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DVALIN track number 2 online

DVALIN released a new video for the song "Redeemed by Oblivion" taken from their upcoming record

2016 : WARTHA becomes VOJSTRAU

Belarus band WARTHA has taken the decision to end this year, and begin the new year with a new bandname.Their new band name is now VOJSTRAU (pronounced Voystrau), that is an old form of a belarusian word востраў\vostrau, that means "island".
I asked them why that change and actually, I focused my questions on everything around that decision.
This is their reply :
"Our previous name "Wartha" is a very strange latinization of a belarusian word "Варта" = "Varta". Meaning "guard", "guardians", "protectors". We have choosen this strange latinization of a word because original word "Varta" in latin letters is the same to a firm from Poland. Varta is a poland brand name for batteries and acсumulators. Not so good for pagan metal and other activities. So, we decided to make it evil and blackish. Well, not so fast - "Wartha" is a name for a town in eastern Germany. And for many other things. Sometim…

SABHANKRA new album is entitled "Revenge"

SABHANKRA will release "Revenge", their new album in 2016.

01. You Will Die
02. One Shall Fall
03. Cursed Sword
04. Immortal Son
05. Revenge
06. Eternal Rage
07. Hate
08. I Will Die Wih Your Love
09. Nightmare
10. To Die For A Lie
11. Abandoned By The Gods
12. You Will Die (2007) (Bonus)
13. To Die For A Lie (2007) (Bonus)
14. Buried in Dust (2007) (Bonus)


Previously released as digital,
ACCURSED YEARS now released their single "Oaken Weave" in CD format.

You can order that record made of two tracks on Bandcamp.

Świątynia song by LEŚNE LICHO

LEŚNE LICHO revealed one first track taken from their upcoming album entitled "Pieśni Starego Lasu".
The song title is "Świątynia" and means "(old Slavic) Temple.

OCELON : Artwork for "Of the Lost Heritage"album

OCELON revealed the following artwork for "Of the Lost Heritage" album coming soon :

LEPOKA's new album for January 2016

LEPOKA band shared a teaser for their forthcoming album "Beerserkers" coming out this January 23rd, 2016 :

The record may not see the daylight without their succesful crowdfunding project.

BLACK MAGIC FOOLS returns with a new record

Early 2016 will be a new record signed BLACK MAGIC FOOLS.
They promise it very different from their previous works because the new line-up. Listeners can expect more mature songs with more darker tones and melodies.
Their debut album made of 11 tracks is entitled "Soul Collector". It deals with the Soul Collector and his life during the medieval ages when priests and the church ruled the lands. 
Everything has been recorded and produced by Pedro Ferreira, Brit Award-winning producer, and mastered by Ade Emsley who mastered "The Book of Souls" by Iron Maiden.

FESTUNG NEBELBURG released their new album

FESTUNG NEBELBURG released "Zwischen den Jahren" album in Digipak only (limited to 500 copies). You have to contact the band to order your copy available for 10 € + shipping
Find here a teaser for this record that deals with the "Rauhnächte", a South German and Austrian phenomenon describing the things that happen in the twelve magic nights between the old and the new year.
01. Prolog
02. Vorboten
03. Drudendrücken
04. Perchtenlauf
05. Irrlicht
06. Altes Wissen
07. Die Thomasnacht
08. I hob drammt
09. Zwischen den Jahren

HOPES OF FREEDOM new song online

HOPES OF FREEDOM revealed one first track taken from their upcoming album "Burning Skyfall".

FOLKSTONE new video

FOLKSTONE released a video song taken from "Oltre… l’Abisso" record.

EKTHELLION new video

French band EKTHELLION released a video for the song "Nocturnal Winds" taken from their debut EP out now.

Artwork revealed for the forthcoming ETERKNIGHT EP

As you know, I worked with ETERKNIGHT through Eld. Finally, I can reveal you the artwork for their forthcoming EP entitled "Winter's Calling" made of four tracks.
This is the artwork :

OBSCURUS ORBIS new video and album

Medieval folk band OBSCURUS ORBIS released one official video for "Kost Ar C'hoat " song taken from their new and second album entitled "Secundum Artem". Contact the band to order your copy.

