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Streifzug by SKELFIR

The album by SKELFIR is entitled "Streifzug" and this is planned for November.

01. Wächter des Wissens
02. Falsche Propheten
03. Hoch den Humpen
04. Das Murkelmännchen von Eschelbach
05. Schlachtruf
06. Der Stein auf dem Bühl
07. Heidrun
08. Hidden Track

VORNA second album for December

Finnish bnad VORNA will release their second album on December 4th. Seven tracks complete the full length entitled "Ei valo minua seuraa" (No Light Follows Me).

The lead-vocalist Vesa Salovaara shared a few words about the album & recordings :
This year has most certainly been Vorna’s busiest one to date and the whole album making process was quite intensive experience as well. The song material was constantly evolving from the earliest demo sessions in April all the way to the mixing which took place in July. As a result we think we’re holding our most mature, diverse and also, in a way, darkest album yet. Still, neither risks nor untamed intuitive ideas were avoided and we believe that one might find even somewhat surprising shades from it’s depths. Lyrically ”Ei valo minua seuraa” is dealing with quite universal and timeless themes. The story is fundamentally about a journey towards mental or spiritual equilibrium which is being torned by contradictive identities and …


TROLL BENDS FIR band from Russia are currently working on their next release. 
It will be one DVD available to Soundage productions soon. 
Beside is the artwork.

RABENWOLF: Stethu teaser

RABENWOLF band revealed thru a teaser, the release date for their upcoming EP entitled "Stethu" which will come on October 9th of 2015.

The VALKENRAG album is out now!

VALKENRAG released their new album entitled "Twilight of blood and flesh" as a jewel case in a cardboard cover+12 page booklet with the lyrics and a band photo. Contact the band to purchase your copy.
01. Intro
02. Halls of the Brave
03. Belongings of Thor
04. Bolthorn
05. Twilight of Blood and Flesh
06. Waves of Coming Future
07. The Price of Wisdom
08. Redemption Time
09. The Ultimate Prize
10. Wild Hunt

WINTERHYMN new album details

WINTERHYMN revealed details for their upcoming album “Blood & Shadow”:
The twelve-track saga follows their 2011 debut Songs for the Slain. The album is comprised of never-before-heard material, as well as four songs fans will recognize from their 2014 Paganfest Sampler EP released in conjunction with their North American tour with Korpiklaani, Turisas, Chthonic, and Varg. “The only issue we’ve encountered with the title ‘folk metal’ is that it’s one that’s very resilient to change,” says violinist Umbriel. “Many people have a fixed conception of what that means – what’s allowed and what isn’t. With this album we’re hoping to help change that.”  The preview of “Dream of Might” showcases a distinct shift in the band’s sound. “It’s straightforward, barbaric metal with half the pomp and twice the balls,” adds singer/guitarist Draug. “It’s darker and more expressive, without sacrificing any of the guts and glory. It’s the purest our voice has ever been and speaks to what we are: A meta…

EPHYRA new album soon

EPHYRA announced the following :
We are pleased to announce our signing with Bakerteam Records and the upcoming release of our new album “Along the Path”. It will be distributed since November 20th in Europe and December 4th in the USA. Many guest musicians appear on this record and we want to thank them for the collaboration. Listed below, some of them: Davide Cicalese ( Furor Gallico), Silvia Bonino ( Folkstone), Lisy Stefanoni (Evenoire) and Mattia Stancioiu. Stay tuned, further news coming soon!

Release date for the debut EP by HAEGEN

HAEGEN will release their debut EP entitled Tales From Nowhere on October 15th of 2015.

WOLFHORDE new album is coming soon

WOLFHORDE are currently working on their upcoming album which is entitled "Towards the Gates of North". Nine tracks including one intro and one storyline loosely based on Norse mythology will complete the record on mixing step by now.

