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Sword Chant is back !

Hi Folks, I am pleased to announce Sword Chant is back, after many months on hold  I missed Sword Chant so much actually and then, ...I want to fight and face that "broken newsfeed" issue with you all.
That issue happened in a very bad time for me, facing personal ones yet for some times now...
A lot of things had to change in my life due to illness and mainly during those months, away.... like inability to play electric guitar, which makes a big void inside in real...  (I can always play but I hope to fix that ...soon) Musicians true music lovers may know that feeling I mean... And many other things of that kind changed and much worse, happened... 
From these dark times and besides, I noticed social networks became worse again....   big news are hard to show for whatever page liked. Some bands contacted me because they noticed as well... I hope they will be more to notice it and will share their news the right way, for everyone's best.

How ?
- as I ever said, the email …

When ASH OF ASHES goes traditional

With the help of the UTMARKEN frontman on Nyckelharpa, ASH OF ASHES released their Acoustic version of the Norwegian traditional folk tune titled "Springar" that is also featured on the album "Down the white waters"

One short story about : "when Skaldir prepared the backing tracks for the gig at Ragnarök 2019, this song suddenly started playing without the drums and electric guitars and it sounded amazing! With a little more work on the arrangement it just sounds too good to keep from you. Thanks again Mathias Gyllengahm for playing the Nyckelharpa on this one. On top of that, this is a little sign of life from us before we finish the new album. More on that soon", the band added.

Springar (Acoustic Version) by Ash of Ashes

Seguimos en pie by Lèpoka

The band unveiled their new track :

METSATÖLL party with the world on Friday 20, 2020

Great news for most of us, shut in home :


The nice guys from METSATÖLL, together with RGB Baltics are hosting a concert on Friday-Saturday (depending timezone), That show will be streamed on the facebook page of the band and their youtube channel.

The concert broadcast will take place on Friday at 1:00 pm Estonian time (GMT + 2).

This means that the concert will begin on Friday, March 20 at 7:00 pm (or 19:00) New York time.

The concert will begin at 11:00 PM (or 23:00), on Friday, March 20th, London time.

The concert will begin at 10:00 AM on Saturday, March 21st, at Melbourne time.

Due to the unprecedented situation prevailing in the world, musicians and concert organizers have crumbled into a complicated mess. Concerts are canceled and festivals are postponed to an completely unknown time-distance, which means that at least until the beginning of summer nothing happens. A job that requires so many people t…