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I interviewed RUNAHILD from ELIWAGAR again

01. Hi, Runlahild! Or welcome back! He he. How things evolved for you since the last time we met on this webspace ? This is interesting to read again an interview given 2 years ago and notice indeed all the changes in life since then. Eliwagar has now turned 10 years in December 2016. I had a few ideas about doing something special to celebrate it, but I didn’t follow any of these threads and instead decided to start my side project as Runahild.
Most of my life, I have been on my own to live my passions and followed a quite solitary road. While I do truly enjoy being alone, I have also always been longing to meet more people from my spiritual family (those who I instantly feel home with). Those feelings have been very much reflected into Eliwagar, a need to escape this reality because I have been struggling so much with feeling home here. I have been very gifted to meet Bjørn in 2010, and slowly my path is being woven to more people whose souls harmonize with mine. Also, I have now a …

LAOCHRA released its debut album

LAOCHRA is the side project by Stephen Roche from CELTACHOR.
Today was released the debut album titled "Home and Heart".

Home and Heart by Laochra

HOENIR released "Raven" album

HOENIR band released "Raven" album in digital through bandcamp.
You can contact the band to get a physical copy.

Ворон (Raven) by Hoenir

ETERKNIGHT interview

I interviewed Geiler, founder of the ETERKNIGHT band that will release its debut album soon.
01. Hi Geiler ! Back in 2011 was founded ETERKNIGHT, is the band name a mix of « eternal knight » ?  Hi Krissy ! Yes, the name is a mix of « Eternal & Knight », cause the main theme of the lyrics would be telling an adventure of a knight searching for eternity (self written history) and all the albums will have a different sound for every « chapter » but at the moment it isn't in our plans, maybe in the future or maybe not, we don’t know. 

02. What bands have been your main influences starting ETERKNIGHT band in the beginnings? In the beginnings most strong influences were Kalmah, Ensiferum and Rhapsody of fire, today we can say strongest is a « powerish » Ensiferum within more folky sound


FOREFATHER.together with MEADS OF ASPHODEL will release in May a split album under Godreah Records.
FOREFATHER.returns with "Tales From a Cloud-Born Land" featuring 30 minutes of brand new material recorded during the year 2017.
The Meads of Asphodel have their ‘vinyl only ‘Taste the Divine Wrath’ tracks on cd for the first time, with a new version of, You’ve got the Hate, plus 3 exclusive cover tracks.
Forefather ‘Tales From a Cloud-Born Land’ 01. Opening 02. Two Sacred Oaks 03. One Blood and One Bone 04. Strongbow's Death  05. In Victory We Feast 06. Out of Time 07. Daughter of Twilight
Meads of Asphodel ‘Taste the Divine Wrath’’ 08. An Ebullient Prelude to a Loathsomely Grim End [intro] 09. Chidiock Tichborne 10. You've Got The Hate (Candi Stanton Cover) different version. 11. Balthasar Gérard

Debut album by SUN AND MOON DANCE released

SUN AND MOON DANCE released its full length "Heima" that means "Home" in Old Norse.
Expect Kraviklyre and Bukkehorn on the album available digital in Bandcamp :

Heima by Sun and Moon Dance


April 1st, VEDRFÖLNIR will release one EP entitled "Loki's Rache".
This is the track listing :

01. Unsterblich in Valhall
02. Loki's Rache
03. Hasserfüllt
04. Ymir
05. Sauflied
06. Svadilfari

VYKHOR released Whirlwind Of Voices single

"Whirlwind Of Voices" is the new and free VYKHOR song, full of seven minutes.
The track is available right here :

Vykhor - Whirlwind Of Voices by Vykhor

NAUFRAGANT new album processing

The first album under the NAUFRAGANT name is taking shape.
Heres a little sneek peak of the album planned for this year.

BERGSVRIDEN released Helsemyr

Black/Folk Metal band BERGSVRIDEN released "Helsemyr" album that is available for full streaming on Soundcloud.

