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E-AN-NA released Sârbă Ciobănească single

E-AN-NA released in digital their new single "Sârbă Ciobănească". You can buy it on Bandcamp. The song deals with a boy of a shepherd,who, unwilling to do the chores of shepherds anymore, chooses to flee into the mountains and live his life in communion with nature, having only his whistle to express himself.Although archaic, the song is a metaphor for the fact that modern man was born into a world with no options left but to conform and do the duties mankind expects one to do, not the ones he truly loves

ENSIFERUM compilation is coming soon

"Two Decades of Greatest Sword Hits" is the title for the forthcoming compilation full of ENSIFERUM hymns.
"Twenty years since the first notes were played in ENSIFERUM's first rehearsals. I doubt that 15-years old Markus Toivonen had any idea what he had just started and what kind of journey the band would begin that day. So much has happened in 20 years, but the cornerstones of our music -folk and metal- are still there and we will keep exploring this unholy combination until we die. We have always composed songs with lots of patience and hard self critisism but still wanted to have some blink in the corner of the eye and push our musical boundaries.This compilation gives the listener great chance to hear how the bandhas evolved during these years. Enjoy and folk on!" said the band. The compilation will be released in digital and CD on April 1st, 2016.

01. By The Dividing Stream
02. From Afar
03. Heathen Horde
04. One More Magic Potion
05. In My Swor…

A new album for JONNE

JONNE is currently working on his second solo album planned for this year.

LEŚNE LICHO and the art for the songs of the old forest

LEŚNE LICHO published the final artwork for their forthcoming album entitled "Pieśni Starego Lasu" that means "Songs of the Old Forest".

Pre-order the VETTEN ÄPÄRÄT debut album

"Syntyi Talven Kyynelistä" (Born from Winter's Tears), the debut album signed VETTEN ÄPÄRÄT is available for pre-order now. The full length will be released in digital on April fools' day and May 13th in CD.

01. Ancients' Call 02. Exile 03. Brothers Of Hate 04. Winterheart's Silence 05. Winter Darkness 06. Grief Of Woods 07. Sydäntalven Viha 08. Herätys 09. Swords' Dance 10. Wind Of Exhaustion 11. Ice Made New Kingdom 12. I Heard Them 13. Vala

Folk Metal : this music we love!

Mister Folk got the idea to interview me and Jeff from We all three have answered the questions with our own vision of things; and different pathways we got to reach one musical genre we all love : Folk Metal.

FABRIZIO (Mister Folk):
Define folk metal and viking metal. Folk metal is a combination of heavy metal guitars and folk music; it is usually characterized by the use of traditional instruments, such as violin, harp, bagpipe, hurdy-gurdy, various types of flutes etc. Lyrics often talk about historical events, myths and legends of a given land, but this is not a fixed rule and it is something that unluckily has been lost over the years. Viking metal represents an evolution of heavy metal originally related to Vikings: the first bands identified with this music genre used to sing about typical topics, such as historical events, conquests and raids, spirituality and eminent personalities. As I said before with regard to folk metal, this trait is gradually fading. On the…

Debut album by OCELON now released

Once they raised enough with a crowdfunding project,
OCELON now released their debut album entitled "Of the Lost Heritage".

01. To Ocelon
02. The Moon Hunter
03. Amber Blood
04. Homeland
05. Communion
06. Forest of Mist
07. Pilgrimage
08. Introll
09. Battletroll
10. Among Mountains
11. Raven's Crown
12. Ashen

EREB ALTOR released their BATHORY tribute LP

"Blot-Ilt-Taut" LP by EREB ALTOR is now available
in blue vinyl to this website.

01.A Fine Day To Die
02.Song To Hall Up High
03.Home Of Once Brave
04.The Return Of Darkness And Evil
05.Woman Of Dark Desires
06.Twilight Of The Gods
07.Blood Fire Death

Aldar Rök EP by VANIR is out now

From now can be ordered cd here and there for digital of the new VANIR EP entitled "Aldar Rök".

01. Black Legion
02. Pretorian
03. Unrepentant
04. Broken Throne
05. Wrath of Sutr
06. The Serpent
07. Drukvisen

Tracklist for the upcoming TIME OF TALES album

TIME OF TALES unveiled the tracklist for "Tales Of Times" album coming out March 8th.

