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WOLFCHANT to their horde

WOLFCHANT are currently working on their upcoming album which will be entitled "Bloodwinter". They announced the following to their fans : Hey Wolfchant horde,  we got a lot of requests from you concerning the progress of our upcoming & already announced album "Bloodwinter" and the most of you wanted to know when it is finished and when we will release it.  First of all we want to thank everyone of you for your interest, your curiosity and your patience. That's why we want to update you now with some news & facts.  With the entry of Gorthrim & Sertorius we decided to record the album entirely new. We changed the original tracklist of the album a bit and wrote also 2 new songs. As we are perfectionists concerning our music we want to have an album which sounds coherent & complete and not like a puzzle.

RASTABAN released "Arise" album

Tribal Folk band RASTABAN released their album entitled "Arise". You can get it digital on Bandcamp or physical passing by the band contact. CD cost 18,50 € for Europeans and 23,50 € for the rest of the world or Europeans can purchase their first record "Aurora" and this one together for 31,50€ while the rest of world can also get both CD's for 36,50€ (all - shipping included).
01. Anadolka
02. Arise
03. Dance of Bliss
04. Hore Dolom [ official video ]
05. Zora
06. Moja Duša (version 2015)
07. Interlude
08. Finis Terrae
09. Rusalka
10. L'Aube des Dieux
11. Free Money (bonus track)

Hantaoma album reissue

STILLE VOLK re-released their debut album "Hantaoma" once released in compact disc and now available in limited vinyl - 3 different colours :

-300 copies on black vinyl
-100 copies on brown vinyl
-100 copies on brown vinyl with black splatters

You can pre-order the album to Those Opposed Records.
The vinyl is set to be released this September 28th.

SERVAN album news

Italian band SERVAN are currently working on their album planned to be released by Spring 2016. one intro, one outro, and ten tracks will complete this record which may include some bonus tracks as well.

The album concept deals with happiness and enthusiasm of a man discovering uncontaminated nature, for the first tracks and then, are slower ones and cheerful, telling the bliss of that man in his new condition. The last songs are dramatic, narrating the tragedy reserved to the man who tried to escape problems instead of facing them.
You will find some guests in this upcomng full-length such as Massimo from ODR (guest vocals), HeadMatt from feline melinda and other bands (guest lead guitar), Catia Borgogno (guest vocals).
Limited copies are planned for now but the band is looking for a label.
Regarding the work progress, guitars and bass guitars are recorded.  Currently is keyboards turn.

ELFORG released their debut album

Polish band ELFORG released thru Art of The Night Productions, their self-titled album made of ten tracks. Polish and English lyrics are in this album available at the label
01. Intro
02. Wezwanie
03. Zapomniany
04. Zima
05. Through Darkness
06. Feast
07. Journey to the North
08. On Heights
09. Duch Lasu
10. Do Ciebie Kasiuniu

New EP title for RAVENOAK

"May The Niflheim Rise" EP by RAVENOAK got a new title.

The band changed concept and title for this debut EP now entitled "Mountains Tales".

Fury's Unleashed video by NORTHLAND

NORTHLAND unveiled their first official video which is for the song "Fury's Unleashed" taken from their recent album "Downfall and Rebirth".

Cd version of the ULGARD album is out now

"Songs For The Wanderer" album by ULGARD was released for free in digital by June and it seems the band recovered from the issues met since the record is now avaialble physical.
You can purchase your copy here.

ILLDÅD are working on their debut album

ILLDÅD are currently recording their debut album.  Details have not been revealed but the album is planned for the end of the year.

DYRNWYN first EP is coming soon

Italian band DYRNWYN plans to release their debut EP for this year. The EP that you can expect to the fall of 2015, is entitled "Ad Memoriam“. Lyrics deals with the Ancient Rome. 
01. Ad Memoriam
02. Sangue Fraterno
03. Sigillum
04. Tubilustrium
05. Ultima Quiete
06. Teutoburgo

VOGELFREY released "Sturm und Klang" album

Once delayed, not twice.

The new album "Sturm und Klang" by VOGELFREY is now available worldwide.
Find here some teasers and official video.
01. Sturmgesang
02. Tandaradel!
03. Hörner hoch
04. Abschaum
05. Gold
06. Strohfeuer
07. Nachtgesang
08. Apocalypsis
09. Land unter
10. Der Chirurg
11. Rolling home
12. Im Auge des Orkans
13. Knochenchor
14. Bluthochzeit
15. Alkoholverbot

ANNWN returns with a new EP

ANNWN from Wales are back with a new EP entitled 'Idris Awaits'. The new disc available for pre-order appears 6 years after their promo release. The record is planned for September 21st.
01. Mountain's Sunrise
02. Mountain's Peak
03. Mountain's Farewell
04. Suo Gan (Traditional Welsh lullaby)

Tenebrosum album by WINDFAERER available for pre-order

September 22nd, WINDFAERER will release their second album entitled "Tenebrosum". The record is already available for pre-order to their Bandcamp page.

This is the tracklist :

EXCELSIS released "Tod U Vergäutig" album

EXCELSIS released their new album "Tod U Vergäutig" avaialble here.