FIMBULTYR : details for Niddikter album

While FIMBULTYR unveils to the world, the artwork for their upcoming album entitled "Niddikter", the band reveals the tracklist to Sword Chant. :)


01. Oförgätlig Erinran
02. Bergtagen av Sorg
03. Lindisfarne
04. Själaberövad
05. Balders Död
06. Av Resen Snärjd
07. Såda Hels Arme
08. Hedningens Tid

The VALLORCH tale is now available

The new album "Until Our Tale Is Told" by the Italians VALLORCH is out now and can be ordered to the Bandcamp page of their label.
01. Whatever May Befall
02. Until Our Tale Is Told
03. Unspoken Echoes
04. Slèrach
05. Howling Hysteria
06. Khéeran Hòam
07. Crystal Rememberance
08. Tanzerloch (Of Love and Loss)
09. Ais Un Snea
10. Dancing Leaf Overture
11. Carnelian Masquerade

NETHERFELL interview online!

Lately, I interviewed Piotr Martuś from the band NETHERFELL regarding their upcoming album "Between East And West" (Między Wschodem a Zachodem) and more.

01. Hi Piotr! First of all, can you explain us the band name? What does it mean for you ?
I found the name in some end-notes of one of Tolkien's books. I remember that it is supposed to mean something like "Underground hill" in some elder english dialect. I have to admit that I have tried to found that fragment of the book later, but I didn't managed. I choose that name only because it sounds cool for me and I think it does not restrict us.

The new WINDFAERER album is out now!

WINDFAERER released "Tenebrosum" album.  CD's and digital are now available on Bandcamp.
TRACKLIST: 01. Celestial Supremacy
02. Finisterra
03. Tales Told in Oblivion
04. Santería
05. The Everlasting
06. Morir en el olvido
07. The Outer Darkness

Chapter I by DISTORIAM

Today, DISTORIAM released their "Chapter I : Vinlanders" album in digital.
The physical version of the record will be availble in 3 days.

You can order both digital and CD on their Bandcamp page.

01. Hymn To Mead
02. Duel Of A Hundred Lights
03. I - Us, Travelers
04. Northern Sea Journey
05. Steel And Steeds
06. Exiled
07. II - The Call To Freedom
08. Thùnn Kivavit Ankris
09. Flaming Sails
10. Vinlanders (Defend The Land)
11. Deadly Shores Of Wasted Hopes
12. Venturing Forth [ video ]

ANNWN released Idris Awaits EP

Idris Awaits EP is the new work from the ANNWN band from Wales, UK. The release is available since today and can be ordered on Bandcamp.


01. Mountain's Sunrise
02. Mountain's Peak
03. Mountain's Farewell
04. Suo Gan (Traditional Welsh lullaby)

The next album of the DRENAÏ band

Currently, DRENAÏ are working hard on their next album. The French band is making new songs for a full length record planned for 2017.

DELIRIUM new album for the next year

DELIRIUM band are currently on their next album planned for 2016, which will be the 10 years of the Franconian Pagan metal band.. 10 tracks may complete the full length.

The MORMIEBEN official video is online

Yesterday, MORMIEBEN released their debut EP and today is their video for "Le Principal Défaut" song revealed :

MORMIEBEN released their debut EP

Officially released in....Let's say " less than one hour :P ",
the debut EP "Hissons le Pavillon" by MORMIEBEN can be ordered if you contact the band.

Some days ago, I interviewed the French band regarding this record and the band itself.

01. Hissons le Pavillon (Pull up/Hoist the flag)
02. Le Principal Défaut (The main flaw)
03. Tavernier (Innkeeper)
04. Le Vent qui Hurle (Screaming wind)
05. La Vie de Forban (Pirate life)

Chronicles Untold album by DRAUGÛL is out now

DRAUGÛL released their new album entitled "Chronicles Untold".

The record is available to the label shop.

01. Vargens Förbannelse
02. Dark Waters
03. The Voice of Huldra
04. Nordens Enslighet
05. The Jötnar Chronicle
06. Herr Mannelig [ video ]
07. Cry of the Vittra [ video ]
08. ...In Dreams
09. Vargens Förbannelse Pt. II
10. Awakening of the Forest Spirit

SAXORIOR released "Saksen" album

SAXORIOR band released under the flag of Einheit Produktionen, their new album they entitled "Saksen".

You can purchase it to this page.