New E-AN-NA track soon!

February 29th will be a new song by E-AN-NA band.  These videos are preview of their forthcoming track entitled "Sârbă Ciobănească" :

"Doin Earde" album by KANSEIL for streaming

From now can be found the full album "Doin Earde" by KANSEILon youtube :


APOCALYPSE ORCHESTRA shared a new song (live).

MOONSORROW : Teaser for Jumalten Aika album

Here is one first teaser for the upcoming MOONSORROW album entitled "Jumalten Aika” already available for pre-order to the USA. April 1st is the release date.

SUIDAKRA new album details

The release date for the new SUIDAKRA album entitled "Realms Of Odoric" set to May 20th, 2016.

01. Into The Realm
02. The Serpent Within
03. The Hunter's Horde
04. Creeping Blood
05. Undaunted
06. Lion Of Darcania
07. Pictish Pride
08. On Roads To Ruin
09. Dark Revelations
10. Braving The End
11.One Against The Tide
12. Cimbric Requiem
13. Remembrance (Bonus track)

For those who died...

"For those who died" is the new single signed BRYMIR released, today. You can listen to the new track on Spotify and Itunes, to be available on other digital spaces as well.
The band is currently working on their upcoming full length planned for this year.

SummerStorm by HIBERNIA

HIBERNIA released their demo track "SummerStorm".

TALAMYUS' honour

TALAMYUS shared this new track taken from the yet unreleased record "Honour is our code, Death is the reward".

New DRAUGNIM track online

DRAUGNIM shared one first track from "Vulturine" release coming soon.

Vulturine by DRAUGNIM

Pre-orders for the new MOONSORROW available for the USA

Various formats and packages of the new album "Jumalten Aika” by MOONSORROW now available for pre-order to North America.
01. Jumalten Aika (12:43) 02. Ruttolehto incl. Päivättömän Päivän Kansa (15:21) 03. Suden Tunti (7:06) 04. Mimisbrunn (15:55) 05. Ihmisen Aika (Kumarrus Pimeyteen) (16:00)
Bonus disc : 01. Soulless (Grave cover) (3:18) 02. Non Serviam (Rotting Christ cover) (5:10)

DRAUGNIM's teaser for Vulturine release

March 11th is the release date for the new record "Vulturine" by DRAUGNIM.  The band shared one teaser for the release :

JUODVARNIS second album released

JUODVARNIS released "Mirusio žmogaus kelionė" aka the second album of the band ; the album title can be translated by "Journey of a Dead Man".
01. Amžinybė nelaukia tavęs (Eternity Awaits You Not)
02. Pabudimas (The Awakening)
03. Ieškojimas (The Searching)
04. Išpažintis (The Confession)
05. Mes visi pasmerkti (We Are All Doomed)
06. Kas aš? (What Am I ?)

METHYSOS lyrics video online

METHYSOS shared lyrics video for "Waltz...With The Gods" song taken from the upcoming "Folkloria" album.

TROLLGASM released a new single

TROLLGASM band released "Liquid Black" single in digital. The song with Jesse McGunnigle (Yonder Realm) as guest vocals will feat. on the upcoming TROLLGASM record entitled "Play Folk Or Die". That last is one EP planned to be released in May or June from this year.
Liquid Black (Single) by Trollgasm

Pandemonium track by VALFREYA

Well, the video says all :

Áldás video signed DALRIADA

DALRIADAmade a video for Áldás song taken from the album.

BLACK MAGIC FOOLS released Soul Collector

"Soul Collector" album by BLACK MAGIC FOOLS is now released on CD, LP and digital. The record deals with the Soul Collector and his life during the medieval ages when priests and the church ruled the lands. 
Below are album details :
01. Fools Parade
02. Grave Dancer
03. Lies
04. Salvation
05. Black Jig
06. Last Supper
07. Soul Collector
08. A Jester's Confession (new)
09. Dansa i Natt (new)
10. Not My Truth
11. Vädjan

Everything has been recorded and produced by Pedro Ferreira, Brit Award-winning producer, and mastered by Ade Emsley who mastered "The Book of Souls" by Iron Maiden.

