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DRAUGÛL released Plagueweaver

The new record "Plagueweaver" by DRAUGÛL is out now.

01. A prophecy of hell 02. Ungodly swarm 03. Salvation and betrayal  04. Plagueweaver

The tales of ATLAS PAIN

‘Tales Of A Pathfinder’ is the name for the new ATLAS PAIN album coming out April 19th through Scarlet records.

01. The Coldest Year
02. The Moving Empire
03. Hagakure’s Way
04. Ódauðlegur
05. The Great Run
06. Kia Kaha
07. Baba Jaga
08. Shahrazād
09. Homeland
10. The First Sight Of A Blind Man

The band added the following :

As the result of efforts lasted two years, the concept around ‘Tales Of A Pathfinder’ finds its foundation on an epic steampunk fairy tale, as the listener will be driven into a journey at the end of the world, making him discover unknown lands and hidden cultures.

1899, London. Laughs and noises from a freak show make space for the great announcement, aiming to start the most difficult expedition that the man have ever experienced.

Each song, starting from ‘The Coldest Year’, the glorious announcement, is a specific stop that leads us to discover ancient tales and different cultures, making us appreciate all the different people around the planet.

The jo…

AKYRVIRON released Equanimity EP

The new EP "Equanimity" signed by AKYRVIRON is out now.

Equanimity by Akyrviron


Meanwhile the band is working on their new album coming soon,
they unveiled their new single "Forging" available here :

Forging (single) by Tengger Cavalry

Ategnatos, the upcoming ELUVEITIE album

ELUVEITIE will release "Ategnatos", a full length set to be released April 5th under Nuclear Blast.
The record might sound closer to "Slania" album (2008).

RUNAHILD released Seidhjallar

RUNAHILD released her new solo album "Seidhjallar ".

"Seidhjallar is dedicated to the sacred synthesis of darkness and light. It draws its inspiration from spiritual journeys into the other-worldly and earthly realms following the rhythm of drums and songs to travel oneself through.
It is initiated by the synergic union of femininity and masculinity as symbol of the 2 polarities within the universe that makes it whole and creator of all that is in the eternal cycle of life, death and rebirth. It is the reconnection to the source of the soul when these 2 essences melt as one and thus connect to all that is beyond time and space. Seidhjallar relates to the norse word "Seiðhjallr" which is a high seat where the norse magic called seid was performed", she said.
Seidhjallar by Runahild

METSATÖLL new album 2019

The next METSATÖLL album will be out on February 23rd. The record is entitled "Katk Kutsariks" which means "Plague Coachman" and will be full of 12 tracks.
One  Metsatöll’s 20th anniversary party will celebrate the release in february.

MÅNEGARM : tracklist of the Fornaldarsagor album

The band unveiled the tracklist for their new album coming out 26th of April 2019.

01. Sveablotet
02. Hervors arv
03. Slaget vid Bråvalla
04. Ett sista farväl
05. Spjutbädden
06. Tvenne drömmar
07. Krakes sista strid
08. Dödskvädet

Bonus tracks (special editions)
1. (Don’t need) Religion (Motorhead cover)
2. Day star, son of dawn (Re-recorded old song from 1995, never released before)

Trolldom LP by FEJD

"Trolldom" album by FEJD is now avaialble in vinyl through Sound Pollution.

SORCIERES released their first EP

The Folk/Black Metal band SORCIERES released theiir very first EP titled "Sombres Danses".

You can get it for 5€ by contacting the band.

01. Sorcières 02. Grim 03. Ophidia 04. Sombres Danses 05. Défloraison


LOCATION : Lille, France

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Thibaut Marlard (ex-Lappalainen) : guitar
Alexandre Kesteloot : drums
David Hubert : bass
Roman Acevedo: guitar
Pierre-Alain Devaux : vocals
Marie Derancourt : violin

Founded in 2017 by Thibaut Marlard, as a solo project,
5 musicians joined the band and started to play live and record tracks in 2018.

Grim, demo 2017
Sombres Danses, EP 2019 [ details ]



Find more information on Sword Chant :
- In the "band name" keyword

FUROR GALLICO released Dusk Of The Ages

The new album by FUROR GALLICO is now available worldwide.

01 - Passage to a New Life
02 - The Phoenix
03 - Waterstrings
04 - Nebbia della mia Terra
05 - Canto d’Inverno
06 - Starpath
07 - Aquane
08 - The Sound of Infinity
09 - Dusk of the Ages
10 - The Gates of Annwn

TROLLFEST released their Fearytales

The world can worry now, because the new album “Norwegian Fairytales” signed TROLLFEST is out now.

Get your copy :
Napalm Records :
Nuclear Blast : Digital
Spotify :øsnissenSpotify
iTunes :
Amazon :

The band on tour soon, also released one more video :

SKALD released Le Chant Des Vikings

"Le Chant des Vikings" by SKALD is out now.
You can purchase to the following link :

ATORC : new song and artwork unveiled

ATORC unveiled the first single for “Under The Raven Banner” album coming out in April.
Shieldwall by Atorc

NORVHAR : second single out now

NORVHAR released their new single "Fest in Midgard", one song to feat. on their upcoming album coming out in a month.

