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Boyanov Gimn

LOCATION : Moscow, Russia

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Volot : vocals, mouth harp, zhaleyka
Bayan : backing vocals, percussions
Olga Kondrus : vocals
Koloyar : guitar
Past members : Vampire : bass Beligor : drums Owl : guitar

SVARTSOT : all about "Maledictus Eris" album

The band shared the following news :

"As previously announced, the album recounts the tale of the Black Death's incursion into Danish history from 1349 to 1350. The album begins the tale from just prior to the plague's arrival through to when the first bout relinquished its grasp, and focuses on the way the epidemic affected the population – from victim to survivor. We have taken more inspiration from medieval music than on previous albums, and the feel of the album in general has taken a darker and more emotive turn on this recording.