KYLFINGAR's working on their next record

The band KYLFINGAR plans to release their new album during the next year. The record is entitled "Világok Határán" that means "At the Border of Worlds".

WOLF RAHM released "Теремок" maxi

WOLF RAHM released their maxi single entitled "Теремок" for free download.

VOGELFREY : Waffenbruder (unplugged)

Enjoy the Christmas edition of the "Waffenbruder" song by VOGELFREY :

E-AN-NA second track

"Tinca Popii" is the second track made by E-AN-NA band from Romania. Tinca Popii is our second single. This instrumental song is a rendition of a romanian traditional folklore tune. We kept it's original name, and tried to adapt it to what we feel it represents. ''Tinca'' is to be translated as a reference to young girls (often daughters, but not necessary). Our concept is that this feminine entity represents nature itself and all the beauty surrounding us, not giving up yet to the claws of mankind and it's wretched way of stealing the beauty of the world. It's a song about the joy of being alive and enjoying the miracle of life itself in all it's forms. The song is available for 1€ on bandcamp.

Welcome to SAKRAMANT

Vasil, Aliaksandr and Mikalai from the split-up band LITVINTROLL are now part of a new band named SAKRAMANT. Welcome them nicely. :)

ACCURSED YEARS released "Oaken Weave" single

ACCURSED YEARS  released "Oaken Weave" single available for free download. Two videos are for each track : heres the first and there, the second video.

You can pre-order the GWAREMM KORRIGED album

Yesterday, I announced the GWAREMM KORRIGED debut album is planned for next year. Today, you can pre-order the record passsing by this crowdfunding project.

ULFARKHEIM released their first EP

Initially planned for 2013, the folk band ULFARKHEIM had to face computer issues delaying the release... The record is entitled "Farine corrompue de Frodi" and is available on bandcamp in digital only.
01. À l'Est il partit
02. L'artefact d'Eitri
03. Nerthus
04. Terres Celtiques
05. Werþaną

ULFARKHEIM is currently working on the debut album planned for next year. It will be entitled "Les Bribes de L'âme".

SKELFIR released Streifzug

"Streifzug" album by SKELFIR is now released. Contact the band to order your copy.
01. Wächter des Wissens
02. Falsche Propheten
03. Hoch den Humpen
04. Das Murkelmännchen von Eschelbach
05. Schlachtruf
06. Der Stein auf dem Bühl
07. Heidrun
08. Hidden Track

Happy solstice, everyone!

This year was full of change, here : new concept, new design, transition... and new reviews, soon. :)
That big work for a change was one hard decision but needed in the end. Our bands battles are no more but one compilation is; gigs calendars ended too; and I invite you to share tourdates into the platform like you can create bands pages with their bio as I do and then, I'll spread the word through the social networks supporting those.
All these bring me more time sharing more news, interviews, ...and finally return with reviews. Folk news returned in this year also because that change and then, I hope this will follow whereas I have to face that very nice folk metal expansion and the listing for these releaes up 'til 2017. So, I hope that you enjoy the new Sword Chant. :)
You are more and more to follow me and my work here, more records labels, more bands, more listeners, more zines.... You are about 1,640 on Facebook, 830 on Twitter, 197 on Google+ which is back since latel…


GWAREMM KORRIGED published a video saying (in French) about the band ('s looking for a bassist and drummer) and the debut album entitled "Dirak ar Stang" that is planned to be released for March 2016. Your ears can have a preview of the record through the video :

STWORZ released Zagony Bogów album

Zagony Bogów album (Fields of Gods) by STWORZ is out now.

01. Zagony Bogów (Fields of Gods)
02. Pług czasu (The plough of time)
03. Maro, Maro
04. Przędza losu (The yarn of fate)
05. Perun jest mnogi (Perun is multiplicitous)
06. Droga mleczna (The Milky Way)
07. Jaskółki (Swallows)
08. Czerwone jajeczko (Little red egg)
09. Nic ponad Bogów myśl i czyn (Nothing beyond Gods' will and deed)
10. Pieśń żerców (The chant of [heathen] priests)
11. Pożegnanie Słońca (A farewell to the Sun)
12. Szerokie pole (A vast field)

The next plans for LEX TALION

The year 2016 appears like one busy year for LEX TALION.
Indeed, the band plans to release a maxi single for free download that will be followed by their second album. New video may be as well!
3 tracks will cover the maxi single whereas 11 tracks - if not 12 - will complete the following full length.
They promise one aggressive and heavier sound. We discussed a bit technique and it sounds like they worked on that new sound a lot.
Wait & see!