Fest In Midgard by Norvhar

First track of the new FENRIR album unveiled

FENRIR uneviled "A Red Sun Rises" song from their forthcoming album "Legends of the Grail".

The wheel of the WAYLANDER in march

March 22, 2019 will be released a new WAYLANDER album titled "Ériú’s Wheel" that is "the band’s first concept album which will bring the listener on a journey through the pagan wheel of the year, from dark to light. Beginning at Samhain and finishing at the Autumn Equinox, the songs will encapsulate the atmosphere of the changing seasons as well as the celebrationary, yet solemn vibe of the four fire festivals, solstices and equinoxes."
TRACKLIST : 01. Betwixt Times 02. As Samhain Comes  03. Shortest Day, Longest Night  04. Imbolc  05. The Vernal Dance  06. Beltine  07. As The Sun Stands Still  08. To Feast At Lughnasadh  09. Autumnal Blaze

WOLFHORDE released Hounds of Perdition

"Hounds of Perdition" album by WOLFHORDE is out now. You can purchase here.

Troll Cleaver by SWORN TO THE SWORD

SWORN TO THE SWORD shared the following track :

ELDHRIMNIR album teasers

March 21 will be released "Deuses Alcoólicos do Bar" album by ELDHRIMNIR.
The band shared some teasers :

ROMUVOS album teaser 2019

ROMUVOS shared a teaser for their upcoming album "The Baltic Crusade" .

Hel, the new TÝR album

TÝR unveiled their new song "Fire and Flame". The track is from the forthcoming record titled "Hel", to be released March 8th under the following formats :

--box set (digipak CD, drinking horn, leather belt clip, poster, autographed photo card - limited to 1000 copies)
--steel-blue / gray marbled vinyl (US retail exclusive - limited to 500 copies)
--clear mushroom brown marbled vinyl (US webstore exclusive - limited to 200 copies)
--blue / white / black / red splatter vinyl (US webstore exclusive - limited to 100 copies)
--180g black vinyl (EU exclusive)
--turquoise blue marbled vinyl (EU exclusive - limited to 500 copies)
--clear / blue marbled vinyl (EU exclusive - limited to 300 copies)
--bordeaux red /black marbled vinyl (EMP exclusive - limited to 200 copies)
--olive marbled vinyl (Nuclear Blast exclusive - limited to 200 copies)
--white / blue marbled vinyl (Tutl exclusive - limited to 100 copies)

01. Gates of Hel
02. All Heroes Fall

First HAEREDIUM music video

HAEREDIUM unveiled their very first video for the song "Breathe" that will be available in the album "Ascension" set to be released March 15th 2019 under Art Gates Records.

Cover for the new BELENOS album

BELENOS unveiled the artwork for the upcoming album titled "Argoat". 

The band may unleash a single by june.

Management issue fixed


That's with enthousiasm I can say that management issue for news told earlier is now fixed. 😀
Currently, I still have some small fights with a social media but soon, it will be part of the past.

Also, I manage a bit better that health issue or I limit the problems now, but as it depends of situations I cannot control.. Thus, if am slower for things sometimes, you know why.

But if I can go to concert no more, find plenty worldwide tourdates to the live events calendar, and I'll add more of them.  I invite the promoters and bands to email me their listing of tourdates, without flyer. Flyer can be if support is for the show or tour and Sword Chant together (banner above).
2019 gonna be great, full of folk metal and folk news, releases, interviews and reviews!

In my Sword, I trust!

A new album by ATORC is coming soon

April 2019, a new ATORC album made of ten tracks will be. The record is entitled “Under The Raven Banner” and deals with Old Norse sagas for the main, and one track is in tribute to the 2011 hit video game “Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” called “Voice Of The storm”.
This is the tracklist :

01. Hrafnsmerki
02. Under The Raven Banner
03. The Mead Hall
04. Hammer To Anvil
05. Maidens Of The Shield
06. Sovngarde
07. Voice Of The Storm
08. Isle Of The Brave
09. Ragnarök
10. Shieldwall

NORVHAR : artwork and release date revealed

"Kauna" by NORVHAR will be released on February 16th. Below is the artwork.

New song by R.O.N

R.O.N. shared their new song title "Novum Mare Australe".

For Those About To Fight For Metal video by ENSIFERUM

ENSIFERUM unveiled their new video "For Those About To Fight For Metal" song available in Two Paths album.

Wolfhorde - Kill The Light (lyrics video)

WOLFHORDE shared "Kill The Light" video with lyrics.
The song will be part of their forthcoming album "Hounds of Perdition".

WE BANJO 3 : Don't Let Me Down video

WE BANJO 3 made a video for the song "Don't Let Me Down", available on their Haven record.

