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More pages are fixed now

Hi, folks!
Today, I have fixed all the links into the following forums:
                - Folk Bands                 - Folk Discussion                 - The Gallery (registered users only)                 - Musicians search                 - Musicians
Also, I've fixed links of the instruments pages to the homepage of the folk elements project. Left bands threads links to fix there but I have to wait for one update from the forum's firm which will delete the bugs.

Folk Metal Forums: COMPLETE!

Some good news for our lovers of Folk Metal!

I have checked all forums related with Folk Metal and the broken links from there are to the past!

Forums are:
                - Månegarm (official)
                - Fejd (official)
                - Ensiferum (unofficial)
                - Korpiklaani (unofficial)
                - Moonsorrow (unofficial)
                - Eluveitie (unofficial)
                - Other Folk Metal Bands
                - Folk Metal Discussion
                - Bands Battle

Links in forums...

This entry is about the broken links trouble again...

Well, the links inside threads into the following forums are fixed:

- Rules & Tutorials
- Reviews
- Interviews
- Band's battles
- Folk Metal discussion

Now, I am working on the Folk Metal bands threads (not un/official forums of bands). I checked and fixed links inside threads of bands from A to R.

I keep working on the next threads...

TROLDHAUGEN interview online!

I interviewed Meldengar from TROLDHAUGEN regarding the band and things planned next year.
01. Hi! TROLDHAUGEN was founded in early 2008. How did the band see the daylight exactly ? TROLDHAUGEN was formed in the January of 2008, when Reventüsk (Vocals) and I, Meldengar (Guitars), got together and wrote a short piece of music that equally reflected our mutual interest in traditional folk music and metal. Cut to 2013 and we are now a five piece folk/circus/freak/metal ensemble (rounded out by Döesbürg on mandolin vocals, Svarog on bass and Grädenøk on drums/percussion) who have a cassette tape single (2009), a self-titled E.P. (2010), and a debut album (RAMSHACKLE (2012)) under our belt.

02. What means the band name for you ? TROLDHAUGEN is the name of Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg’s estate and translated means “The Troll Hill”. We originally chose the name because it sounded cool and fit the style and theme of what we were aiming for, but it has actually turned out to be a nice ‘nod’ t…

Links are fixed into the following places

You may know that i am facing one big trouble in the forum: All links were broken. Now, most of them still are...
I have already fixed all links available in this website so you can reach them without problem.
Today, I worked on the forum again and the links fixed inside threads of the forum are the following:


The band SVARTBY released for free download a single entitled "Karl's Egg Farm".


01. Karl's Egg Farm
02. Morbid Quag

SLANE band released online their first EP so called "Follow Me". You can listen to their EP by going to their VK page.
Physical copies will be for 2014.


01. The Raven Song
02. Anagantios
03. Follow Me
04. The Great Wheel

HEID New Line-up & EP to come!

The Spanish band HEID faced one big line-up change this year.
The current line-up is as follow:

Herrero: vocals
Noel: recorder, violin, dulzaina, back vocals
Ivanez: soloist guitar
Sergio: rythmic guitar, back vocals
Reuven: bass
Drakhai: drums, back vocals
Pedro: keyboard samples

HEID will release in the beginning of 2014 their very first EP entitled "Voces de la Tierra Dormida"  that means "Voices of the Sleeping Land" in English. Musically speaking, the EP will appear darker and faster, with more black and epic influencies. 


Our forum is back to

Since Winter Solstice, our forum is back to its previous url: and after some discuss with the tech of the firm, they can't redirect links as they did the first time but to the other sense (.com to
Some times ago, some of you may remember, I won this domain name as one prize in one game. Nowadays and for some reasons i'll explain below, I refuse to get it back even I could if wanted. Also and since this year, we have this website as main address now.
The consequencies of this change of web address are all links starting by have broken. It means I have to fix all links of the forum (threads from 2007 to 2013) inserted to bands lists, albums to come, bands threads, html pages (project, concerts...) but also this website and... everywhere because them all have broken. 
One example with ADAVANT thread:…

Out now: "A Light Cut Through The Void" by ADAVÄNT 

The new ADAVÄNT album

that SWORD CHANT is proud to have

supported the band's fund campaign for,

is out now!

The album is entitled "A Light Cut Through The Void".

Sons Of War Video

Napalm records revealed the full official video by MÅNEGARM for the song "Sons Of War" available on "Legions of the North" album.

You can share your opinion on this video and more, to their official forum.

One good & bad news...

Hi folks!

I have some news regarding the bugs I met with that new HTML editor...

The good news is the firm of the forum is working on that new editor to fix it!

The bad news is I can't update and do things in Concerts page and other pages such as the project, etc...

Let's be all patient then!

Thank you.

Skálmöld CD/DVD out now!

The band SKÁLMÖLD released a CD and DVD entitled Skálmöld & Sinfóníuhljómsveit Íslands, recorded alongside the Iceland Symphony Orchestra. You can purchase it to their official webstore and 15% off all clothing can be until the end of the year, if this code is used to that same link: SOLSTICESALE2013.

Teaser for the new MÅNEGARM video online!

As already announced by MÅNEGARM, the next official video by the band is for the "Sons Of War" song taken from their new album entitled "Legions Of The North", out since June & July 2013. You can purchase the record at Napalm records, or the band's website. : )
This is a preview of the new video:

The winner band of our 58th bands battle

They were five bands to fight one agianst the others: Jaldaboath, Ephyra, Les Alabres, Equester, Skull & Bones. Sadly, Equester had to leave the battle. The band EPHYRA played the game by promoting themselves well and now, can be proud to be the winner of our bands battle! Well deserved!
So, what is EPHYRA ?

Two bugs sliced in twice!