ICETHRONE released Winter Tales

Nemeton records releaed ICETHRONE's album "Winter Tales".
You can order your copy to that page.

01. La Chiamata Dei Lupi
02. Dreams Of Death
03. Immortally Oath
04. Pay With Your Blood
05. Canto Di Orfeo
06. Medusa
07. Winter Tales
08. Beyond The Nine Words

MAEOTIS released "Vérbulcsú" EP

"Vérbulcsú" EP
by MAEOTIS from Hungary  is out now. 

Contact the band to get your copy.

01. Vérbulcsú 02. A Horka [ sound ] 03. Lél Kürtje

Bence Molnár plays guitars and synth on the record as guest.

HOPES OF FREEDOM unveils the artwork for their second album

French band HOPES OF FREEDOM unveils the artwork for their upcoming album entitled "Burning Skyfall". Find below the artwork made of fireballs falling from the sky to the ground destroying a villlage as in war time :

JALDABOATH third album

JALDABOATH published the following :
"Sadly all new recordings have been lost to the mists of time - however ; Jaldaboath are pleased to announce the arrival of Kobro 'hammer of the north' as First Drummer Deluxe, and we will be recording the 3rd full album in 2016 for an as-yet undisclosed label..."

The compilation with our winner bands is released

June 2015, I announced the end of our bands battles and a lot of change happened here since that time. One compilation was supposed to be but sadly, it ended as well. 

However, I said there the winner bands will have the opportunity to feat in one other compialtion if they agree with it.
The winner bands who accepted are SOLA NORR and CORR MHÓNA. You can find tracks from them inside the compilation entitled "Mister Folk compilation vol.III" full of 20 bands, published by my partner Mister Folk webzine.

Lyrics video for NIDHOEGGR song "Nach der Schlacht"

NIDHOEGGR published a lyrics video for their song entitled same as their album "Nach der Schlacht" now released :

LEŚNE LICHO debut album soon

Polish band LEŚNE LICHO will release their debut album during this month or the beginning of the next year. 
The title for the full length is "Pieśni Starego Lasu" and means "Songs of the Old Forest". 12 tracks will complete the record; one bonus track included.

ACCURSED YEARS "Oaken Weave" single will be in a few days

UK band ACCURSED YEARS will release in digital and physical their single entitled "Oaken Weave". The first track can be heard to that link but a second track titled "Sons of Fenrir" will feat. on the record available for free download on december 23rd, 2015..

CD's will be released on this December 30th.

GRIMNER : a new single, and a new album!

GRIMNER band that I interviewed two times already, didn't stop to surprise me. :)

Today, they announced a new single is released, and a new album planned for March 26th, 2016.

The record is entitled "Frost Mot Eld". "The new concept album will tell you an epic story of two sides, the Enhärjar empowered by the icy winds of Asgård and the Sons of Surt fueled by the fires of Muspelheim. The album will feature a more epic and adventurous sound than ever before", said the band.

ELD : One help for ETERKNIGHT new release

ETERKNIGHT came to me, asking for some help with their new EP which will come out for free download in the beginning of 2016.

The setting of a schedule for promotion of their upcoming release, and one release date were the goal; but also one help to define the artwork.

All the answers will be available on Sword Chant website.

Artwork revealed for the SHADES OF AVALON album

UK band SHADES OF AVALON revealed the artwork for their debut album entitled "Northern Barbarians". 

ILLDÅD debut album soon

ILLDÅD will release in digital their debut album entitled "Bland bot och sot" on January 25, 2016.  The physical format will be a bit later.
The album title describes what witches or some beings could do to humans, They could do good things but also bad things... That is the concept of the record full of Swedish folklores, happy and not. Anton Tordås confessed to Sword Chant : "I have also decided to put two of my old ones on the album which is "Herrarna i hagen" and "Månskensdans" which have been re recorded of course. I have also made a cover of the song "Far" which is a great song made by a swedish acktor/folksinger called Allan Edwall. The riffs and melodies of the album have been more tricky this time just because i want them to be absolutly perfect and want people to catch on the very first time they here them. in comparison to the last EP this record have a lot more heavy riffs, faster guitars, more melodies but also A LOT more of my…

LUAR NA LUBRE new video online

LUAR NA LUBRE revealed "La molinera" video. The track is taken from their new album "Extra Mundi".

