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Heidra : Sworn to Vengeance EP translated to French

Words : Unofficial French translations
Release : Sworn to Vengeance
Thanks to the band for the permission

Tracklist :
01. Kinsmen : La famille
02. Sworn to Vengeance : Vengeance promise
03. Where Darkness Dwells : Là où l’obscurité demeure

ELDERTALE EP available online

The band ELDERTALE released their EP entitled "Land of Old". 
You can get it in digital for free on their VK page or reverbnation.

01. Exile 02. Land of Old  03. Time of Ancient

Listen to the BAUMBART album before the release date!

Juy 1st of 2014 will be released in digital the BAUMBART album entitled "To the Shores of Nórthór".

01. Prologue: Nórthór's discord 02. Crimson Rivers - A Western Threat 03. To the Shores of Nórthór 04. The Great Center Sea 05. Gleaming Beaches - The Arrival 06. The Assault 07. Blood & Tears 08. Interlogue: Fate 09. Wolven Moon Rising 10. Freedom 11. The Deep Stream 12. A Second Moon Above 13. Epilogue: Nórthór's concord

THARAPHITA released Ülestõus!

Ülestõus album by the Estonian Pagan Metal band THARAPHITA is now released. 
You can order the record to this website for 12 €.

KYLFINGAR released "Halhatatlanok" for the world!

Previously released on june 10, 2014 in Hungary only, KYLFINGAR now released  "Halhatatlanok" for the world.

Tutorials updated

Four tutorials in the forum are now up to date. They deal with...

VideosPictures and bannerMember's profileBand thread
If you have questions, you can email me.  Enjoy the forum :

Myths and Muses, the new SERPENTYNE released!

Here comes the promised post! :)
Today, the Medieval Folk band SERPENTYNE released their second album entitled "Myths and Muses". That last deals with Norse mythology.

DEMOTERION supports Sword Chant!

Unexpected news happen...  
Indeed, I thought my next publish would be about a medieval folk band but this will be the next one then! : )
So Tonight, DEMOTERION came to me with one nice message that shows their support to Sword Chant, and even more!
You can read it here:
A special thanks goes to this band who will release their debut album soon!

The new VINTERSORG is released

The new VINTERSORG is entitled "Naturbal" which means "Nature's Bonfire".
This new album is now released to  G/A/S, FIN & Benelux and can be ordered at Napalm records.
One official video for the fourth track is already online.

YRZEN and OL' JOLLY ROGER: Some new pictures!

The band OL' JOLLY ROGER has shared for streaming 4 tracks out of 6 from their upcoming EP entitled "From the depths we rise". You will have to wait the release date to purchase yr copy and discover the 2 missing tracks. 

The new STWORZ is out now!

The new STWORZ album "Cóż po żyznych ziemiach...?" (What of fertile lands...?) is now available. You can order it to the Werewolf shop.
01. Wyraj
02. Nim wróci Wiosna
03. Matka Ziemia, Ojciec Słońce
04. Tęsknota
05. Mój kraj
06. Koło Życia (The Wheel of Life)
07. Zażynki
08. By dla Słońca pieśni śpiewać
09. Gdy Słońce przemierza bezkresne niebiosa...
10. Wieczne Słońce
11. Cóż po żyznych ziemiach...?
12. Z tamtej strony jeziora

THE YANKS releases Haymaker

June 24th will be released "Haymaker" by THE YANKS. 2 CD's will compose "Haymaker".
The double album full of 84 minutes by the Irish trad. band from NYC will be available through  iTunes, Amazon, their Bandcamp page and CDbaby.


Contemplation by ZGARD is out now!

The Black Pagan metal band from Ukraine ZGARD released their new album entitled "Contemplation". You can order "Contemplation" to their label.

01. Highlands
02. Underworld Bells
03. Contemplation
04. Wedge of Cranes
05. Silence
06. Incarnation Memory
07. Through the Forest

Welcome to the new FEJD member!

His name is Per-Owe Solvelius. He's into music for so many years now and got several bands such as TRIDENT, IGNEOUS HUMAN, and more...

Per-Owe Solvelius is guitar player and now, a FEJD member.