Good news! I found solution to fix two bugs.
I took the sword and then......... x)

Those two bugs are related with colors of links and background of the html pages. Left many bugs to solve such as colors of words and italic and more, removed by the new editor if I edit because that editor converted bad the things written from the previous editor...
But maybe I found a way to make the 43 pages again, a bit faster - I hope...
We'll see.

The Folk Elements Project is back!

Today, I worked on the main page of the project that was killed after my edit because of one new editor inserted in my panel. 
The tech said there weren't bugs but actually,  they confirmed after there are some bugs...
Well, I built the whole page again now avaialble to the same link:
I changed some things for the better to the page as well.
Enjoy this project that lists folk instruments per Folk Metal bands!  Also useful for the ones searching for bands with violin, pipes, or else innit. 

The new Saltatio Mortis DVD is out now!

The DVD is entitled "Provocatio" and it includes three hours of acoustic show by SALTATIO MORTIS at the MPS (Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum) in Hamburg 2013, making of and concert. 

They are not bugs...

This entry is the following of this one that deals with problems on html pages because of a new editor inside my admin panel. I found what's wrong.

Actually, the new editor doesn't support the codes i inserted through the previous editor while that last ever refused some codes i can do now with the new editor that works also very different.
It is one good update but too bad they didn't think to that fact. Too bad... Mainly for me because it means I have to do all the pages again that include:
- The Lyrics Database
- The Folk Metal concerts 2014
- The medievals & Folk Concerts 2014
- The Project
- Listing of Labels
- Supporters

It means days and days and days of work....

The second IRMINSUL album is now released!

Four years after their debut album, the Swedish band IRMINSUL releases "Fäder", their second masterpiece.

TRACKLIST (Find Lyrics):

01. Stupagreven
02. Nattramn
03. Galgaman
04. Hagridden
05. Letters from the past
06. Bäckakarlens dans
07. Clades Variana
08. Ölbänk
09. Neverending story

Bugs to the Folk Project page of Sword Chant!

The firm of the forum updated the forum of Sword Chant by the addition of a new editor in my panel but some bugs related with html pages appeared while editing.
You can always access the main page for the folk project but the project itself isn't really available for now since the bugs removed links, background, and some more things have gone wrong.../
The other pages (concerts, labels, etc) are fully available but I won't add new content to those pages until they fix the problems.
Thanks for your understanding.

Two forums for musicians!

All followers may already know our "Musicians Search" forum  but do they all know our "Musicians" forum? 
That last was available for the members of our forums only.
Today, I opened this "Musicians" forum to everyone. It means everybody can look inside now.
This forum is designed for musicians, amateurs and professionnals. Sometimes are shared some ads over there maybe interesting for bands.
Threads for instruments may be with the help of our members and then,  you may find their links inside our folk elements project as well, .
Learn more to that lnik:

TROLLWAR interview online!

I interviewed Poignar, and WoX from the band TROLLWAR, who's also member of our forum, so if you have more questions, ask him below (muahaha). The interview was done longtime before the release of their debut album.
01. Hi WoX, Hi Poignar! Your first EP was released in 2011; one year after the band founded and this December 1st will be out your debut album. Can you tell us, for the ones who haven’t heard TROLLWAR yet, how was founded the band exactly ? Poignar: Well first of all we have all been friend and know each other pretty much before the beginning of the band. We were all interested about music and had common way of thinking so we just happened to jam together and had the desire to form something to transmute our feeling into music. We pretty much all always been active in the music scene having a few band here and there, or solo projects for me (Neant radical and Riding dawn revolt).

GRIMNER Live video 2013

Find below the complete GRIMNER live @ Hörnerfest 2013.

HAGBARD is rising.

The debut HAGBARD album is now released!

I contacted the band about their album but they weren't sure of the release date. Then I contacted their label Soundage Productions. Their album entitled "Rise of the Sea King" was released but the label had to stop the sales from the beginning due to bad pressing. Now, you can get the album to that link and think their album is out since november 25 of 2013:

EQUESTER ended their battle 2013.

Due to strange votes for them,  I had to remove EQUESTER from the current bands battle.
Sadly, the band couldn't give me strong proves for these votes for them despite they promoted themselves a little.
I suggested to EQUESTER they keep the fight without that number of vote but once I discovered I couldn't do it (first attempt ever), the only way was to remove them... 
I want to remind our bands battles are promotionals for bands & folk metal. That's why people unregistered in our forums can support and vote for their favorite band too as they can help them spreading the word but some tricks shouldn't be used against them. 
1 user = 1 vote only
If bands do fine promotion,  they may also win some more listeners,  the main goal.
Do like us  &  Support Bands!!

ELUVEITIE parts ways with Meri

The violin player Meri decided to leave the band ELUVEITIE and it will happen by the end of the year 2013.
Eluveitie words:
With a heavy heart we have to inform you that Meri, our fiddle player, has decided to leave Eluveitie.  Meri was a part of our band from the very beginning. During the incredible last 11 years she went through thick and thin with us, played nearly 650 shows and performed on every Eluveitie album so far!
As the saying goes "all good things come to an end" - the time has come for Meri to devote her time to new goals. Thank you, Meri, for sticking with us all these years! Thank you for everything you've given Eluveitie and for all the times we've shared. We won't forget. And from all our hearts we wish you all the best for your personal and musical future!

58th Bands Battle

The last battle of the year is now online!

Everyone can select the band of his choice only once to that link.
The folk metal bands into battle are the following:


Discover them all before to select your favorite!
You can vote until December 15th.

Enjoy! : )


The debut album so called "Earthdawn Groves" by the Canadians TROLLWAR is out worldwide now! 
Find all details in our website.

From today can be preordered here the new KAMPFAR album entitled "Djevelmakt" to be released january 27th of 2014.