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New groups and other improvements

I apologize for silence for a month. I was tired and then had to work on my other website that you can see now if you click on my name... but its a French site about serious games... Very different from here ­čśĆ
In the meantime, I thought to Sword Chant, its community and the sharing of the news.
The world is changing It started with social network and high-tech keeps changing our behaviours. I tried to bring you a new tool and some new activites with Discord but it didn’t work. Instead, I created new groups.
NEW GROUPS Thinking to the news to share, and our community. I extended our Facebook page to two groups : one for bands & PR, and the other one for our nice community.

Meanwhile Bands/PR can ever send their news by email, now they can also join this new tool that aims to one easier sharing of their news to be available on the website then : SCgroupforBands 
Our nice Facebook community can join and discuss music in this group : SCgroupforFans

FRIJGARD returns with a new album

Five years after "Bellum Aeternum Est" album, FRIJGARD returns with a new one titled "Chapter Zero".

Chapter Zero by Frijgard

BALDRS DRAUMAR : Magnus album details

BALDRS DRAUMAR unveiled the artwork for Magnus album.
Here are the complete details related.

The record will be released November 23, 2019.

01. Friso
02. Toh Alden Fahne
03. Of Slogma Tha Saxum
04. Ferbline, Ferballe
05. De Poarten fan Rome
06. Frij
07. Upstallesbâm
08. Magnus Forteman
09. Eala Frya Fresena


LOCATION : Sibiu, Romania

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Andrei „Solomonar” Oltean : Vocals, Recorder, Bagpipes, Accordion, Jaw Harp Ovidiu „Cio” Ban : Guitar Drago┼č Geomolean : Bass Paul Buc─âtaru : Drums Roxana Am─ârandi : Vocals, Violin Ioana Popescu : Keyboard Andrei Piper : Guitar

Past members :
Drago┼č Ber┼úia : Bass Alex Giurgeca : Guitar Edwin Marc : Accordion, Vocals

HISTORY : E-AN-NA started in 2014 as a studio project of Solomonar and Ovidiu, but quickly gained popularity and then, it turned into a live band. From March 2016, the band gets high anticipated live appearances. By this time, E-an-na’s confirmed to play all major romanian metal festivals, and also the Kavarna Rock Fest, in Bulgaria. 
They release their first EP “Jiana” back in 2016 and the bands official YouTube channel surpasses one million singular views during the next year. Since then, they made numerous festivals and won the second place at Wacken Open Air in 2017, playing in front of almost 8000 fans, with tremen…

Zlydzień single by SAKRAMANT out now

SAKRAMANT  released a new single titled "Zlydzie┼ä" that you can purchase on Bandcamp.

LORD WIND new album in July

July 31st, 2019 will be the new LORD WIND album that is entitled "The Forest Is My Kingdom".

01. Chants on the forgotten palace
02. Severnyj veter
03. Leshy
04. Czarny kruk
05. Królowa Śniegu
06. Oj moroz moroz
07. Drzewo Przodk├│w
08. Pagantiga
09. Rusalki
10. Cult of Seth
11. Herr Mannelig