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SEKENGARD EP release date

The release date for the SEKENGARD EP S/T is settled for May 29th.


01. For Sekengard
02. Drink to Victory
03. Striped Paladin
04. Howling of the Fen
05. Unite the Divided


LOCATION : Gothenburg, Sweden

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Henrik Bodin-Sköld (ex-Irrbloss) : guitar
Joakim Andréasson (ex-Irrbloss) : guitar
Johan Tunander (ex-Irrbloss) : drums
Adam Rexius : vocals
Gustaf Bergquist : bass

CELTACHOR released "Nuada Of The Silver Arm"

"Nuada Of The Silver Arm" is the second album by the Irish CELTACHOR, available on the Bandcamp page of the band.

01. Arrival of the Tuatha
02. The Mighty Sreng
03. King Eochaid’s Fall
04. Bres
05. Nuada of the Silver Arm
06. The Gathering at Teamhair
07. Second Battle of Magh Tuireadh
08. Nuada’s Burial
09. Uaithne: The Dagda’s Harp

HEATHEN FORAY new album now released

HEATHEN FORAY now released under Massacre records, their new album "Into Battle", with the help of contributors for their crowd funding. The record is now available through Bandcamp.

01. Fight  5:17
02. Silence  5:46
03. Unthinking 5:19
04. Wofür ich streit´ 6:45
05. Tír na nOg 6:53
06. Knüppeltroll  2:29
07. Freundschaft 6:23
08. Wigrid 5:15
09. Winterking (Acoustic hidden track)  4:54

ATLAS PAIN: A new single for one coming EP

Italians ATLAS PAIN will release their debut EP in May 2015. They made one first single for their forthcoming EP entitled "Behind The Front Page":

"Aldgillissoan" by BALDRS DRAUMAR is out now!

BALDRS DRAUMAR released their new record entitled "Aldgillissoan". You can get it on their website where feat. also the tracklist..

ANCESTRUM released Our Heathen Soil album

Finally, the ANCESTRUM album "Our Heathen Soil" is now released! You can purchase the record bt the band I interviewed in February, on MSR.

01. Entering…
02. Hail Lord Kaos
03. Realm Of The North
04. Beyond The Mountains
05. Frozen Land
06. Ancient Of The Days
07. The Norse Path
08. Spirits Of Unreal
09. The Stallion (Bathory cover)

Reamon and Mark leave HEIDEVOLK

Sad news for all the fans, Reamon (guitars) and Mark (vocals) have taken the decision to leave their band HEIDEVOLK, after 12 years inside. 
Their statements:
Reamon: "After twelve fantastic years I am announcing my departure from Heidevolk. I would like to express my gratitude to the fans around the world for all their support over the years: you are amazing. I would also like to thank the Heidevolk members and crew (past and present): it has been a honour working and partying with you. I am proud of what we have achieved over the years. This is an extremely difficult decision for me to make, but the last year my heart hasn’t been in it 100% anymore. I strongly believe that when you’re part of a band you have to give it 100% or don’t do it at all. What will the future have in store? I’ve been working on a project for a while now. It’s going to be heavy and manly as f*ck! I’ll keep you posted about that. Thank you all. I am going to miss your fantastic response during and after ou…

HEIDEVOLK new video online

HEIDEVOLK, released "Velua" album lately. One official video was done already and today is one more video, for the song "Urth":

PANYCHIDA first official video

This is the first video of the band for the song "The Great Dance of Dionysus" taken from their album 2013 entitled "Grief for an Idol" that you can purchase here.

KANSEIL album delayed

Due to a mistaken planning, the KANSEIL album "Doin Earde" is delayed to May 20th

AETHYR reveals first album details

Spanish band AETHYR revealed the artwork but their debut album coming out May 1st.

"Towards the Realm of Nothingness" is the album title.
the record will be available through Bandcamp.

RABENWOLF reveals details for Stethu EP

Vocalist of the band, Stormmson, designed the artwork for the upcoming RABENWOLF EP entitled "Stethu". The name of the EP is actually the old name of their town called "Stade", Germany - when the town was under the swedish banner around 1675's.
01. Stethu
02. Traumes Tiefe
03. Aurora
04. Welk
05. Sumpfhexe 2.0

The next EXCELSIS album planned for this summer

"Tod u Vergäutig" is the title for the upcoming EXCELSIS album planned for this summer. This album was produced by the band together with their soundguy Christoph Brandes who mixed and Mastered the record at Iguana Studios.