Ltd live album by SELVANS

While SELVANS are full time working on the second full-length, Avantgarde Music is going to celebrate the closing of the first chapter of the band activity with a special release (for the meaning and the feature): the live album 'Hirpi'- Limited to 300 copies. The album consists of four tracks that cover the three Selvans releases plus the live cover of Draugr's 'Furore Pagano' as a tribute to the past.
1 – Lupercale
2 – Hirpi Sorani
3 – O Clitumne!
4 – Furore Pagano (Draugr cover)
5 – Pater Surgens

The album has been recorded during two live performances in Pescara: on 23 April 2016, during a special concert in memory of Jonny Morelli - Selvans former singer and drummer - and the 16th December of the same year. The line-up is Haruspex and Fulguriator plus the live session musicians: Acheron (guitar), Cordyceps M (bass) and HK (drums). Draugr's ex members Triumphator (guitar) and Stolas (bass) joined Selvans on stage to perform 'Furore Pagano'. Artwork…


LOCATION : Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Geiler May : vocals, bass
Jovany Lopez : keyboards
Jonathan Juarez : guitars, backing vocals.
Fidel Canto : drums

GJELDRUNE released "Pravdu za porog"

"Pravdu za porog" (Truth Not Welcome).album by GJELDRUNE is now available to bandcamp.
The band shared with me the following tracklist :
01 Obereg
02 Molotom bitv (By the hammer of the battles
03 Ragnaroek
04 Prokliatie (the Curse)
05 Iz mojej pamiati (From my memory)
06 Hort
07 Pesn' predkov (Ancestors song)
08 Novyj mir (the New world)
09 Ermolov
10 Golovy s plech (Heads off)

ETERKNIGHT unveiled the artwork for Forgotten Tales album

ETERKNIGHT band currently with a crowdfunding campaign for their debut album "Forgotten Tales"
unveiled the artwork for that last :

New WALDKAUZ album "Mythos" available for pre-order

"Mythos", the new album signed WALDKAUZ settled for April 22nd is ready for pre-order to the band site where samples are.

01 Zwielicht
02 Mati Syra Zemlya
03 Am Wegesrand
04 Ringaloo ya Merry-O
05 Father of Stone
06 Leshy
07 Mond & Sonne
08 08 Woods of  Україна
09 Baba Jaga
10 Waldlandreich
11 Hinter der Brombeerhecke
12 Vom Wassemann
13 Karneia
14 Raigan Dannsa
15 Bonus Track - Dimna Juda
16 Bonus Track - Waldlandreich (Niel Mitra Remix)

One update from SIG:AR:TYR

SIG:AR:TYR shared the following statement :

It's hard to believe that it has been almost a year since the release of Northen. I did not want to repeat the large time gap that happened between Godsaga and Northen, so I've been working on a number of ideas, sounds, and riffs, and have almost an album's worth of material ready to be hammered into final songs and recorded.As I might have mentioned before, I've grown quite tired of the whole Viking thing. Let's face it, the theme has been well worn to death, and Northen was meant to be my last foray on the subject. I'd like to get back to more general dark pagan themes, something more like the songs on Beyond the North Winds and Godsaga.And this might come as a surprise, but I’m also quite tired of the band name SIG:AR:TYR. At the time I made it up while making my original acoustic demos, it seemed mysterious and clever, not realizing that the roots would dig in and grow into a demo EP and four full length albums ove…

Roadburn Live LP's by ENSLAVED available soon

ENSLAVED band shared the following news about their 2 LP « Roadburn Live » settled for April 22nd : "Roadburn Live» is our first official live album, a split release between Roadburn Records and By Norse Music. The album was recorded during one of our headline shows at the renowned Roadburn Festival 2015; an edition curated by Ivar Bjørnson.Grutle comments on the album: "I'm generally not a huge fan of live albums, I like to be present at a show, to grasp the energy of the band and to witness the, sometimes, magical symbiosis that occurs between the band and the audience. I am, however, a huge fan of the Roadburn Festival! I consider this to be my all time favorite, both as a musician and as a guest. Therefore; if ever Enslaved were to release a live album, it had to be from a Roadburn show! I hope you will enjoy listening to this piece of wax as much as we did recording it!"«Roadburn Live» will be available as limited and exclusive Record Store Day color editions an…

TOTER FISCH released "Yemaya"

"Yemaya", the new album by French band TOTER FISCH is available for full streaming and for sale to Bandcamp :

Yemaya by Toter Fisch

Full lyrics videos for "Forrás" album by DALRIADA

DALRIADA shared the full lyrics of their latest album "Forrás".

LES DERNIERS TROUVÈRES released "Héros, Dites-Moi!"

"Héros, Dites-Moi!", the new album signed LES DERNIERS TROUVÈRES is out now.
Find sample and more here.

01. Héros, Dites-Moi!
02. La Chaîne de l’Amour - Chant d’amour d’Abélard
03. La Vouivre
04. Sainte Geneviève : ses appels écoutez!
05. Le Lai de Merlin
06. La Fête de Samain
07. The Druid within me, within you
08. Camulogène - Le Gardien de Lug
09. La Chasse d’Amours
10. Jeanne d’Arc : si ce n’était l’Histoire...
11. La Maîtrise du Dragon
12. Grand Chêne!
13. Tu es le Héros!