01. Intro (dr schwarz Tod)
02. d Gschicht
03. heiligs Wasser
04. üsi Freiheit
05. Maimond
06. s Verspräche
07. dr Pakt mit em Tüfu
08. mir kämpfe
09. dr Schlächter
10. vertüflet isch mi Seeu
11. dr letscht Versuech
12. grüeni Fäuder u dunkli Wäuder
13.  Outro (dr Lichezug)

SUN AND MOON DANCE interview online

This is the very first interview of the SUN AND MOON DANCE band. Chris answered 13 questions related with the upcoming record, the project, himself and future plans.
01. Hi Chris! One year ago, you founded your Pagan Folk project SUN AND MOON DANCE. How came the idea to found a band ? Music has been a huge part of my life since I was a little boy. It has always been my way to connect to the realms beyond the physical. The idea to start some sort of project had been in my mind for many many years but it never had the right vessel or the push to turn it into a reality until the past year when my closest and dearest friends all moved into the area that I lived. They are all musicians that share the same love for the music that I do. Never in my life have I had anyone to play music with prior to this. We started jamming together and I finally felt like it was time for me to create my own project. I needed a way to express the bond I had with my friends, the gods and to nature. Thus Sun an…

SAXORIOR will releasse "Saksen" album soon

German Epic Pagan Metal band SAXORIOR will release their sixth album "Saksen" on September 18th. The album is about migration of the ancient pagan Saxons from the outset of the first documented mention until the christianization. 
Lyrics deal with glory and suffering, Hengist and Horsa, the blood bath of Verden to the last grand uprising against the christian yoke. Find the tracklist here

MÅNEGARM album details

The new and self-titled album by MÅNEGARM will be released on November 20th. Expect both electric and acoustic songs on the album by the band celebrating the 20 yrs anniversary. From Swedish folk ballads reminiscent of campfires to wild and forceful black metal interludes, everything the metal sounds of the north are known for is represented on this album. 
With their new album, the band keeps true to course : MÅNEGARM remains expressive and varied from the first note to the last. The artwork and tracklist are the following :

01. Blodörn
02. Tagen av daga
03. Odin owns ye all
04. Blot
05. Vigverk - del II
06. Call of the runes
07. Kraft
08. Bärsärkarna från Svitjod
09. Nattramn
10. Allfader
Bonus tracks :
11. Månljus
12. Mother Earth Father Thunder**
**Bonus trackfeaturing Jennie Tebler - sister of Quorthon/Bathory, Alan Nemtheanga (Primordial), Mikael (Ereb Altor)

When GRIMNER goes Acoustic...

When GRIMNER covers Acoustic tracks, it sounds like this (update 2016 : dead link now).

But how sounds GRIMNER songs unplugged ?

The answer will be known from September 18th since their next record is one EP 100% Acoustic!
The EP is entitled "De Kom Från Norr" and means "They Came From The North". All lyrics are from the North : Swedish!

You can pre-order this upcoming Extended Play at their Bandcamp page.  First 25 copies sold will be signed by the band.

RED RUM parted ways with their bassist

Today, RED RUM announced in this message they parted ways with their bassist :
We are sorry to announce that we have parted ways with our bassist, Steven Ryall. There will be no further details posted about this but there is no bad blood. We wish him the best of luck with his many other projects, current and future.

Some truthful words from MOXIE band

We learn thru the band page, some people are appearently saying whatever regarding MOXIE Music. Then, MOXIE stated the following : We would like to say something about this talk of the tradition being broken as we have been a heavily mentioned part of the topic. We are playing music that we create ourselves. The root of our music came from playing both 'Traditional' and 'Modern' Irish Music while bringing in influences of Jazz, Hip Hop, funk, bluegrass, Classical and other world music. There are a lot of people saying we are bastardising 'Traditional Music' but that is not true.   The pure traditional music is safe in the hands of many bands, solo performers and hard working people behind the scenes who dedicate their careers to the Tradition and play the music they WANT. What we are doing is creating a new wave of fusion music which we have labeled MOXAGE. We are proud to say that we are all rooted deep in traditional Irish music and that we will love it fore…

The METHYSOS album is coming

METHYSOS revealed the artwork

for their debut album

they entitled


VALLORCH new album's coming soon

VALLORCH are currently working on their second album entitled  "Until Our Tale Is Told".
The album planned for this year will be released by Nemeton records.  This is the artwork :

SERPENTYNE covered "Santiano" song

English band SERPENTYNE revealed a nex track to feat. on their upcoming third album. They covered the sailor song "Santiano", available here in live :

Zirkus Zeitgeist album by SALTATIO MORTIS is out now!

SALTATIO MORTIS released their new album "Zirkus Zeitgeist" which is available in various editions through Napalm records.

Find the tracks listing below.

NORTHERN OAK new EP coming soon

NORTHERN OAK are currently working on a new EP entitled "Triptych" to be released by Autumn. One upcoming EP made of 3 tracks which some of the Kickstarter backers paid for during the campaign for Of Roots and Flesh. The new work will be available for free download.

