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New groups and other improvements

I apologize for silence for a month. I was tired and then had to work on my other website that you can see now if you click on my name... but its a French site about serious games... Very different from here 😏
In the meantime, I thought to Sword Chant, its community and the sharing of the news.
The world is changing It started with social network and high-tech keeps changing our behaviours. I tried to bring you a new tool and some new activites with Discord but it didn’t work. Instead, I created new groups.
NEW GROUPS Thinking to the news to share, and our community. I extended our Facebook page to two groups : one for bands & PR, and the other one for our nice community.

Meanwhile Bands/PR can ever send their news by email, now they can also join this new tool that aims to one easier sharing of their news to be available on the website then : SCgroupforBands 
Our nice Facebook community can join and discuss music in this group : SCgroupforFans

ATLAS PAIN : Hagakure's Way video

The band released a new video for "Hagakure's Way" song taken from Tales Of A Pathfinder album.

NORRSINNT released Disarfull single

NORRSINNT unveiled its new single titled "Disarfull" taht you can hear here :

Disarfull by Norrsinnt

Stuojīs video by VARANG NORD

The band from Latvia unveiled one new track and video titled "Stuojīs", taken from their upcoming album "Pārķuņa uomurs".
More details related with the new release will be later on.

Interview with E-AN-NA

I interviewed E-AN-NA who recently released their debut album titled "Nesfârşite".

01. Welcome E-an-na ! First of all, what is the meaning of the band name ? It literally means « The home of the skies » in ancient summerian. It is a whole new, separate world that we’ve created to escape this one. Every soul is welcome.

02. The band started as a studio project back in 2014 and became a full line-up band ready for shows…. How and when did it happen exactly ? The songs we started putting out at the beginning received more attention & positive feedback than we would’ve ever expected. People started requesting shows a lot, and as a consequence, 2016 was our first busy year.

03. So, E-an-na is one of those bands which started to be famous, thanks to Youtube and internet, right ? I think so, yes. We were very fortunate in this regard.

04. How did you feel in that time ? Like not having a clue what we’re doing. We didn’t have any plans back then, every idea was just shot at us by pe…

FRIJGARD returns with a new album

Five years after "Bellum Aeternum Est" album, FRIJGARD returns with a new one titled "Chapter Zero".

Chapter Zero by Frijgard