SALDUIE returns with Viros Veramos

"Viros Veramos" is the title for the upcoming SALDUIE album ; a concept album dealing with the Sertorian War, the Roman civil wars.
01. Viros Veramos
02. Sedeisken
03. Sertorio
04. Bolskan
05. El encinar de Togotis
06. Olíndico
07. Las crines de Epona
08. Oestrimnios
09. Viriato
10. R.T.N.P.
11. Kalakorikos
12. Diana, la cierva blanca
13. La ascensión a los Elíseos

The 6th album by THORMESIS will be The Sixth

"The Sixth" is the album title for the new THORMESIS record coming out March 8th. Heres the artwork :

SVIRNATH album details

"Dalle rive del Curone" album by SVIRNATH will be released Febreuary, 1st.
You can preorder the record.

Dalle rive del Curone by Svirnath

01.Vir Naturae
02. All'ombra delle fronde 06:22
03. L'etereo bagliore
04. Dalle rive del Curone
05. Quando soffia il Maestrale
06. L'abete

A double album by MAGO DE OZ in March

March 1st, 2019, MAGO DE OZ will release a double album titled "Ira Dei".
This is the track listing :

CD 1
Jerusalem D.CIn EternumEl amor brujoTu FuneralCiudad EsmeraldaTequila mucho por vivirTe traeré el horizonteOpera MortisCantiga de las BrujasEspera en el cieloCD 2
Opus TenebraeSuspiriaY que nunca te falte un ‘te quieroBajo mi pielJimmy ‘tiro en el pieInfinitumEl séptimo selloIra Dei

NAUFRAGANT debut album soon

NAUFRAGANT shared the making of the guitar parts for their album on youtube. They plan to release "A Short Life" album during this year.

MÅNEGARM new and old albums

Black Lodge Records will re-release all the MÅNEGARM albums in LP again, as they did for the band's anniversary.
And the band unveiled the artwork for "Fornaldarsagor" album, coming out 26th of April 2019. "The ancient sagas (Fornaldarsagorna) are a saga tree that largely take place in ancient Scandinavia before Iceland became colonized and before Christianity became a standing element in Nordic society. The ancient sagas were written mainly in the 1300s (although some were signed earlier and others far later). The stories also wander in and out of several other older works, such as Snorre's Edda, The Poetic Edda, and many others. The ancient sagas can be described as medieval tales with a much older content. In Adam of Bremens well-known text about the pagan nation in Uppsala, it is mentioned that "they also worship the raised people like gods, as they are given immortality to thanks for their great deeds." Adam's words attract the imagi…


AKYRVIRON will release "Equanimity" EP in this month.

The SVIRNATH second album is ready!

SVIRNATH recorded the new album titled "Dalle rive del Curone".
If we don't know yet the release date, it should come soon.

Beside is the artwork.

VANIR : Allfather

Febuary 15th, VANIR (DK) will releae their fifth album "Allfather" on LP, CD & digital, with the help of Mighty Music label.

"The themes in the band's texts are found in the Nordic mythology and historical interpretations of ancient tyrants and army leaders. And is sung in both Danish and English. 'Allfather' is a celebration of the old Danish king Svend Tveskæg".
01. Væringjar
02. Svoldir
03. The Final Stand
04. Ironside
05. Sheild Wall
06. Fejd
07. Thor – The powerhead
08. Bearer of the Word
09. Ulfhednar
10. Einherjer
11. Gravfærd

Debut album by NORVERN

The Italian band NORVERN will release their debut album "Under the Aurora" in CD version on March 20th, 2019.
The record is yet available in digital on bandcamp since last year.

Under The Aurora by Norvern

Release date and artwork of the new SAOR album

"Forgotten Paths" by SAOR will be released on February 15th, 2019.

Czary will be the new DIABOL BORUTA album

The forthcoming DIABOL BORUTA album is entitled "Czary", set to be released on January 25th.
01. Czary Intro
02. Czary
03. Zaklęcie
04. Studnia
05. Golem
06. Królestwo nie niebieskie
07. Znajdź mnie wśród gwiazd
08. Niewolnik
09. Duch Wiatru
10. Lipka
11. Slave
12. Kingdom Of No Heaven

Sword Chant in 2019

Best wishes to you! 😀

Starting great the new year, major changes are on Sword Chant.
Indeed, I deleted 62 pages, but don't worry as nothing's lost! And I made some new pages again.

Release : Since 2009, one releases page was for each year.
In 2019, them all are all together on only one new page ; and all musical styles together.

Also, you reach the upcoming albums listing from the menu now. Faster. ^^

Band pages : The four listings for Folk/Rock and Folk Metal bands pages,
alphabetically sorted, or by country,
are no more.

Instead, you get one table for the whole, and with filters you can use.

It should make things easier for everyone.
Check it out! 😉

Reviews : Surprise! I'll become reviewer again.
Some years I didn't so, let's hope my ears still work great! Hehe 😊

Minor changes too : Probably you have noticed the small changes on the main page. I have also changed colors for articles writing, and other minor changes on some pages.

2007 - 2019, Sword Chant is still …