01. Hinreise
02. Saksen
03. Litus Saxonicum
04. Irminsul
05. Blutbad von Verden [ video ]
06. Sax
07. Stellinga
08. Rückkehr

Freakshow by HARPYIE

HARPYIE released their album "Freakshow". You can get it here.

01. Freakshow
02. Monster
03. Elisa [ video ]
04. Dunkle Wissenschaft
05. Fauler Zauber
06. Tanz auf meinem Grab
07. Karneval der Kreaturen
08. Lebendig begraben
09. Der schwarze Mann
10. Wilde Reise durch die Nacht
11. Goblin
12. Das Zweigesicht
13. Wahnsinn

GRIMNER released De Kom Från Norr EP

Last week, I interviewed the Swedish band GRIMNER regarding their acoustic EP entitled "De Kom Från Norr".  They told a lot of things on this EP released since today. For example, they revealed this tracklist over there :
01. De Kom Från Norr (They Came From the North)
02. Sorgesaga (Tale of Sorrow)
03. Etterpolska (Venom Reel)
04. Gungner (Gungnir)
05. Forna Dagar (Swing version)

You can get this record passing by Bandcamp.

Special guest for the new SAOR album

SAOR announced the following : I'm happy to announce that the extremely talented Meri Tadić will be performing fiddle on the new Saor album. She was fiddle player/vocalist for Swiss Folk Metal band Eluveitie from their first album until 2013. She is now currently working on her awesome solo project Irij which she describes as "Electro Folk Rock with a macabre twist!". The next SAOR album is planned for 2016.

Second TROLLWAR album soon

Canadian band TROLLWAR are currently working on their second full length which is planned for 2016. The band said :
We are currently working really hard on the 2nd album. The songs have been written for a long time now! At this stage, the pre-prod is part of the past, the 9 new songs are fully completed. We are training our drummer so he can kick ass in studio like never. This album will be much different musically. It will be way darker and way deeper than Earthdawn Groves, but Trollwar is always following the same path. Starting from a blend of blackened folk metal, we worked really hard to develop the melodic and dynamic aspects that forges our sound. Prepare for something really epic. Adding an orchestral aspect to both the album production and live act will be a great phase for us. We made a final choice regarding the recording process of that full-length. Mysteries will be enlightened soon! Stay tuned, as great news are coming fast.

MÅNEGARM S/T album available for pre-orders

As you know, the new and self-titled album by MÅNEGARM will be released on November 20th but from now, it can be pre-ordered as Limited Digipack (200 copies) to Napalm records.
You can listen to "Odin Owns Ye All (Snippet)" song here.

OCELON album is entitled "Of the Lost Heritage"

OCELON revealed the title for their album planned for the next year. The record is entitled "Of the Lost Heritage" and there are 12 tracks inside the full length available for pre-order through their campaign. 3 out of the 12 tracks were part of their demo.
The band also revealed the tracklist for their upcoming debut album :

01. To Ocelon
02. The Moon Hunter
03. Amber Blood
04. Homeland
05. Communion
06. Forest of Mist
07. Pilgrimage
08. Introll
09. Battletroll
10. Among Mountains
11. Raven's Crown
12. Ashen

This will be the next IMBARU album

Soon will be released in digipack the new IMBARU album through GS Productions.

The record is entitled "El Inherente Sentir en los Árboles" and will be available for free download on Bandcamp.
Find the tracklist to this page.

DRAUGÛL covers Herr Mannelig

Herr Mannelig, a Swedish medieval ballad, will be part of the DRAUGÛL album entitled "Chronicles Untold" coming pretty soon. Find their version here :

All vocals and instruments by Draugul,
except the Nyckelharpa parts played by Mathias Gyllengahm.

Troll tea party by HORDE THOR

Folk n' Troll Metal band HORDE THOR revealed a new track taken from their upcoming album "Glorg's Tale". "Troll tea party" is the track title.