Lukas Flückiger (Whistles, Krummhorn & Narrator) & Simu Müller (Mandola, Shargia, Guitars) appears as guests on "Tod u Vergäutig", album recorded at: Castlehill Studio Koppigen.

01. Intro (dr schwarz Tod)
02. d Gschicht
03. heiligs Wasser
04. üsi Freiheit
05. Maimond
06. s Verspräche
07. dr Pakt mit em Tüfu
08. mir kämpfe
09. dr Schlächter
10. vertüflet isch mi Seeu
11. dr letscht Versuech
12. grüeni Fäuder u dunkli Wäuder
13.  Outro (dr Lichezug)

KNIGHTHOOD revealed the album cover

KNIGHTHOOD revealed the artwork for their upcomnig record entitled "Tales Of Ania".

ZRYMGÖLL new release soon

ZRYMGÖLL revealed the artwork for their next single in progress.

This forthcoming single is entitled "Creatures Of The Night".

01. Creatures of the Night
02. "Wood" Morning

One message from Leo (CRAVING)

His message in a video taken at hospital because coma:

Sword Chant supports the Pocono Folk Metal Fest in the USA

Indeed, Sword Chant can be only proud to support an American Folk Metal event taking place in Pennsylvania, USA.

The following bands will complete this event of the August 1st of 2015:

More details:
August 1st 2015 - 4PM
Sherman Theater Living Room 522 Main Street
All ages.
Price: $17

OBTEST on a split release soon

April 18th will be released a split CD "77" by Ledo Takas records, where bands OBTEST and DISSIMULATION will take part to the adventure.

01. Dissimulation - Inferna Profundus
02. Dissimulation - 77
03. Dissimulation - Dvylika Juodvarnių (Obtest cover)
04.Obtest - Myriop
05.Obtest - Grąžinkit Mirusius! (Dissimulation cover)

WILDERUN released "Sleep at the Edge of the Earth" album

The new WILDERUN album "Sleep at the Edge of the Earth" is now available here,

01. Dust and Crooked Thoughts
02. And So Opens the Earth (Ash Memory Part I)
03. Hope and Shadow (Ash Memory Part II)
04. Bite the Wound (Ash Memory Part III)
05. The Faintest Echo (Ash Memory Part IV)
06. The Garden of Fire
07. Linger
08. The Means To Preserve
09. Sleep at the Edge of the Earth

NORRSKÖLD released Ridden EP

NORRSKÖLD released their second EP "Ridden" through Rexius records.
Some Ex-IRRBLOSS members are part  of NORRSKÖLD.
The record is available here in digital for now. Cd's will come in a month or so.
1. Ridden (4:40)
2. Aerial Fire (3:18)
3. Timeless Gardens (3:01)
4. Hårgalåten (3:33)

The new SKYFORGER album is out now!

SKYFORGER released Senprūsija (Old Prussia). You can order it to their webshop.

01. Ei skīja, skīja (Oh Rise, Rise)
02. Senprūsija (Old Prussia)
03. Sudāvu jātnieki (Sudovian Horsemen)
04. Tagad vai nekad (Now or Never)
05. Herkus Monte (Herkus Monte)
06. Rāmava (Romuve)
07. Lepnums un spīts (Pride and Defiance)
08. Divi brāļi (Two Brothers)
09. Melnās buras (The Black Sails)
10. Nekas nav aizmirsts (Nothing is Forgotten)
11. Rituāls (The Ritual)
12. Zem Lietuvas karogiem (Under Lithuanian Banners)

Schlammshammehrk song by VALENSOROW available

You can listen to the VALENSOROW song "Schlammshammehrk" which is taken from their album "The Battle of Oak Mountain" coming out by June 2015.

New release date for the new ANCESTRUM record

Due to some technical issues with the artwork,
"Our Heathen Soil" album by ANCESTRUM is delayed again.

The new release date is April 20th.

Listen to Rāmava song by SKYFORGER

The 6th track from the new SKYFORGER album "Senprūsija (Old Prussia)" is now revealed to the world. Listen the song "Rāmava" (Romuve) here:

Next monday will be available the new record.