VINTERBLOT tells the realms of the untold

I interviewed Vandrer and Phanaeus from the Italian band VINTERBLOT
01. Hi, folks! You founded VINTERBLOT back in 2008. What was the musically and lyrically ideas in that time? How things happened exactly ? Vandrer : Hey there! Well, VINTERBLOT has started as a group of very young buddies 'hitting' togheter their instruments in the same room. Our common influence was 'metal' itself since we have always had pretty different musical backgrounds, but in the end Swedish Death Metal sounded the coolest to our taste! I guess my obsession with Scandinavia and Norse Mythology was crucial to that, it has oriented our energy towards North, like a proper compass does! I was intended to write lyrics and concepts back in 2008, there you can definately feel how "Viking Age" has been inspiring to us! 

02. Looking at your tracks titles, “Naglfar”, “As Sleipnir Rides”, or again “Throne of Snakes” from the new record, it reminds Norse mythology. What means that mythology to yo…

WRATH OF FENRIR battle video in progress

Viking metal band WRATH OF FENRIR announced the following :
We are working on producing a 360 Battle Video! A One take, 360 degree interactive Battle Royale; warrriors, costumes and viking metal! We are launching a crowdfunding campaign to help us extend the scope of this video and add production value! Stay tuned for a series of announcements in the following days such as the reveal of the new artwork from Chris Cold , an exclusive shirt for the occasion and updated details on on how you can participate in the very shoot itself! Please check out our sweet sweet rewards and give this campaign a like and share!

Tracklist revealed for "Riven Earth" album by DRAKWALD

DRAKWALD unveiled the tracklist for their new album "Riven Earth" to be released in May.

THE DREAD CREW OF ODDWOOD revealed new album details

The band I interviewed by november, THE DREAD CREW OF ODDWOOD, revealed the artwork and tracklist for "Lawful Evil" album coming out this March 2016.

"Lawful Evil" was recorded at Seahorse Sound, was mixed by Aksu Hanttu (Korpiklaani, Shade Empire) and mastered by Svante Forsbäck (Korpiklaani, Apocalyptica, Dragonforce, Rammstein) at Chartmakers Audio Mastering.
01. Join The Ranks
02. Side Quest
03. Heavy Mahogany
04. Sulfur
05. Siren's Song
06. Heavy Submarine
07. Humours Of Oddwood Isle
08. Raise Your Pints
09. Sand Lobster
10. Whalin' Rumbo
11. Trollwhack
12. The Gleeman
13. Storm Riders
14. Dead Man's Medley

HEIDRA new video...soon

HEIDRA are currently working on the video for "The Eyes of Giants" song taken from their debut album "Awaiting Dawn".

However, they need some help to fund all the cost. Thus, you can order one limited T-shirt available only for the event to their crowdfunding page. One perk T-shirt + album is also available if you don't have this record.

CELTACHOR video for "The Arrival of the Tuatha"

CELTACHOR released a video for their song "The Arrival of the Tuatha" taken from "Nuada of the Silver Arm" album.

OCELON : "Of the Lost Heritage"album teaser

OCELON published a teaser for their upcoming album "Of the Lost Heritage" :to be released on february 26th.

New track by SIG:AR:TYR

SIG:AR:TYR revealed one first track entitled "Vinland" taken from their upcoming album "Northen".

BYRDI next record

BYRDI are currently recording their next record that will be a full length entited "Urkraft". More news will be later on.

TIME OF TALES debut album soon

Polish band TIME OF TALES will release their debut on March 8th, 2016. The full length is entitled "Tales Of Times".
Heres one first track from that record :


Now official, AD PLENITATEM LUNAE announced they split up. Their messaage is the following :
"We're very sad to give this news, but from now one Ad Plenitatem Lunae are officially split up. We thought about this a lot, and we decided this was for the best.Thank to all of you for your support in these years".
...Tempus Non Est Iocundum...

However, Ermes, Maria and Giulio are part of the Medieval folk band La Compagnie dal Barbecocul. :)

ULGARD album released

ULGARD released "From The Northmen's Cry" album.
From The Northmen's Cry by Ulgard

Debut album by AEGIR is coming soon

AEGIR band from France is working hard on their debut album breathing viking mythology.

Initially, it was supposed to be one EP entitled "RingHorn" but they changed their mind and decided to release a full length. The title for the record may change.