THY WORSHIPER released "Ozimina"

The mini-album entitled "Ozimina" by THY WORSHIPER is now releasesd and available on Bandcamp. This is the tracklist within English translations/explanations:
01. Brzask (eng. Dawn)
02. Halny (the name of kind of strong and warm wind in south of Poland, blowing mostly on early spring time)
03. Ozyny (old Slavic name for Bramble)
04. Wietlica (eng. Athyrium)
05. Wsrod Cieni i Mgiel (eng. Among Shadows and Mists)
06. Ozimina (eng. Winter Corn)

Interview with ...a Pirate!

I had the opportunity to share some words with one passionate of rum 
Clément from the MORMIEBEN crew.

The pirate metal band will release their debut EP within four days and then, I thought that would be a fine time to dig them better. :) Here is the interview :

01. Hi! The bandpage for your band has been freshly added on Sword Chant. Can you describe us what is MORMIEBEN ?  Hi Dragonhead and thank you for the add to Sword Chant, it’s really great! There are only a few websites like yours and what you do is wonderful so keep going on !


LOCATION : Buenos Aires, Argentina

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Lucas "Tako" Taquino : vocals
Lucas Dios : lead guitar, choir
Lucas Urri : rythm guitar, choir
Facundo Alvarado : drums, percusions
David Funes : whistles, flutes, kantele
Gabriel "Lex" Sturniolo : fiddle, vocals

VYNKORD debut EP available

Early 2015 was founded VYNKORD band from Argentina. Now, they released their debut EP entitled "Where You Can Hear Us" available for free download. Stay Where You Can Hear Us by Vynkord

HAEGEN revealed one first track from "Tales From Nowhere" EP

Italian band HAEGEN shared the first track taken from their EP "Tales From Nowhere" coming soon. The song is entitled "Dal Castello Alla Foresta".

About "Twilight of blood and flesh" album by VALKENRAG

VALKENRAG will release their album "Twilight of blood and flesh" on September 27th through Art of the Night Productions.

01. Intro
02. Halls of the Brave
03. Belongings of Thor
04. Bolthorn
05. Twilight of Blood and Flesh
06. Waves of Coming Future
07. The Price of Wisdom
08. Redemption Time
09. The Ultimate Prize
10. Wild Hunt


LOCATION : Osimo (AN), Marche, Italy

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Leonardo Lasca : vocals
Michael Anderlucci : guitar
Samuele Secchiaroli : guitars, backing vocals
Nicola Scalzotto : bass, backing vocals
Tommaso Sacco : drums
Eugenio Cammoranesi : keyboards, backing vocals

Past member :
Federico Padovano : tin and low whistles, backing vocals

The project "Haegen" founded in 2012 at Osimo, Italy and is the result of the union of 2 formations, one made by Eugenio, Nicola and Leonardo, born from the idea to have fun and play together. The other one composed by Nicola, Samuele and Tommaso, a Groove Thrash Metal band, within the goal to try and taste heavy sound. Federico Padovano joined in summer 2014 but left the band early 2018.

Haegen, demo 2014
Tales From Nowhere, EP 2015 [ details ]
Immortal Lands, album 2017 [ details ]


Contact :haegenoff…

TROLLGASM new record

Australian band TROLLGASM revealed some elements regarding their new record coming soon. Seven tracks will complete the record entitled "Play Folk Or Die".

New track unveiled by VARANG NORD

Below is a new VARANG NORD track entitled "Beer & Vodka". The song is taken from their upcoming full length "Master of the Forest", coming out during Winter.

A double CD by SAUROM this october!

October 2nd will be released the new and double album by SAUROM.  27 tracks will be inside the box :

DRAKUM released Trollmin EP

Here it is. 
The new DRAKUM EP entitled "Trollmin" can be purchased to this page if you like what you hear :

TRACKLIST : 01. Introll 02. Wall Of Deadly Trolls 03. Magic Potion Of The Evil Jester 04. Troll Recipe 05. Drunk Troll 06. Outroll

A THOUSAND WINTERS for a new beginning

A THOUSAND WINTERS band are back and for a new start within their new EP out now and avaialble in digital on Bandcamp.  2 previously released songs from 2011 now re-worked (new vocals, new drums, new sound) plus 2 new ones complete the record.
Recordings had started back in 2012 but the band met some problems, forcing them to delay the release. Next months will be available the physical version of this EP limited to 50 copies hand numbered thru 40 Dead Records. Find the tracklist here.