JONNE : Kallohonka album details

Playground Music Scandinavia will release the second JONNE album entitled "Kallohonka" by April 28th. JONNE has now become a fully active live band with ten musicians from the Finnish rock, metal and folk scene. The band consists of Jonne Järvelä, Santeri Kallio (AMORPHIS), Jan Rechberger (AMORPHIS), Natalie Koskinen (SHAPE OF DESPAIR), Eero Haula (OCEANWAKE), Jussi Rautio (BATTLELORE, LOVIJATAR), Yovan Nagwetch (WABANAG), Pinja Lintonen, Matti Karjalainen and Toni Perttula. Also Ante Aikio, a well-known Saami artist, features on several tracks on the album.
"Kallohonka" is based on eternal tunes and stories about the returning to foregone roots. To set the right feel, musicians used a variety of folk music instruments, such as mandolin, kantele, fiddle, accordion and flute, yet they didn't forget about some classic live-band instruments — both acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards and percussion.

Nothing Folk Metal, but Rock'n'Roll!

Today, we learn the Godfather of Rock'n'Roll, Chuck Berry, passed away at his home yesterday at the age of 90. Chuck Berry is the one I ever thought as the pillar of all the current rock/metal genres.

I was pretty young when I first heard his talent that never left me and I still have those tapes I played numerous times. The man influenced me pretty much as guitar player I am like he did for so many people.

You probably remember the tracks Johnny B. Goode, Maybellene, or again Roll Over Beethoven...

Thank you, Chuck Berry, for all the R'n'R songs! RIP.

MAGLOR : album preview

MAGLOR shared a preview for the second album "Asunder" coming soon.

FELLED released "Bonfire Grit" demo

FELLED released their demo "Bonfire Grit" through bandcamp :

Bonefire Grit by Felled

BOYANOV GIMN new album out now

BOYANOV GIMN released "Winter Dreams" album under Soundage Productions.

01. Far far away
02. Never call
03. A couple
04. Separated
05. Behind the woods
06. After the rain
07. Swansong
08. Stopping a horse
09. The path
10. Falling leaves
11. Jozin z bazin (Banjo Band cover)


TROLL BENDS FIR unveiled their video for "Chug!" song taken from their latest record "Karjalali".

RVI MEKHA released their first album

RVI MEKHA released a full length entitled "Zhavoronok" under Soundage Productions.

01. Tajna lesa
02. Letavitsa
03. Za rechkoyu, za bystroyu
04. Rvi mekha!
05. Besnovataya
06. Tropy
07. Rechka
08. Khorovod
09. Baba-yaga
10. Zhavoronok

New BYRDI album "Urkraft" is out now

Trollmusic now released the second BYRDI album "Urkraft".

01. Blaanane Blaa
02. Ansur
03. Tid
04. Den Kvasse Nut
05. Myrpesten
06. Ren
07. Celebrata
08. Graanande Ymir
09. Lite Vet Mennesket

DUSIUS released their debut album

Italian band DUSIUS released their first full length entitled "Memory Of A Man".

01Funeral March
04The Rage Of Gods
06One More Pain
07Dear Elle
08Dead-End Cave
10The Betrayal
12Funeral March II

The record is available to the following links :

Taudr EP by KING OF ASGARD released

KING OF ASGARD now released under Trollmusic their Taudr EP 
full of these songs :
1. The Curse and the Wanderer
2. Death and a New Sun
3. :taudr:
4. ...for the Fury of the Norse
5. Upon Raging Waves (Mithotyn cover)


The new album "Metanoia" by THE MOON AND THE NIGHTSPIRIT is out now physical to this page
and digital, here :

Metanoia by The Moon And The Nightspirit

16.06.2017 will be released the new ODROERIR album

"Das Erbe unserer Ahnen" is the title for the next ODROERIR album planned to be released the 16.06.2017.
The title means “The heritage of our ancestors”  and the artwork aside shows the megalithic tomb Heringsberg also known as Grimschleben 1 or Ihringsbreite. This gigantic stone tomb is located near Grimschleben in the Salzlandkreis von Saxony Anhalt / Germany. According to an ancient myth the Thuringian hero Iring is said to be buried here, as the name of the grave slightly indicates. Other interpretations claim that prince Buzico (Dietrich von Buzici) has found his final resting place here. The current queen of England is a descendent of his lineage. Of course neither of the two is really buried here as this monument was erected already in the Neolihic Age.