PIRATES FOR SAIL demo out now

American folk band PIRATES FOR SAIL released a demo "Faire Warning" that was planned for Faires and Festivals only at the origin; but the demo is now available on Bandcamp :

Faire Warning by Pirates For Sail

PIRATES FOR SAIL are currently working on a full length.

FOREST KING EP planned for this year

American Viking Metal band FOREST KING are currently working on their debut EP planned for this Summer. This is the artwork for the record made of six tracks :

As a beginning of one big adventure for the band, FOREST KING entitled their first extended play as "Lore Born".

STEIGNYR released "The Prophecy of the Highlands"

The new album "The Prophecy of the Highlands" by STEIGNYR is now released in Spain (Teaser). However, you can pre-order the full length to Art Gates Records. It will be released worldwide on March 28th.
01. The Valley of Dragons
02. Sons of Earth
03. Wild Land
04. The Last Era
05. Wolf's Lair
06. Hammer of Agony
07. The prophecy of the Highlands
08. Immortal Whisper
09. The Warrior's Path
10. Awakening of Revenge
11. Spirit of Victory
12. The Grave of Heroes

ROMUVOS track online

ROMUVOS shared a new track taken from their forthcoming album "Infront Of Destiny" that is a concept album about a group of men from the baltic region, going for a quest and travel to seek and explore other cultures, and find wizdome and with luck on their side, find gold and treasures as well.
The song below "Winds Blow Over Seas" is about sailing the seas with ships and iron, through winds and what might be encountered as enemies on shores yet unknown that are about to be revealed.

FÄNGÖRN EP released

FÄNGÖRN released "Inferno" EP.
Get it here.

01. First Song
02. Behind Right Shoulder
03. Inferno
04. Where The Tales Live On (acoustic cover)

New GRIMNER track online

GRIMNER unveiled a preview for their 5th track taken from their forthcoming album "Frost Mot Eld".

BIFRÖST released "Mana Ewah" album

"Mana Ewah", the new album signed BIFRÖST is out now.
You can order it to Einheit Produktionen store.

01. Himmelsfall
02. Verräters Geschick
03. Mana Ewah
04. Waffenbruder Niedergang
05. In Todes Angesicht [ video ]
06. Tobendes Herz
07. Eine neue Zeit

DRAKWALD "Riven Earth" trailers

DRAKWALD released 2 videos trailers for their new album "Riven Earth" coming out in May.

VARANG NORD : Warchant of the Forests video

VARANG NORD published a new video for the song "Warchant of the Forests" taken from their new album "Masters of the Forest" out now.

Preview on the next TOTER FISCH EP

Last year, I announced the next EP by TOTER FISCH will be acoustic.
Find now a preview for that EP coming soon :

LAGERSTEIN new album released and tour

LAGERSTEINreleased their second album entitled "All For Rum And Rum For All". 

01. Raise Your Steins
02. Tales Of The Fallen Ales 
03. Drink The Rum 
04. Sail Ho!
05. Jungle Juice
06. German Fun Times 
07. Down The Hatch 
08. Shiver Me Timbers 
09. Land Of Bundy 
10. Fountain Of Rum

You can purchase it on Bandcamp or their current tour :

METHYSOS album details

METHYSOS  will release their debut album "Folkloria" on March you may know.... Find below artwork and tracklist for that record :

TRACKLIST : 01. Trollen
02. The Keeper Of Cosmos
03. Drink Loud_Drink Proud
04. Rumpelstiltskin
05. Amathounta Stronghold
06. Kelvar Templa
07. Folkloria [instrumental]
08. Namahage
09. Waltz...With The Gods
10. Wine Fest
11. Farewell
12. Ramen [Bonus Track]

Some news from SKOGSHALLEN

SKOGSHALLEN updated their fans regarding the upcoming album :
ll we have left to do is the guitar work and a few intros and outros. Alas our release has been delayed, our second guitarist is going to be out of the country till april at which point we will knock out the rest of his parts in studio.
To TIDE you over till then a special single will be released. An oldie from our northern lights album so be ready for that.

ALDEGAR : Teaser for the Peak album

ALDEGAR plans to release this year their full length entitled "The Peak". Teaser here :
The Peak 2016 (Teaser Track) by Aldegar