Mark Gilston

LOCATION : Austin, Texas, USA

Status : Active
Music : Traditional Folk

Mark Gilston : mountain dulcimer, gaida (bagpipes), concertina, guitar, banjo, penny whistle, ocarina, tambura

Mark was born and raised in New York City. Both of his parents were steeped in the folk music revival scene of the 1950's. He grew up listening to 78's and LP's of American, Russian, Spanish, Caribbean and Israeli folk music. His sister was a professional harpist. Learning guitar and taking piano lessons starting at age 5, he was constantly immersed in music.

URT released Dagaz

URT will release in digital on this music day (June 21)  their new album entitled "Dagaz". The rune (Dagaz) also contains the symbol X which presents the band's 10th anniversary.

01. Turmauss (Perdition Serpent)
02. Hingede ööt (Quitch of Souls)
03. Luupaine (Succuba)
04. Manala vasar (Malleus of Underworld)
05. Hallituses (In the Mould)
06. Porri rühk (Toil to Soil)
07. Ususark (Dogma Tomb)
08. Surmasuru (Death Moth)
09. Ise (Self)
10. Me kurjuse seeme (Our Evil Semen)

You can order your copy to their Bandcamp page. You will have to wait some weeks for the physical format as a limited edition digipak

Rules and tutorial, live reports and setlist

This week, I worked on the forum of Sword Chant to make it clearer and helpful a little more again.

I. Rules in forums Here is not about "the main rules" but the short rules inside forums. Them all are even shorter now! : ) Nothing new inside for our members.

II. Update of the tutorial to create bands threads From now, bands threads will have to be under this shape. "City" & "Country" for bands will have to feat. in threads. Update for bands threads is my next step.

HEIDRA released their debut album in Denmark!

The Danish band HEIDRA that I've been pleased to help with ELD, released their debut album "Awaiting Dawn" in their country. The rest of the world will have to wait July 28th to purchase it!

The CUELEBRE album standard edition released!

As you may know, the band CUELEBRE already released their debut album entitled "Oinos" as a limited edition. The standard edition was initially planned for June 9th but as I previously announced into the other pages of Sword Chant, this was delayed until today.
You can order your copy for the jewel case edition at Art Gates Records for 7.99 €.

The band will be on stage this july 18
@ Undead Dark Club, Barcelona, Spain.


LOCATION : Valencia, Spain

Status : Active
Music : Pagan Folk

Yhandros Huergo : hurdy-gurdy
Marta Gálvez : lead vocals
Gemma Álvarez : tin whistle, low whistle, harmonic flute and mandoline
Margaret Seidler : davul and shaman drum
Paco Fernández : vocals, guitar and Irish bouzouki
Christyan Gens Goliae : percussions, computer and didgeridoo

The google+ page

I took the decision to stop publishing into the google+ page until further notice because and maybe am wrong but I think it takes time for the fresh news to reach the people.
I advice to the 177 followers for this G+ page to keep following Sword Chant & its Pagan / Folk / Metal news on :
Website: : different options)


Some updates in the forum...

I. Copyrights & Your Rank
You can see these words appear to the first forum of Sword Chant. 
Ranks are dedicated to the bandmembers, labels, promoters invited in the forum to promote their bands & events. You will reach the copyrights tutorial if you select this link. Ranks allow some rights like the sharing of official lyrics, or video from unofficial source... Of course, you have to follow what is explained in that tutorial. Then I hope this new title will reach you... : )

2. When the forum is down...
I changed the color of the twitter widget to feat. better with the new design.
Some elements of the forum will be always available even that last is down :  You could always access the HTML pages (Calendars, Lyrics Database, Support page, the Folk instr. project and Labels-list) and their external links. Links related with the forum of Sword Chant won't be then.

One band disappears while a new one was born..

Runahild announced today on the official facebook page,
this is the end of her Pagan Folk band project ELIWAGAR...

