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New GJELDRUNE song and album news

GJELDRUNE unveiled "Prokliatije" song (The Curse) that is taken from their upcoming album "Pravdu za porog" (Truth Not Welcome).

The band commented :
This song was made by us even long before our first LP, so we think that showing you this song is the best way to start presenting you our new album!
Recording, mixing, mastering - Sergey Lazar (ARKONA, CDM-Records)


ODRAEDIR unveiled the following lyrivs video for "Path of the Wolf" song taken from their upcoming album "Legends of the Dark Times".

VALHALORE debut album out soon

VALHALORE will release their debut album "Voyage Into Eternity" on March 14th. You can pre-order the full length passing by their website.
This is the artwork : 

The band will be on tour in Australia during April. Look at the Sword Chant calendar for details.

RUNAHILD (ELIWAGAR) debut album settled for March

March 7th will be released the first Runahild,(ELIWAGAR) album entitles "Seidgaldr".
The record is already avaialble for pre-order.

Heres a teaser and the tracklist :

The Immortal Wars by EX DEO out now

Napalm records released the new EX DEO album entitled "The Immortal Wars".

01 The Rise of Hannibal
02 Hispania (The Siege of Saguntum)
03 Crossing of the Alps
04 Suavetaurilia (Intermezzo)
05 Cato Major: Carthago delenda est!
06 Ad Victoriam (The Battle of Zama)
07 The Spoils of War
08 The Roman

TROLLFEST released Helluva

TROLLFEST now their new album "Helluva". Orders can be passing by EMP.

01. This is just the Intro
02. Professor Otto
03. Spelunking Sisters
04. Gigantic Cave
05. Steel Sarah [ video ]
06. Trollachen
07. Hen of Hades
08. Reiten mit ein Fisch
09. Fräulein H*lluva[ video ]
10. Kabaret
11. La Grande Finale
12. What a good idea!

Bonus-Songs (Digipak-Version)
13. Don Gnomo Vega
14. Спутник

HELLUVA is available on following formats:
- CD-Digipak inkl. H*lluva-Patch
- Gold Vinyl incl. Poster (limited 100x)
- Mint Vinyl incl. Poster (limited 100x)
- Silver Vinyl incl. Poster (limited 100x)
- Black Vinyl incl. Poster (limited 200x)
- Download & Streaming

River Child song by MONGOL

MONGOL revealed one first track taken from the "Warrior Spirit" record settled to be released the April 29th.

Warrior Spirit by Mongol

ETERKNIGHT debut album

ETERKNIGHT band are currently working on their debut album "Forgotten Tales".

Awaiting their crowdfunding campaign launched, they shared a video teaser within demos versions of that album coming soon.

MORMIEBEN debut album in May

MORMIEBEN band plans to release a full length in digipack that is entitled "L'Armada en Chasse". The release settled for May 2017.

The French band planned shows in their country Check out March month from the Sword Chant calendar for more details.

ITHILIEN released a new album

ITHILIEN band form Belgium released their new album "Shaping the Soul". The record is available to Aural Music and Itunes.
01 Blindfolded
02 Lies After Lies
03 Shaping the Soul
04 Walk Away
05 If Only
06 Emma
07 Edelweiss
08 Hopeless
09 The Dive
10 The Bear Dance

The band on tour unveiled their official video :

New song by KING OF ASGARD

Troll Music label unveiled a new track titled "Death And A New Sun" by KING OF ASGARD .
The song will be par of the forthcoming album titled "Taudr".

New track by KINGS & BEGGARS

"We gladly present to you first single from our upcoming album currently in works. This track is some kind of bridge between our old and new sound.
Album will be based on one of most popular medieval collection of songs "Cantigas de Santa María". It’s monophonic paraliturgical songs written in Galician-Portuguese (also known as Old Portuguese or Medieval Galician) in mensural notation. Cantigas were performed during church celebrations. Virgin Mary and all of her virtues and miracles are praised in those songs. Their stories are about life of Alfonso X El Sabio and his family, and local legends and tales. Big and small miracles are praised in cantigas such as: story how Virgin Mary defeated basilisk an dragon in Toledo, how she saved drunken monks sinking in the river near Salamanca, how she cured dying horse, punished thiefs, helped monks to get water against will of greedy knight and many more…
The song what we present to you called "Como poden per sas culpas"…

New track by TIN' SONTSYA

TIN' SONTSYA published a new song "Закохані вогні" on Soundcloud.

