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ISATHA new EP available

ISATHA from Budapest, Hungary, released an EP titled "Tavaszi Szél".

Tavaszi Szél by Isatha

KANSEIL new album and video out now

The new album "Fulìsche" signed KANSEIL is now available here.
Enjoy the new video :

TRACKLIST : 01. Ah, Canseja! 02. La Battaglia del Solstizio 03. Ander de le Mate 04. Pojat 05. Orcolat 06. Serravalle 07. Vallòrch 08. Il Lungo Viaggio 09. Densilòc

FENRIR : Artwork for Legends of the Grail album

The French band unveiled the artwork for their upcoming album "Legends of the Grail" :

Skogsmakt by NORRSINNT

"Skogsmakt" is the new single and video from NORRSINNT featuring members of FEJD, BYRDI, MYRKGRAV and UTMARKEN, as previously announced.
Skogsmakt is a 9 minutes track celebrating the power of nature.
"This track takes you through the vast scandinavian forest, displaying its might and power as well as its beauty and stillness, by combining elements of traditional folk music, metal and black metal elements. It should be seen more as a miniature folk metal symphony than an ordinary song".

The track is available on Spotify.

LOREENA MCKENNIT released Lost Souls

"Lost Souls" by LOREENA MCKENNIT is out now.

1 - Spanish Guitars and Night Plazas
2 - A Hundred Wishes
3 - Ages Past, Ages Hence
4 - The Ballad of the Fox Hunter
5 - Manx Ayre
6 - La Belle Dame Sans Merci
7 - Sun Moon and Stars
8 - Breaking of the Sword
9 - Lost Souls

CORVUS CORAX new album

"Skál" is the title for the upcoming CORVUS CORAX album. It will be released July 27th, 2018.

KAATARAKT released Echoes of the Past EP

KAATARAKT released their second EP titled "Echoes of the Past".
Heres a preview :

01. Echoes of the Past
02. The Gathering
03. Màttr Ok Megin
04. Little's Troll Tale
05. Sunless Dawn

AULI and TAUTUMEITAS released Lai Masina Rotajas

AULI together with TAUTUMEITAS released a new album "Lai Masina Rotajas" that deals with wedding.
The record is available here.

Video :

LOU QUINSE released Lo Sabbat album

LOU QUINSE released their second album titled "Lo Sabbat".

LO SABBAT (2018 new album) by Lou Quinse