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Tray Of Gift

LOCATION : Varginha, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Rodrigo Berne (Tuatha De Danann) : guitar, 12-strings guitar, banjo, acoustic guitar, vocals
Giovani Gomes (Tuatha De Danann) : bass, backing vocals
Adriano Sarto : lead vocals
Wilson Melkor (ex-Tuatha De Danann) : drums, bongos, drum, rattles, ganza de pratinela, half moon tambourine
Felipe Batiston (ex-Tuatha De Danann) : keyboards, acoustic guitar, banjo, backing vocals
Marcos Teixeira : transverse flute, whistles


LOCATION : Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Gareth Graham : vocals, guitar, keyboards

Gareth Graham founded this studio project "Asgardian" during 2010 and releases one first EP. The project goes on hold in 2013 despite a live line-up was in mind. The band returns on november 13, 2016.

I interviewed HELROTH

I interviewed Martha Gantner from HELROTH, also known as LilleFloytist in the forum.  Questons were made before the creation of that thread.
01. That new project HELROTH was born recently. How that project came to you all ? The idea to play together was in our minds already in July 2012, but those were just plans we didn't take very seriously at that time. We just felt our taste is very similar in music we like and we have a clear view of what we would like to play but that was back in our minds during summer, meanwhile we had a lot of concerts and the time went on and on. But then, we decided among us the “Under Folk Wings Fest” will be our last concert with VECORDIA, because the way that band took wasn't the one we wanted to go. HELROTH will be definitely heavier than VECORDIA and we would like to have more pagan oriented lyrics which VECORDIA never did. Maybe not in all our songs, but definitely in the majority of them.

02. You, Zapor and Ernest aren't new of the Folk Me…

Black Magic Fools

LOCATION : Gothenburg, Sweden

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Pontus Nilsson : bagpipes (sackpfeife), vocals
Ida Persson : bass, violin
Daniel Henriksson : guitar
Mats Halldin : bass
Björn Wallin : drums

Past members : Johannes Hällström : bass
Göran Hallmarken : hurdy-gurdy
Kristin Svensson : violin, vocals


LOCATION : Moscow, Russia

Status : Split-up
Music : Folk Metal

Aleksandra "Ris" : vocals
Aleksandr "Shmel" (ex-Kalevala, Svarga) : bass, vocals
Vadim Semenov : drums
Rostislav Frolov : guitar


LOCATION : Warsaw, Poland

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Orthank : vocals
Martha : flutes, backing vocals
Ernest : violin
Jan Machalski : lead guitar
Merol : guitar
Morwin : bass
Marcin : drums

AD PLENITATEM LUNAE interview online

I Interviewed Ermes Buttolo from AD PLENITATEM LUNAE about the album, and more. 
01. Your first album entitled « Tempus non est iocundum » will be out this December 29th and if I am correct, that title means “Time isn’t joyful” so I wonder, what is the album about ? Is it about the hard times of Europe facing economic crisis or is it something else like one reference in opposition to Carl Orff opera’s part from “Carmina Burana” so called Tempus est iocundum” (Time is joyful) ? Yes, it's an opposition to "Tempus est iocundum", which is a medieval song from "Carmina Burana". We chose this title to describe the life of the people in our region, Friuli (north-east of Italy), from 13th to 16th century. Life here has always been hard, until the Industrial Revolution, and we wanted to give voice to the people that could have lived here in those times. We didn't want to celebrate war heroes, kings or great men, but  rather the people you can consider "normal&q…