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PIRATES FOR SAIL covered "Mmm mmm mmm mmm"track by CRASH TEST DUMMIES band. The song was initially released in 1993.
All proceeds for this cover will be donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Three Pirate Guys (Yo Ho Ho Ho) by Pirates for Sail

Here is the original track :

MYRKGRAV - Takk og farvel - tida er blitt ei annen physically available

Firstly available in digital, the new album "Takk og farvel - tida er blitt ei annen" by MYRKGRAV is now out in Box set and Digipak CD.

AURORA CELTIC released In Full Flight

"In Full Flight" album by AURORA CELTIC is now available on Cdbaby where you can pay a listen.

01. Mix It Up
02. Tehans / Dunmore Lasses
03. Cold Missouri Waters
04. Opposites Attract
05. Crested Hens
06. Miles Gets Washed Up / Three Sisters
07. Rider Coming
08. Eddy on the Laurel
09. Rachenitsa
10. Irish Girl Set
11. The Open Door
12. In Full Flight / Around the Corner
13. Raid the Temple
14. Shattered Cross

ELUVEITIE released Evocation II - Pantheon

The so long wait is over - the new album "Evocation II - Pantheon" by ELUVEITIE released. Orders can be to the following link.
TRACKLIST :  01. Dvreddv
 02. Epona  03. Svcellos II (Seqvel)  04. Nantosvelta  05. Tovtatis  06. Lvgvs  07. Grannos  08. Cernvnnos  09. Catvrix  10. Artio  11. Aventia  12. Ogmios  13. Esvs  14. Antvmnos  15. Tarvos II (Seqvel)  16. Belenos  17. Taranis  18. Nemeton

Way of the Warrior by ENSIFERUM

ENSIFERUM unveiled their new video for the song "Way of the Warrior" taken from their forthcoming "Two Paths" album.

The new VOGELFREY album available for pre-order

VOGELFREY band will release a new album "In Ekstase" on September 29th. 

Pre-orders can be to EMP.

IMBARU released Trukur

Trukur album by IMBARU is out now. Get it and listen right here :

Trukur (2017) by Imbaru

First tracks by ICOVELLAUNA

ICOVELLAUNA is a young Pagan Folk band hailing from France.
They published their track "De Hexenaat" and "Allons à la source".

BALL NOIR album released

BALL NOIR released "Lost Serenades" album that you can get by contacting the band.

ARKONA video for Serbia song

ARKONA unveiled a new video, for Serbia song available on"Yav" album.
"It's better late, than never... Currently we are working hard on a new album, and suddenly one of the old ideas became real - video for the song "Serbia" from our previous album "Yav" is ready! Band shooting was done in 2014 by Vlad Popov and his enthusiastic team from Voronezh.Montage: Alexander Gorbunov (Stonehand records).In the video you can see a cuts from a debut work of serbian movie director Živojin Pavlović (1933-1998) «Triptih o materiji i smrti» (1960).Images, which you can see in the video, such as image of a lonely woman, who lost all her family or the post-war devastation, are corresponding with the images seen by the author of the song in one of the villages during the Balkan tour in 2010. It gave the strongest emotional impulse on the creation of the song. This song was born in a specific place at a particular time and there is no place for any political context…

VERSENGOLD released Funkenflug

The new VERSENGOLD album titled "Funklenflug" is now available various formats to the following link.


Disc 1
01.Niemals sang- und klanglos
04.Haut mir kein' Stein
08.Solange jemand Geige spielt
09.Verliebt in eine Insel
10.O'Rileys Lichterfest
11.Herz durch die Wand
12.Schnee fällt
13.Das wär' ein Traum
14.In aller Ohr

ATORC EP by september

September 2nd will see the daylight of the forthcoming EP signed ATORC. This is the artwork for "Seven Tales Of Swords & Ale" EP :

FROM NORTH released their debut album

FROM NORTH band now released their S/T and debut album.
You can get it to the label page.

01. Volund the smith
02. He who hates
03. Last appeal
04. Ship´s tale
05. Mead of poetry
06. Sworn brotherhood
07. The sacred oath
08. Ormr inn langi
09. The catch
10. The longest wait
11. From north [ video ]


KNIGHTHOOD are currently working on their upcoming extended play record.
The release title is "To The Road". Beside is the artwork.

False God by VARANG NORD

VARANG NORD unveiled their new track taken from "Call of Battle" album coming out next month.

SVARTBY new single for free download

SVARTBY released their new single "Under Frusna Stjärnor" ("Under Frozen Stars") for free.
The title song "Under Frusna Stjärnor" is an introduction track. Svartby's matriarch, Mother of All Witches, the most powerful and the most important creature in Svartby village. She is walking under frozen stars and climbs the Bald Mountain for shamanic witch ritual to awake the chthonic horrors.


SVERDKAMP unveiled one new track titled "Fram".


FOLK METAL JACKET will release their first full length release by september 17th. Here's the artwork for "Eulogy For The Gentle Fools" album :

HEIDEVOLK : From Old Ground

Today was released a music documentary exploring the culture, heritage, and landscapes that inspire the band HEIDEVOLK's music. Conceptualized, crowdsourced, written, directed and edited by Olivia Willard. In association with Heidevolk and Napalm Records.

Castlefest 2017 live stream

Heres the live stream from Castlefest 2017. Enjoy!

TROBAR lyrics video for "Marée Noire"

TROBAR shared lyrics video for the song "Marée Noire" taken from the Distrollbar split now released.

MYRKVEDR : Mattias "Rok" Andersson passed away

MYRKVEDR published these sad news on their facebook page :

"It is with heavy hearts we write this.... Our brother in arms, fellow musician and most of all, dear friend Mattias "Rok" Andersson have left this world... We had the best of times playing on stage with him and touring around all of sweden, and off stage he was the most trusted friend who never backed down from helping anyone in need. We laughed and cried together as family.  Words can not begin to describe our sorrow and our thoughts go to his family and loved ones.  We raise a solemn glass in his honour as we hope to meet him again in valhall. Bort dör din hjord 
Bort dö dina fränder 
Bort dör ock du en gång. 
Men aldrig dör 
Den mans rykte
Som vetat att vinna ett gott
Rest in peace brother, we miss and love you.

// Askebloss, Hagal, Sumbl, Thurisaz, Runar"

INCURSED new EP out now

Awaiting "Amalur" album, INCURSED released one new EP available on Bandcamp and others. 
The extended play is entitled "The Slavic Covenant".

The Slavic Covenant by Incursed
All music and lyrics by Incursed (except for track 5).

Javi Crosas (ex-Drakum): vocals on The Slavic Covenant.
Narot Santos (ex-Incursed): vocals on Wild! (2017).
Urtzi Iza (Enkore, Empty Files, Sen Horx): guitar solo on Take on Me.
Javi Rubio (Drakum): violin in all tracks.