Release date for the upcoming KNIGHTHOOD CD

The upcoming KNIGHTHOOD album entitled "Tales Of Ania" will be released under the flag of SONIDOS BAJO TIERRA RECORDS in physical format on September 28th while the digital version should be released during this month.

NACHTGESCHREI released "Staub und Schatten"

NACHTGESCHREI released their new album entitled "Staub und Schatten"
available to their webshop.

01. Monster [ video ]
02. Das Nichts [ video ]
03. Die Wilde Jagd
04. Staub und Schatten
05. Lunas Lied
06. Kerberos
07. Eden
08. Der letzte Tag
09. Verloren
10. Bruder
11. Leben für den Klang
12. Schlaflos

VOGELFREY video for "Sturmgesang" track

This is the new video by VOGELFREY for the song "Sturmgesang" taken from their forthcoming album "Sturm und Klang" to be released the 28th from this month.

AD PLENITATEM LUNAE in the need of new band members

Tempus non est Iocundum....
Indeed, sad news for AD PLENITATEM LUNAE and fans,

Last week, the guitarist David Bressan and the drummer Marco Cargnelutti parted ways with AD PLENITATEM LUNAE. The band is now looking for new members and shared the following message :  We're very sad to announce that Marco Cargnelutti and David Bressani won't be part of Ad Plenitatem Lunae anymore.   This is a strong hit for a band, of course, and we need to take a break to sort things out.  Follow our fb page and our site for the upcoming news. In the meantime, we're looking for a drummer and a guitarist. If you're interested, please send us a private message.  We wish Marco and David all the best for their future endeavors.


Above is the new video by DISTORIAM for the last track of the upcoming album entitled "Chapter I : Vinlanders" which is available for Pre-order. 
Find all details on the new record to that page.

SALTATIO MORTIS video for "Wo sind die Clowns?"

SALTATIO MORTIS revealed their new video for the track "Wo sind die Clowns?" taken from their album "Zirkus Zeitgeist" coming out in 11 days. :)

The band will be on tour in Germany & Switzerland by November and December.

SKALDIC SOUL are back!

Great news for the fans!

The band SKALDIC SOUL returns within a new line-up :

Rogério Malgor - Vocals/Guitar
André Fernandes - Guitar
Luca Bresciani - Bass
Julio Cesar - Drums
Gordo "Goblin" Bardo - Whistles, Flutes, Banjo

SKALDIC SOUL had announced in 2013 they ended the project.
We can be only happy for these great news!

Trailer for Tod u Vergäutig album by EXCELSIS

Below is the trailer for the new EXCELSIS album entitled "Tod u Vergäutig" coming out in August.

"Heart of the North" is the new EP signed ECLYPSE

French band ECLYPSE released their second EP
"Heart of the North". 
The EP can be heard below. You can get it on CD (10€ - contact the band) or digital.

FIMBULTYR new single out now

"Oförgätlig Erinran" is the new FIMBULTYR video and single taken from the upcoming album "Niddikter". You can purchase it on Bandcamp.

Sun and Moon Dance

LOCATION : Spring Creek, North Carolina, USA

Status : Active
Music : Pagan Folk

Chris Welsh : tagelharpa, harp, frame drums, horns, mountain dulcimer

Sun and Moon Dance founded on August of 2014 when Chris composed his first song.

VERSENGOLD released Zeitlos album and one new video

VERSENGOLD released their new album "Zeitlos" that you can purchase passing by their website, or their shows.

01. Zeitlos
02. Ihr seid Musik
03. Kein Trinklied
04. Frühlingsgruß
05. Hoch die Krüge
06. Wolken
07. Die Schönheit der Schatten
08. Luna's Reel
09. Spaß bei Saite
10. Der Rubel rollt...
11. Schon immer mal
12. Sol's Reel
13. Die Namen von Millionen
14. Schlaflied
Find their new official video for the second track of the album :

FJORSVARTNIR released Mzoraxc's forbandelse

"Mzoraxc's forbandelse" is the new album by FJORSVARTNIR out now in digital and CD through their bandcamp page.


01. Ravneskrig og ulvehyl
02. Nordens genopstandelse
03. En rejse igennem fortidens riger
04. Riget
05. Mzoraxc - Mødet med underverdenen
06. Krigssat
07. Det sidste slag
08. Valkyrie

STADACONNÉ new line-up

Due to some unknown reasons, 
Frederic Bouchard, Benjamin Tardif, and Julien Carpentier left the band which became a duo project. 
STADACONNÉ will release "Sorry for my bad English" EP soon...

DRAUGÛL : Cry of the Vittra video

DRAUGÛL made a lyrics video for the seventh track of their album "Chronicles Untold" coming out this September. Find album details to this page.

A mini-album for THY WORSHIPER is coming soon

September 15th will be released the new work from THY WORSHIPER. The mini-album is entitled "Ozimina" 
6 tracks will complete the record, including a blast from the past - "Wśród Cieni i Mgieł" re-recorded. 
The debut album "Popiół" will be re-released in Vinyl on the same date.