THY WORSHIPER - Wiła video

This is  the video for Wiła ('Water Nymph') song by THY WORSHIPER
taken from their latest record "Klechdy" out now.

WOLFCHANT full albums stream

Massacre records shared on their youtube channel the complete WOLFCHANT albums Determined Damnation (2009) and Call of the Black Winds (2011).

FOLCORE released Haeresis

FOLCORE band from Belarus released their album entitled "Haeresis". Orders can be through their label.

01. Desperation
02. The Path To The Stars
03. The Haunted Universe
04. Clouds
05. I Was Dancing
06. Mankurt
07. The Sun Shines For Us

WINTERHYMN video for "Dream of Might" online

Below is the music video for "Dream of Might" song by WINTERHYMN.
The track is available on “Blood & Shadow” album out now.

FORSAKEN RITE debut album in summer

The debut album by FORSAKEN RITE is entitled "The Northern Saga" and planned for summer 2017. This is the artwork :

MONGOL are working on one maxi single

MONGOL band are currently working on one upcoming maxi single 'Warrior Spirit".

Below are details while the release date remains unknown.

01. The Mountain Weeps
02. River Child
03. Warband

Artwork unveiled for the new INCURSED album

INCURSED band who launched a crowdfunding campaign,  revealed the artwork for their next album titled "Amalur".

The new VALFREYA album for full streaming

Early this year was released "Promised Land" album by VALFREYA.
Now, the band unveiled the full content - available here as well.

EX DEO new album available for pre-order

The new EX DEO album “The Immortal Wars
can be pre-ordered to Napalm records.
The band also released a video for "The Roman" track taken from that album
but since Sword Chant is not L. Flynt zine, that video won't be shared here.

TEUFELSTANZ released "Camera Obscura"

"Camera Obscura" is the new released album signed TEUFELSTANZ.

Camera Obscura by Teufelstanz

Lyrics video for Wolfchant (A Wolf To Man)

WOLFCHANT published a new lyrics video for their song "Wolfchant (A Wolf To Man)"
taken from "Bloodwinter" album out now.

NORRSINNT released Kraftpunkt songs

NORRSINNT released a new song "Kraftpunkt" available as pagan ritual version and metal versions.

TROLLFEST video for Fräulein Helluva song

TROLLFEST unveiled the following lyrics/cartoon video for "Fräulein Helluva" song taken from "Helluva" album coming out February 24th.

RUNAHILD new album soon

Runahild, founder of the band ELIWAGAR, will release one first album under her artist name due to new path with her life. The full length is entitled "Seidgaldr". She said :
The title translates to "seid" which is an ancient form of sorcery in the Norse society and "galdr" which can translate to the word incantation/spell.  One of my inspiration for creating this album was to try to recreate the kind of atmosphere and sounds that I sometimes experience when sitting in a circle among people, drumming and singing together. It always amazes me how we can harmonize to each other naturally, even though not everyone has experience with singing, drumming or music and not everyone necessarily know each other... but yet magic is here in those moments when all connect to one an other and let the energies flow freely. Some of the songs are actually based on improvisation, for instance recording different vocals without hearing the previous lines already recorded to…

The artwork for the new GJELDRUNE album unveiled

GJELDRUNE revealed the artwork for their third record entitled "Pravdu za porog".

ATLAS PAIN : The Counter Dance video

Here comes the first ATLAS PAIN video for one song taken from their forthcoming album "What The Oak Left". The song title is "The Counter Dance".

