha De Danann) : keyboards
Diniz : guitars, vocals
Khadhu : bass, vocals, zither, esraj
Rodrigo Abreu (Tuatha De Danann) : drums

VALENSOROW released their second album

The second album by VALENSOROW is entitled
"The Battle of Oak Mountain".

You can purchase it Digital here.

The physical version will be available in a short moment on Bigcartel. The first 300 copies will be special since there will be a bonus acoustic EP within.
01. Oak Mountain
02. Regenesis
03. Dagratha
04. Deloth’s Stone
05. Amystica
06. Schlammshammehrk

ARKONA video for Zov pustyh dereven' online

ARKONA revealed their new video for the song
Zov pustyh dereven' taken from Yav album.

ÆTHER REALM official video

Find the ÆTHER REALM video for their new single "The Chariot"
available for free download on Bandcamp.

Dreven (Древень) debut album out now

Pagan Russian band Dreven (Древень) released their debut album entitled "Under The Crown Of The Eternal Tree".


01. Introduction
02. Veles
03. Pathway
04. Free Swarm
05. Legend
06. Great Tree
07. Нaying time
08. Solstice
09. Rising Arrows (Gods Tower cover)

You can order the record here.

IN EXTREMO boxset soon

September 4th and for their,20th anniversary, IN EXTREMO will release a boxset in CD, and LP formats. It will contains remastered records from 1998 to 2013 and with rarities, B-sides, bonus and previously unreleased tracks, and more. 13 CD's will be in the boxset while the vinyls  edition looks like this:

ALFAR released "Twilight of the Gods" album

ALFAR released their new album entitled "Twilight of the Gods" through Soundage prod. You can order the record to the label' site.

01. Intro
02. Twilight of the Gods
03. Norns
04. Kill Them All
05. March of Dead
06. Bravest of the Gods
07. Riding Thundergod
08. Son of the Nine Waves

RASTABAN official video

RASTABAN reveals their new official video for the song "Hore Dolom", taken from their upcoming album "Arise".

ULGARD album released

"Songs For The Wanderer" album by ULGARD is out now in digital while the physical edition is scheduled for this September 3rd but them and their label need your help to fund the record, which had been delayed due to technical issues and then, ULGARD released one EP for free, for fans waiting for this album.
You can help them with your purchase and pre-order, available now with more than one option.

"Vallfärd och Viljevandring" by HULDRESLÅT released

With some delay, HULDRESLÅT finally released "Vallfärd och Viljevandring".
You can purchase this record in preview here to this page.

01. Genklang från det förflutna (intro)
02. Käringen på barnsöl
03. Plötsligt en dag
04. Böl-Olles schottis
05. Bryggstolen går
06. Johannas blomsterkrans / Vägen till Punkaharju
07. Infirmus - När du blifwer sjuk
08. Kajsas vaggvisa
09. Vallfärd
10. En midsommarnattsdröm
11. Barnsull
12. Alvarsången
13. Änderäle (outro)

Complete tracklist for the new ISENMOR EP revealed

Find in Sword Chant,  the complete tracklist order for the upcoming EP entitled “Land of the Setting Sun” by ISENMOR.
01. Death is a Fine Companion 02. Pyre 03. Land of the Setting Sun 04. So Willingly Deceived 05. The Old Mead Hall
Bonus tracks: 06. Havoc (Eluveitie cover) 07. In My Sword I Trust (Ensiferum cover) 08. Pyre (Acoustic Version) 09. So Willingly Deceived (Acoustic Version)
These bonus tracks will be available in CD only, and not digital, for copyrights matters.
You can preorder, both digital and physical copy of “Land of the Setting Sun” EP to be released on June 21st.
The band will play live at the Pocono Folk Metal Fest in Pennsylvania, USA.

TUATHA DE DANANN released "Dawn of a New Sun"

TUATHA DE DANANN are back with a new album,  you can order by contacting the band.
This album is entitled "Dawn of a New Sun". Find here the artwork, and tracklist below.

01. We're back (free download)
02. Rhymes against humanity
03. The brave and the herd
04. An ultimato
05. Dawn of a new Sun (free download)
06. Sack of stories
07. Immrama
08. Outcry
09. The Craic

The band is currently looking for a label, for a worldwide release edition.

GJELDRUNE full HD show online

GJELDRUNE band shared one full show in HD. The video is also available in our channel. The gig took place at Rock House on May 16th of 2015.

This was the setlist where songs from their new EP and debut album are played :

CALICO JACK are recording their debut album

CALICO JACK are recording their first album which may be self-titled.  Their drummer is already done with it.
11 tracks will complete the record.
Sailors songs will be part of the brutal and epic disc of the pirate crew.

SKOGSHALLEN go raiding soon...

SKOGSHALLEN are currently working on their next record. The new album is entitled 'Fara í Víking' which is the old norse for "to go raiding". The release date is not settled for now.
The founder of the band confessed me the following : The sound is largely going to be more bombastic with some epic symphonic elements. The main focus is going to be on two events leading up to the clash of vikings against the christians that is sparked by the burning of the Irminsul Idol in Externsteine, Germany. This album is going to be a serious approach, unlike Olrunir's Saga. The metal sound is going to be heavily influenced by black metal with lots of tremelo picking.  It is going to be our best produced album as well due to the fan support we have slowly accumulated.  The album will be featuring one of the oldest SKOGSHALLEN songs ever written titled "Beyond The Veil of Midgard" which will finally be completed since its first incarnation in 2005.