Lyrics for the song can be found on the video page.


LOCATION : Terrassa, Catalonia, Spain

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Martí Páez : vocals, lyre
Nil Lapedra : guitars, accordion
Manel Maylinch : bass
David Saus : drums
Carles Soler : guitars, keyboards
Raquel Garcia : bagpipes, flutes, gralla

I interviewed Pablo from TRIDDANA

This is my interview with Pablo from TRIDDANALately, they released their second full length entitled "The Power & The Will". The interview was planned earlier.

01. Hi Pablo! TRIDDANA founded in 2011 with the idea to combine Celtic music together with metal. How this idea came to you? And what mean Celtic music, Metal music, and folk metal for you ? 
As a Scottish descendant (of whom there are many in Argentina) I have a very personal connection with Celtic music in general. And personally, I like all kinds of European folk music, be it Celtic, Scandinavian or from the Balkans. On the other hand, heavy metal is what inspired me to become a musician altogether. When I was a kid I started learning guitar and bagpipes simultaneously. Later on I dropped the guitar and learnt a little bit of piano, and later on concentrated fully on the bagpipes. So I grew up as a musician in a folk environment really, and took on heavy metal later on. It’s interesting that even though we ar…

BLACK KIRIN released their debut album

Chinese band BLACK KIRIN (黑麒麟) released their debut album "哀郢".
You can listen on douban and purchase the record to that page.


ETERKNIGHT will release a new EP soon

ETERKNIGHT is currently working on a new EP planned to be released on January 16th, 2016.

01. Intro
02. Warheart
03. Immortal Dragons
04. Winter's Heeding

As for the previous EP, it will be available for free download.

TELPERION released "Ahead of time" album

TELPERION released their debut album entitled "Ahead of time".

01. Ahead of time
02. Black crows
03. Hooded man
04. Far from the pain
05. Spinning beer
06. Wind rose
07. Release your soul
08. Final Hour
09. Bonus track: Hooded man

Contact the band to order your copy.

BUCOVINA released Nestrãmutat album

BUCOVINA released their new album  entitled "Nestrãmutat"
Find the tracklist and listen to one song passing by this article.
"Nestrãmutat" album can be ordered  at the Bandcamp page of the band.
The cardboard digipack format will be released  around December 25th

Teaser online for the new FESTUNG NEBELBURG album

"Zwischen den Jahren", the new album signed FESTUNG NEBELBURG will be released on December 28th.  Heres a teaser :

FORSAKEN RITE released their EP

Available on Bandcamp and Cdbaby, the FORSAKEN RITE EP entitled "For The Honour Of Our Fathers" made of six tracks :

01. Intro
02. Wolves
03. Way Of The Old Ones
04. Unsung Heroes
05. Awakening
06. For The Honour Of Our Fathers.

VOLOH released "Gromovi nad Trebišćem" album

"Gromovi nad Trebišćem",
the debut album by VOLOH is now released.

01. Čiji to dvor na gori stoji  02. Izdajice 03. Veles vječni Bog 04. Pod jednim drevnim Hrastom 05. Gdje Grom ne dopire 06. Šumi stari Hrast 07. Posljednji pohod 08. Gromovi nad Trebišćem

You can order your copy on Bandcamp.

April fools' day will be the new MOONSORROW album

April 1st, 2016 will be released the new MOONSORROW album entitled "Jumalten Aika” that means "The Age of Gods".
"Jumalten Aika is a journey to the deepest North and into the darkest mythologies created in the depths of human soul. Narrated by the voice and sound of Moonsorrow", the band said.

TRIDDANA's new album available everywhere and new video online

TRIDDANA now released to the rest of the world, their new album "The Power & The Will", available in Argentina since December 4th.

Today, they also released a new video (not for kids) :

VANIR : new single and release date for Aldar Rök EP

VANIR (DK) published through Mighty Music their new single Broken Throne / Drukvisen.  The songs are taken from their new EP "Aldar Rök" coming out the 26th of February 2016.