Her official statement is the following :

ELIWAGAR has come to an end for now, it might re-awaken in the future for a new beginning but that remains very uncertain. This isn't an easy decision for me to take, but life has drastically changed and although the darkness we are going through will lead to lighter days my inspiration isn't the same and the music I write now doesn't belong to ELIWAGAR anymore.  ELIWAGAR is a project I started more than 7 years ago on my own in my lonely times. Today I have my husband even though this system that goes against those who fight for freedom and a better world has taken him away from me for an uncertain amount of time. Now I started a new project called Huldresagn which is not exactly "my" project, it is actually our project! Because although I am the only playing for it at the moment, my husband brings me the be…


LOCATION : Dubbo, Australia

Status : Split-up
Music : Black Pagan

Tim Read : lead vocals, acoustic guitars, mandolin, bodhran
Michael : guitar
Jarred Bush : guitar, backing vocals
Dani : bass, backing vocals
Grace : violin
Heidi "Heidiken" Francis : keyboards, vocals



Status : Active
Music : Pagan Folk

Jorn Oyhus : vocals, guitar, bone flute, drums/percussion and other various instruments.
Nash Rothanburg : vocals, jaw harp, natural ambience effects
Trygve Ramnefjell : flute, vocals
Sareeta : violin

Norway 2012, Nash Rothanburg founded BYRDI. Music & Lyrics deal with nature, norse mythology & fairytales.
Every instruments are recorded outdoors, in the wild nature of Norway, far from pollution of any kind. 

Evolutions of the design and reviews

I. Design : As I previously said, I have changed the whole design for the forum and now, I can say: The background appears dark blue and the links there are always blue but a different one and within some more light.
The new events calendars for the next year are made the same way and the Folk instruments project pages, the lyrics database will follow later.
Now, blue, white, and red appear as the main colors. Threads listing folk metal bands and the ones related with other music are now made of white and blue. Only the listing for folk bands will stay as it is.

EQUILIBRIUM and SAOR releases are OUT NOW!

The long wait is over for the EQUILIBRIUM fans! Indeed, "Erdentempel" album is available in stores!


01. Ankunft
02. Was Lange Währt
03. Waldschrein
04. Karawane
05. Uns'rer Flöten Klang
06. Freiflug
07. Heavy Chill
08. Wirtshaus Gaudi
09. Stein Meiner Ahnen
10. Wellengang
11. Apokalypse
12. The Unknown Episode

TANZWUT released "Eselsmesse"

Today was released the new and acoustic album entitled "Eselsmesse" by TANZWUT. Jule Bauer (TRISKILIAN) appears as guest on the new album. One official video for the 7th song of the album was also released online for the event :


LOCATION : Ryfylke, Norway

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Nattsvart : guitar, bass, vocals
Villmandr : drums

SVERDKAMP started in 2010 as a one-man band project by Nattsvart that played everything. Spring 2016, Villmandr joined as drummer. The band splits on mid-may 2018.

We are ready for live events 2015!

Dear followers, bands & promoters,
Lately, I've been working on the calendars for folk metal concerts, folk music & medieval events for the year of 2015. I guess some upcoming dates are about to be booked in these days.
The new calendars are build under the new shape of our forum told earlier. You will find both calendars 2014 & 2015 for folk metal & folk in our forum and in this page of this website.
You can email me upcoming concerts, tour and festival at anytime or to spread them in our forum.
We are ready! 

Severance album by DARKEST ERA released to the USA

The new album by DARKEST ERA will be released June 3rd, 2014 to the USA. Europeans will have to wait 10 more days. However, you can already preorder your copy at Cruz del sur music label.

01.Sorrow's Boundless Realm
02.Songs of Gods and Men 03.The Serpent and the Shadow 04.Beyond the Grey Veil  05.Trapped in the Hourglass  06.The Scavenger 07.A Thousand Screaming Souls
08.Blood, Sand and Stone

Some change at Sword Chant!

I. The Events Calendars : From now, the two events calendars for Folk Metal, Folk Music, and Medieval Festivals are linked into one page "Live events" dedicated to them and available into the menu of this website.
I think this is catchy more than it was before on side of this site.  The 2 calendars are always available in the forum.

II. Forum : The colors of Sword Chant Forum have changed!
I'm rather satisified with it. 
Enter the forum and discover it by your own. : )