LAGERSTEIN second album

LAGERSTEIN will release
their second album by September.

The title of the record is : "All For Rum And Rum For All".


KNIGHTHOOD plans to release their album "Tales Of Ania" in digital for July, and physical version for August 2015.
01. Welcome To Ania
02. Voices In Shade
03. Silver Fire
04. Dawn
05. The Last Beat
06. Within Roots
07. Great Battle
08. Glory To Heroes Of Ania
09. The Brotherhood.

Release date for the upcoming ALFAR album

ALFAR will release their album  entitled "Twilight of the Gods" on June 16th through Soundage prod.

Two singles coming soon

Two bands are currently working on their own upcoming singles.
SKULL & BONES are on the mixing step of the new track coming soon.

Soon, FIMBULTYR will be releasing "Oförgätlig Erinran" song taken from their upcoming album "Niddikter".

...Like a lighter sword...

I've been working on the forum, today. You will find a big change there.
Firstly, all bands forums are no more, but it doesn't mean official forums can't be.
Now, some topics from there are inside the Discussion forum.
This Discussion forum is about everything Folk Metal & Folk Music. I have also put these two class together. Lyrics and translations, I moved to this class as well.
The Musicians Search forum disappeared. I wanted to help musicians and bands in their search with it, but the problem is I was not informed of the progress, most often. However, I created one thread on that matter in the Musicians forum.
Reviews and Interviews are now integrated into the Life Of Sword Chant part. I have also added a status over there.
Inside the new class Various (I don't see another title for now) are the following forums: The Tavern, Musicians, Other Music, and Music Discussion.
Concerts for these other music forum is no more because it doesn't reflect the Id of…

MORNIR released their debut EP

The German Pagan metal band MORNIR released their debut EP entitled "Entfesselt" ("unleashed"). You can order the record here.
01. Intro - Von Ketten befreit
02. Entfesselt
03. Erdenblut
04. Jagd
05. Des Wanderers Seel
06. In goldenen Hallen
07. Die Flut / Outro

What's up with SCYTHIA ?

SCYTHIA are currently working on their fourth album. The working title is "Barbarian". The recordings will take place at Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki, Finland and LSD Studios in Lubeck, Germany by September.

New ELIWAGAR track

ELIWAGAR shared one new track entitled "I Vølven's Vev" but the song is not mixed.


The next MÅNEGARM album, made of acoustic and electric songs,
will be released by November 2015.

Violins for our upcoming album done! Our friend Martin fucking nailed it!!! Just some small vocals parts left and then we're done with the recordings!Release will be in November, more info to come!
Posted by Månegarm on lundi 8 juin 2015

The band who's celebrating the 20 yrs anniversary, re-released their older records through Black Lodge records. Find "Nordstjärnans Tidsålder" to that link and "Havets Vargar" remastered here. They come with a T-shirt over there.


Yesterday, I discussed with Lucas from SPELLBLAST to clarify their curent position regarding their music. The band evolved since their first album "Horns Of Silence". 
Today, SPELLBLAST is clearly out of the Folk Metal genre, and the band is oriented Heavy Metal now. Another nice musical genre but sadly, you know what it means...  I moved our band page to the right part.

FUROR GALLICO new video online

Heres the new FUROR GALLICO video for the song "The Song Of The Earth" taken from their new album freshly released.

Also, the band re-released their first album if you don't have it yet.:)

STEIGNYR: single preview

Here is a preview for one song taken from the Steignyr's upcoming single, entitled "Another Stupid Song of Beer" planned for the beginning of 2016, to be released by Art Gates Records:
The maxi single is made of 3 tracks.

VALENSOROW new album

The new album by VALENSOROW entitled "The Battle of Oak Mountain"  will be released to the following release date:

Tracklist available here.

NEKROGOBLIKON released one video and "Heavy Meta" album

NEKROGOBLIKON released their new album entitled "Heavy Meta". You can purchase it in various formats to that link.

01. The End of Infinity
02. We've Had Enough
03. Bring Us More
04. Snax & Violence
05. Atlantis
06. We Need A Gimmick
07. Full Body Xplosion
08. Let's Get Fucked
09. Mood Swing
10. Nekrogoblikon

One new video for the song "We Need A Gimmick" is online.

EXCELSIS album 2015: artwork and release date revealed

EXCELSIS band revealed the artwork for their next album entitled "Tod u Vergäutig",  to be released on August 28th. 

Find the tracklist and more details about the record here.

SAUROM video for "Sueños perdidos" song

Here, is the new SAUROM video :

AD PLENITATEM LUNAE single for free download

AD PLENITATEM LUNAE released "Grame" single. It sounds like they changed their mind for "Acuile Uarbe" track. 
Anyway, you can get the free track to that link once your email address entered.


SEKENGARD released their self titled EP.
You can get it physical here, or digital on Bandcamp.


01. For Sekengard
02. Drink to Victory
03. Striped Paladin
04. Howling of the Fen
05. Unite the Divided

STARTIJENN released "Skeud"

STARTIJENN released their 5th album entitled "Skeud".
The record is available on their website.

Bands battle, compilation, and Sword Chant

Sad news some may already know, 
I have put an end on the bands battles of Sword Chant,  and our compilation I had big prom view & ideas for it & the winner bands there...
I don't think that I have to explain why or look at the forum state to understand.
Meanwhile and after one active search,  I found a way to keep my word to the winner bands, and followers. The winner bands could feat. on a compilation from another webzine. This compilation will be released also by winter and for free download.