LOCATION : Frankenthal, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

Status : Active
Music : Black Pagan

Oliver Glaser : vocals
Niels Nußhart : guitars, backing vocals
Paul Oesterwitz : guitars
Simon Müller : bass
Fee Glaser : hurdy gurdy, backing vocals
Carsten Beiersdörfer : drums

ANGUR released "Ego" EP

"Ego" is the title for the new ANGUR EP available for free download passing by Bandcamp.

01. Eifergott
02. Eitles Schicksal
03. Sine Capite Regnabant
04. Trümmer

This is the very first track by NORSEMYTH

NORSEMYTH band from Venezuela, uploaded their very first track titled "Our Viking Song" for you to download it from Soundcloud.

The band, founded in 2011, plans to release their debut EP in 2016.

DALRIADA released Áldás

"Áldás" is the new album by DALRIADA out today, and means "Blessing".  I tried to get the tracklist from official source for some times now but without success.

YOMI's debut album for streaming

Debut album "Age of the Gods" by Latvian band YOMI is now entirely available for a listen on the youtube channel of the band.

Ever heard VELIOCASSES ?

Founded 2 years ago, the French folk metal band VELIOCASSES are currently working on their first tracks. 3 of them are already available for free download on Bandcamp.

The tracks titles are the following : Sequana / Tempus / Samonios.

Next year, I may return with them since they are thinking to release their debut album or EP during that time.

GRIMNER tell about De Kom Från Norr EP to Sword Chant

If you follow this site,
you probably know that soon, the Swedish band GRIMNER will release one EP entirely acoustic, entitled "De Kom Från Norr". 
The vikings unveiled in this new interview with Marcus, the tracklist and more related with their forthcoming record. Enjoy !

01. Welcome back, Marcus! He he. Last year, I interviewed you once and now is your second interview for Sword Chant. Are you ok ?
Hi, and thank you! I am very well and really hyped for the band and our current progress. I am happy to do another interview since the last time was great!

News from TRIDDANA

TRIDDANA announced the following:
Dear friends from around the world!  A new era is starting for us. After months of hard work and production, we have chosen what we consider is the best way of carrying on, keeping the spirit of our music intact and holding on to our essence in the purest way.  Juan José Fornes, the band’s guitarist, will from now be the band’s singer as well! Follow the link and listen to this song from our forthcoming album “The Power & the Will”. Hope you enjoy it!  We are thankful to everyone of you for your patience and support!  There'll be more news soon!! Cheers!

YOMI released their debut album

YOMI, the other band from Artiom (VARANG NORD),
released their debut album entitled same as the demo earlier : "Age of the Gods".

Contact the band to purchase your copy.
01.The August Countenance of Amaterasu
03.The Eight-Forked Serpent
05.Slaying the Disobedient
06.The Creation of Inugami
07.The Sacred Scrolls
09.Fearsome Emishi
10.Downfall of the Soga


LOCATION : Aigrefeuille-sur-Maine, France

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Gobrian : lead vocals
Clément : guitar, vocals
Nicolas : guitar
Jordan : bass, keyboards, backing vocals
Quentin : bass
Josselin : drums

VIGRID new single released

VIGRID shared a new single that you can listen here :

NYTT LAND released Hávamál

Nordic ritual folk band NYTT LAND released "Hávamál" album through Crush The Desert Records. You can order the record on Bandcamp.


01. Opnun
02. Gáttir allar
03. Bú er betra
04. Ár skal rísa
05. Frysta
06. Þagalt og hugalt
07. Veit-a hinn
08. Þat er þá reynt
09. Fyrsta Vindur (bonus)
10. RavnFjord (bonus)

OCELON debut album's planned for next year

Spanish Folk Metal band OCELON will start the recordings for their debut album by November. The record is planned for Jaunary / February 2016 but they need some help to make it possible. They started a crowdfunding project which gives you the opportunity to pre-order their upcoming full length.