Band composer Fix adds: “This picture metaphorically expresses the historic and mystic continuity of the song´s content. A beautiful 5000 year-old cultural monument from the Neolithic Age which has been used for buria…

VÄSEN : Brewed album details

Here are the artwork together with the tracklist for the "Brewed" album by VÄSEN.  Album planned physical & Itunes for April 28th and May 5th in digital streaming services worldwide.
01. Väsenvalsen
02. IPA-Gubben
03. Sommarpolskan
04. Ellis & Andrés bröllopssvit
05. Bråkstaken
06. Mellow D
07. Framtidens Marsch
08. Jungfrun av Norge
09. Gudda
10. Stråkmakarns polska
11. Tröstemarsch
12. Tiomiljonerspolskan
13. Hogmarkar’n
14. Tanja
15. Sonias promenad

Artwork and tracklist for the first HAEGEN album

Find below details related with the debut HAEGEN album titled "Immortal Lands".

VÄSEN : new video and album soon

Folk band VÄSEN unveiled through that video, a new song taken from their album "Brewed" to be released April 28th.
"Shot by the band in Olov's home studio, this one was written by Olov (the nyckelharpa player) for Mikael (the viola player) in celebration of his 50th birthday".

ALESTORM : new album details

ALESTORM's new album "No Grave But The Sea" is settled for may 26th in various formats.

The band commented :  "No Grave But The Sea" will be available in approximately three million different formats, so you can get whatever one satisfies your particular desires for silly auxiliary trinkets and bonus material. Speaking of bonus material...if you get the special Mediabook edition of the album, it comes with a 2nd CD entitled "No Grave But The Sea for Dogs", which contains the entire album except all the vocals have been replaced by a dog barking. We can guarantee you won't listen to the whole thing, it's spectacularly bad.  There's also an ultra-deluxe WOODEN BOX WOODEN BOX WOODEN BOX edition of the album which contains the Mediabook, a compass, a deck of custom Alestorm playing cards, a poster flag, some postcards, and a bonus 7 Inch Vinyl Single featuring the censored version of Fucked with an Anchor (so you can play it to your kids!) and …

VALHALORE released Voyage Into Eternity

VALHALORE band in tour soon, released their debut album "Voyage Into Eternity".
 CD' version is available to their webstore and digital to bandcamp :

Voyage Into Eternity by Valhalore


September will be the next ENSIFERUM album

ENSIFERUM recently entered the Astia-studio in Lappeenranta, Finland, where the band recorded a few demo songs for their upcoming seventh full-length, set to be released September 2017 via Metal Blade Records. The quintet will soon return to the Astia studio to begin recording this new album, which will be produced once again by Anssi Kippo (Children Of Bodom, Impaled Nazarene, Entwine etc.).
Sami Hinkka (bass) comments: "Hi Folks! So, as some of you might have already noticed from our social media channels, we are getting ready to go record the next Ensiferum album pretty soon. Just a few weeks ago, we recorded demo versions with Anssi Kippo, who also recorded and produced 'One Man Army'. The demo session went smoothly, and working with Anssi is always such a pleasure because he is so full of creative ideas with a positive attitude. The goal for the new album will be to capture Ensiferum's live energy on the songs, and we also plan to use analog recording as much as …

ATLAS PAIN released 'What The Oak Left'

'What The Oak Left' album by ATLAS PAIN is now available to Nuclear Blast and other stores.

TRACKLIST : 01. The Time And The Muse 02. To The Moon 03. Bloodstained Sun 04. Till The Dawn Comes 05. The Storm 06. Ironforged 07. The Counter Dance 08. Annwn’s Gate 09. From The Lighthouse 10. White Overcast Line - I. Above The Stars… - II. From The Origin - III. A Lifetime Ride - IV. The Primal Dream - V. Our Golden Days - VI. …Below The Clouds

Activities slow down for a limited time

Dear readers and partners,

Due to health reasons, I cannot follow the news as I would want,
and I cannot work on this site as I previously did. So, my activity for this site's slowing down a little if not very much.

That situation may take a month, more or less.

All artists, partners can send their news to as always,
I'll share them as soon as I could.

Thanks for your understanding,

With kind regards

RUNAHILD released her debut album

Founder of ELIWAGAR band now released her debut album titled "Seidgaldr".
You can get the record passing by her website and bandcamp :

Seidgaldr by Runahild

01. Død og Liv eidgaldr
02. Når Ravnen Flyr i Stormen
03. Høstmånen
04. Njardarblót
05. Skuggedraum
06. Ravnesjel
07. Wyrd
08. Nornir
09. Tåkedis
10. Urd

NACHTGESCHREI released Tiefenrausch

The new NACHTGESCHREI album "Tiefenrausch" is out now.
You can listen to the full length here :