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TROLLFEST new single & tour

"Ave Maria" is the new single from the talented TROLLFEST. The song will be also available on their upcoming album entitled "Kaptein Kaos" to be released in one month from now.
You can purchase and listen to the new song by going to iTunes, Spotify, WiMP,, and

TROLLFEST will be on tour in Europe, together with FINSTERFORST and CRYPTIC FOREST to the following dates and venues:

ATAVICUS were born from the ashes of DRAUGR

November 2013, sad news came to all the fans of the Italian band DRAUGR: They announced their split-up which happened after their last show on December 22 from the same year.
As they said during that time, the bands members "may follow different artistic paths" but today, some fans may be happy to learn that Lupus Nemesis together with Triumphator - them both from DRAUGR - founded by winter solstice, a new band named ATAVICUS. The band name is taken from Latin Atavus, which means "Ancestor". 

Their new project deals with traditions while they describe their music as "Italic pagan heavy metal".


LOCATION : Abruzzo, Italy

Status : Active
Music : Pagan Metal

Lupus Nemesis : vocals, guitars, programming
Triumphator : guitars, bass, backing vocals

Live members :
Maylord : keyboard
Hyakrisht : drums
Acheron : bass

"...Of Conquest" by SCYTHIA is out now!

SCYTHIA now released their third album entitled " ...Of Conquest", after 1,5 year of hard work. The new full-length by the Canadians is made of 12 tracks and is produced by Nino Laurenne (Ensiferum, Wintersun, Kiuas, Firewind).

Guest Appearances by Teemu Mantysaari (Wintersun), Tommy Kirby (Ides of Winter), 'Evil' Glen (Ides of Winter) are on "...Of Conquest".

Olam Ein Sof

LOCATION : São Paulo, Brazil

Status : Active
Music : Neofolk

Marcelo Miranda : music, acoustic guitar, mandolin, charango, cistre and recorder
Fernanda Ferretti : lyrics, acoustic guitar and vocals

Founded in 2001, Olam Ein Sof are inspired by medieval, renaissance, folk, mythologies, and cosmos. The band name means "Infinite Worlds".

PATSY REID: The Brightest Path now released!

"The Brightest Path" is the new work from the talented PATSY REID.  Her new album made of 10 tracks is now available on her webshop to that link:


LOCATION : The Netherlands

Status : Active
Music : Pagan Folk

Monique van Deursen : vocals, bodhrán, zills
Sophie Zaaijer : violin, viola, cello, backing vocals
Faber Horbach : piano, nyckelharpa and vocals
Luka Aubri : slideridoo, vocals
Thomas Biesmeijer : guitar, bouzouki, frame drum, backing vocals
Jan de Vries : drums, percussions

The new THY WORSHIPER and SPELLBLAST now released!

Today, the band THY WORSHIPER released "Czarna Dzika Czerwien".  The title means "Black Savage Red".


01. Piach (Soil)
02. Czarny (The Black)
03. Deszcz (The Rain)
04. Drzewa (Trees)
05. Zniwa (Harvest)
06. Wiatr (The Wind)
07. le-by-hop-aN
08. Ogien (Fire)
09. Zima (Winter)

Sword Chant now on DeviantART!

I created one account on Deviantart.

There will be pictures of bands I've seen live, taken by myself. Pictures related with Sword Chant & Eld (flyers, special thanks....) will be also on this account. 
Some people already asked me for I add their pictures on my account. I didn't think to that possibility when I made this new page but this could be possible if they agree with the terms written in the forum.
This is my new page:
For now are pictures I've taken from the Paganfest 2008 in France but other pictures are coming soon. :)


October 2013,

I suggested to the FOSCH FEST orga the bands FEJD and AFTERGOD to play live in that italian event coming this year. I did it with ELD (nothing about written on the website) and the fest was interested in but they need the fans to help in their decisions. They've made some polls for the fans to help them and I noticed MÅNEGARM feats there as well.
Many choices can be to the polls.

Please, select AFTERGOD amongst your other choices. This young Italian band won't disappoint you. They also made a tune with Leo from VALLORCH available below and actually, their whole demo is available in our playlist::

GOTLAND & ODR out tomorrow!

Tomorrow will be released "Il Ponte del Diavolo" EP by ODR:


01. Notte Alcolica
02. Luna antica
03. Il Ponte Del diavolo
04. Sussurro Autunnale
05. Notte Ancestrale


PRIMALFROST released in America their debut album entitled "Prosperous Visions" through Maple Metal Records. This album means to be Epic! March 3rd is the worldwide release.

Orders can be passing by bandcamp:

News regarding STEIGNYR!

A lot of news regarding STEIGNYR!

First of all,  Adrien, Niniel Zorak, & Vilboög Dürsjen left the band for personal reasons but the rest of the band kept the hard work on the upcoming cd now entitled "The Legend". The previous title was "Sons of Nature" as it was supposed to be the debut album but in the end, this cd will be their first EP.

The end of a war

The battle I prematurely ended the last time is back and now are new rules regarding bands battles. I hope this will make an end to the ones with desire to kill our promotional way & help to our beloved folk metal bands.
Reminder of the fighters in this battle:
The battle takes place here:
Have a good fight, everyone!

The 59th bands battle will return...

One problem appeared in the current bands battle forcing me to end it. Some votes were rather strange. All the bands will return to the battleground from February 8th to 22 with new rules for the voters.

Sorry everyone but there's no other way.

Best regards

FAITISSA released Terra Aviatica album

FAITISSA released their debut album "Terra Aviatica" available on bandcamp.

"Terra Aviatica" means land of the forefathers. In this land we'll find desperate peasants, bloodthirsty mercenaries, young and old sailors, lovesick maidens, beautiful ladies, a nymphomaniac queen, a lazy mare, and a dying viking, starring in songs from 13th to 19th centuries, from Celtic Nations to Mediterranean world, alongside own compositions.

The new FESKARN can be ordered now

'Ostra Aros" is the title of the new FESKARN album available here.

01. Oden's Path
02. Two Minutes In The Darkness
03. Birka Warriors
04. Träskfolket’s Supvisa
05. In The Mist Of Fate
06. Winterland
07. Öl Visan
08. Dark Emotions
09. Livet I Norden
10. Östra Aros
11. Legion Remains
12. Drinking In The Name Of Walhalla
13. Bonustrack: Too Many Beers

First bands battle 2014

Our bands battle is back in this year within these lucky bands :


The medieval event is taking place to that part of our forum. :)

You have until February 15th to tick your favorite band from the list,
so have a listen to all the bands listed here before anything and,
the most important : Support 'em and enjoy this battle! \m/

The debut DRAKWALD album is OUT NOW!

"Resist Fatality" is the name of the debut album by DRAKWALD. You can purchase this album & their previous EP "Forgotten Lands" to their official website.