April will be the new SKYCLAD album

SKYCLAD announced a new album coming soon :
Newcastle Upon Tyne’s very own SKYCLAD announce the release of their upcoming and 13th studio album entitled ‘Forward Into The Past’ following their previous full length ‘In the… All together’ released in 2009. ‘Forward Into The Past’ also marks the return of guitarist Dave Pugh to SKYCLAD’s line-up as a permanent member.  Since their inception, SKYCLAD have created songs out of a highly original and influential sound mixing heavy metal and traditional folk. Their lyrics have been generally permeated by political, social and environmental matters and the new album seems to be no exception as vocalist Kevin Ridley comments: «The songs are about politics, the environment and the music business and so on. These are mixed with the standard Skyclad fayre of traditional bawdy/drinking type of songs and songs with blues and more ‘ethnic’ feels.»


VARANG NORD made a video for the song Ziemeļvīri (Northmen)taken from their recent maxi single "Call of Battle".

THORMESIS released Trümmerfarben

Black pagan metallers released their new album "Trümmerfarben" that is avaialble to the webshop of the band.

01.Intro - Aetas Nova
03.Waheelas Fährte
04.Lodernd Flammen
05.Die Klagen der Einöde
07.In Stille wachen die Toten
08.Im Herbst trugen sie mich fort
09.Outro - Vale

NYTT LAND released Fimbulvinter

Out now, the new record "Fimbulvinter" signed NYTT LAND is available to this page.

Le Mal Des Ardents album by LA BREICHE out now

Cold Spring released the debut album "Le Mal Des Ardents" by LA BREICHE.
You can get a copy to the label page.

01. Le Mal Des Ardents (4:38)
02. La Nef Des Fous (6:46)
03. Apôtres Du Chaos (1:53)
04. Froide Lune (5:46)
05. Enfers (8:04)
06. L’Oracle Du Soleil (3:37)
07. L’Antre Du Pesteux (7:13)


THE MOON AND THE NIGHTSPIRIT will release a new album entitled "Metanoia",

out on March 17, 2017.
"Az Elsö Tündér Megidézése" is the first song unveiled from that forthcoming album.

OUBÉRET video online

OUBÉRET made a video for "Notr' Musicien" (Our Musician) taken from their album "But Alors, You Are Celte?" available here or Itunes.

New NORRSINNT track available

NORRSINNT unveiled a new song "Förkunnelse" (Promulgation) that you can download through bandcamp.

Förkunnelse by Norrsinnt

TROIN album soon

TROIN (Троин) band's infl. goes from TROLL BENDS FIR to IN EXTREMO and the Russian band is going to release soon, their album ‘S drugoy Storony Zeml’ (On the Other Side of the Earth) under Soundage productions.

Guest appearance' Sergei "Lazar" is on the record.

Fimbulvinter by NYTT LAND

NYTT LAND will release Fimbulvinter album the February 6th, 2017, under Cold Spring.
The first part of the full length is dedicated to the creation of the world and people, embodying the warm seasons. The second half to winter, the death of all living things.

WARSEID released "A New Land To Find"

WARSEID band now released their debut album entitled "A New Land To Find" available at Bandcamp :

A New Land to Find by Warseid

INFINITYUM debut album released

French band INFINITYUM released their debut album titled "Lord of the Infinite".

01. The Beginning Of A New Story
02. Once Upon A Legend
03. Ready For The Battle
04. Live To Fight
05. Corrupt Kingdoms
06. The Mysterious Woods
07. Brothers Of Drink
08. Holy Warrior
09. Reborn In The Fire
10. Darkest Era


TOTER FISCH's album soon

"YEMAYA" is the album title by TOTER FISCH planned to be released in March 2017.

01.  Prologue
02.  Rise the Black Flag
03.  Back to Nassau
04.  Another Sunset
05.  Waiting for the End
06.  Maelstrum
07.  The Legend (feat HK)
08.  Mami Wata (feat Jen Nyx)
09.  Cursed
10.  The Undead Crew
11.  Dancing in the Fog
12.  Epilogue (feat HK)