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Oak Roots

LOCATION : Roma, Italy

Status : Split-up
Music : Folk Metal

Luca Grimaldi : vocals, guitars, flutes
Andrea Remoli : bass
Ludovica Faraoni : keyboard
valerio coretti : drums

In the Halls Of Our Ancient Fathers by CELTACHOR reviewed

So says the title, I reviewed CELTACHOR demo...
Let’s start by the artwork that shows you fast the celtic theme from the band but when I look at it from far distance, I find it shame the bandlogo is smaller than others…
About the bandlogo still, it reminds me the Cruachan one. Maybe that “celtic” side & “Ireland” helps ? Heh but that “C” …Cruachan is a great band but one more original Celtachor logo would have been better imo. 
Ogham feat. on the cd & means ”Tuireann” & "Cian" (Lugh’s father).
There are lyrics in the booklets making that last like a book & a special note on first page explaining what this cd is about: “The demo covers the rise of Lugh […] & sorrow & grief that fell on the sons of Tuireann for the killing of Cian”. […] - Appreciated.


LOCATION : Mladenovac, Serbia

Status : Split-up
Music : Folk Metal

Gerald : vocals
Jan : drums
Micha : bass
Morten : guitars
Stefan : guitars

Djura Stevanovic and Petar Milutinovic founded the band in 2009 even the idea dates back in 2007. The other members joined later. Eskhata split-up in 2013. Main themes were slavic legends, folklore, myths and fantasy.

One With The Earth, demo 2010
Storm, single 2011


Contact : N/A

Claim The Throne

LOCATION : Perth, Western Australia

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Baronaxe (Brendon Capriotti) : vocals, guitar
Dysie (Glen Dyson) : guitar, vocals
Lord Jim (Jim Parker) : bass, vocals
Oscarius (Ashley Large) : drums
Jesselina (Jesse Millea) : keyboard, vocals

The band founded in 2004.

Appalachian Winter

LOCATION : Schellsburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

D. George Klyne - voices, composition and arrangement
Randy Smith - Guitars, excluding acoustics
Mike O'Brien - MIDI choirs

Founded in 2006 by D. George Klyne, Appalachian Winter started as a one man folk black metal band from the rural mountains of Pennsylvania, USA.  And then, Randy Smith and Mike O'Brien joined. Lyrical themes of the band focus on the harshness of Winter.

Silence Before the Great Mountain Wind, album 2008
Winter Eternal, album 2009
I Become the Frozen Land, album 2010
Appalachian Winter, album 2011
Ghosts of the Mountains, album 2012
Berglieder, split 2013
Ravenforest, EP 2013
The Epochs That Built the Mountains, album 2014
Selected Orchestrations, compilation 2014
Miri It Is, single 2015
From the Cosmos to the Mountains, single 2015
The Lake and the Mountain, maxi single 2016
The Lake and the Mountain: A Memoir, album 2017
From the Cosmos to the Mountai…