BLACK MESSIAH unveils the tracklist for their new album

BLACK MESSIAH plans to release a new album during May 2016. They revealed the following tracklist :

01. Prologue – A New Threat
02. Mimir’s Head
03. Allfather’s Magic
04. Mime’s Tod
05. Call For Battle
06. Die Bürde Des Njörd
07. Satisfaction And Revenge
08. The Marsh
09. The Walls Of Vanaheim
10. Decisions
11. Mit Blitz Und Donner
12. The Ritual
13. Kvasir
14. A Feast Of Unity
15. The Farewell
16. Epilog – Eine Neue Zukunft


Due to differencies between members, LITVINTROLL band is no more...

FUCHSTEUFELSWILD released "Weltenmeer" album

"Weltenmeer" album by 
is now available to
the band store.

TRACKLIST : 01. Prolog 02. Weltenmeer 03. Zauberkreis 04. Drei Bänder 05. Till 06. Sirenengesang 06. Wie der Wind 07. Sieben Kugeln 08. Das Mädchen mit den Schwefelhölzern

DYRNWYN released "Ad Memoriam" EP

"Ad Memoriam" EP by DYRNWYN is out now.
You can get it on Bandcamp.

01. Ad Memoriam
02. Sangue Fraterno
03. Sigillum
04. Tubilustrium
05. Ultima Quiete
06. Teutoburgo

Tracklist for the upcoming TROLLGASM EP

As you know, TROLLGASM will release a new EP entitled "Play Folk Or Die".
I asked them the following elements :

Play Folk Or Die EP will be released next year.

This is the tracklist :

VARANG NORD released "Masters of the Forest"

Great news! VARANG NORD released their album "Masters of the Forest"in digital, but also in CD! They found a way to release earlier the physical format initially planned for next year.

You can order your copy on Bandcamp :

Master of the Forest by Varang Nord


TROLLORT unveils new tracks

TROLLORT shared some songs taken from their upcomnig album "Curse" planned to be released during 2016.

Soon will be an official video for this song :

MAEOTIS EP is coming soon

This december will be released the second MAEOTIS EP entitled "Vérbulcsú".
Three tracks will complete the record :

01. Vérbulcsú
02. A Horka
03. Lél Kürtje

Tracklist revealed for the upcoming LORDS OF THE DRUNKEN PIRATE CREW album

LORDS OF THE DRUNKEN PIRATE CREW band unveiled the tracklist for "Loaded to the Gunwalls" album to be released during next year.

01. The Judgement
02. Yo Ho to the Gallows
03. A Pirate's Life for Me
04. Give Us Beer!
05. Yar Har Hey!
06. Burning Sails and Fiery Lead
07. Woken From the Crow's Nest
08. The Bloodiest Victory
09. Batten Down the Hatches!
10. Too Many Trolls Are on This Ship
11. To Dance Under the Jolly Roger with the Mermaids at Midnight...
12. Steel, Grit, and Fury

HORDAK : New release date and track

Due to a sensitive situation in one country, the booklet for "Padre" album by HORDAK couldn't be finished in time.
The new release date now set to january 10th of 2016.

SKOGSHALLEN released a new single

"Krampusnacht" is the title for the new single by SKOGSHALLEN available for free.

Krampusnacht by Skogshallen

SKOGSHALLEN will release their next record "Fara í Víking" during 2016.
I contacted the band on that matter and this is their reply :
"Initially planned for this year, there may be some delay. We want to make sure we give it all our creative energy and that means some attention to detail that we felt was lacking in former albums. The older albums were fun but roughly done at best. I can tell you two things about the album :
- First and foremost, it will feature 14 original compositions as well as 2 arrangements of old folk songs.
- However due to the long wait, we decided to write a song in honor of krampus to be debuted tomorrow.  The song will be free to download".

MORHANA released their debut album

MORHANA released their debut album that is entitled "When the Earth Was Forged".

01. Intro
02. When the Earth Was Forged
03. Morhana
04. Mgła
05. Travelle
06. Trolls on the Sea
07. Dreamland
08. WTF
09. Plinn
10. Strzyga
11. Sleeping Knight
12. Giants of Ice

The full length can be ordered here.