NIDHOEGGR unveiled details for their debut album

NIDHOEGGR are currently working on their debut album planned for this fall.  The album title is "Nach Der Schlacht". Their single "Sturmwind" is part of the full length.


01. Eure Hoheit
02. Sturmwind
03. Nach der Schlacht
04. Wolfssage
05. Einherjer
06. Schicksal
07. Mittsommer
08. Entfesselt
09. Vergeltung
10. Zeit
11. Jägermeister
12. Weltenbrand

GWAREMM KORRIGED debut album soon

GWAREMM KORRIGED are currently working on their debut album. The Breton title is "Dirak ar Stang" which means "Front of the pond". The tracklist is the following :

01. Intro
02. Korils ar Ploaren
03-Sword Maiden
04. Une nouvelle aurore
05. (Stop dirtying the) Celtic Cross
06. Gazing at the moon
07. Soul of stones
08. Ar stang ha mari morgan

The band is also in the need of new bassist and drummer.
Contact them through their Facebook page if interested.

Holy Massacre, the official video signed UNREST FATALIST

French band UNREST FATALIST made a video for a song taken from their upcoming second album which will be entitled "Rising Anger".

IN EXTREMO boxset released

IN EXTREMO released the boxset made of remastered LP's or CD's for their 20 years anniversary. 
You can purchase the boxset to that link.

HARPYIE new album and video

HARPYIE band launched a new video for "Elisa" song taken from their forthcoming album "Freakshow" to be released on September 18th but available now for pre-order.

The artwork and tracklist are available to this page.

SUS SCROFA are coming back

French black pagan metal band SUS SCROFA founded in 1991 are coming back after a long break, and with a first album entitled "Sinistre Sylve" planned for Autmun.
Below is a teaser.

"Sinistre Sylve is a long march from an ancient land to an ancient land. A naked body, lost and smooth nestled in the semi-obscurity of a pine forest. The fog and the windchill on the heaths of the highest deserts. It's the soul of a vulture god perched on a vertical crest. Animist, rustic, poor and sylvan".

ZRYMGÖLL : Creatures Of The Night single released

The new single "Creatures Of The Night" by ZRYMGÖLL is out now and available for free download. Lyrics for the two tracks of the single are part of the content.

Tracks are :
01. Wood Morning
02. Creatures of the Night

TROLLGASM new single

Australians TROLLGASM released a new single available for free download. "Quest For Honour" is the title of the song featuring Wulfstan, from the band FOREFATHER.

The Prophecy of the Highlands

"The Prophecy of the Highlands" is the title chosen for the upcoming album by STEIGNYR band. This new record will be available from 2016 but you can already have a taste with this teaser :

Until VALLORCH tale is told

VALLORCH unveiled one first track taken from their new album entitled "Our Tale Is Told" which is planned to be released on September 25th. You can listen to the song and pre(order the record on the Bandcamp page of their label. 
Vallorch - Until Our Tale Is Told by Vallorch

The tracklist is the following :

01. Whatever May Befall
02. Until Our Tale Is Told
03. Unspoken Echoes
04. Slèrach
05. Howling Hysteria
06. Khéeran Hòam
07. Crystal Rememberance
08. Tanzerloch (Of Love and Loss)
09. Ais Un Snea
10. Dancing Leaf Overture
11. Carnelian Masquerade

SKYFORGER video for "Melnās buras" song

SKYFORGER unveiled their new official video for the song  "Melnās buras" (The Black Sails) taken from their album "Senprūsija" (Old Prussia) out since April 2015.

The band said : It transports you back into the dark times of the Great Northern War (1700-1721), when the plague reigned over coasts of the Baltic Sea, where it killed about a third of the Prussian population. Unfortunately, it also took the last native speakers of the Old Prussian language and those who still kept the old ways alive. It can be said that after the plague, the Old Prussians had ceased to exist as a nation..

NETHERFELL : New album details and video

Polish band NETHERFELL will release their new album "Between East And West" on October 30th. The album was planned for March within the following title "Między Wschodem a Zachodem" but then, they entitled the record by the English translation.
The band also unveiled a new video for the 9th track of the upcoming release. Below are the video, artwork and tracklist for the new NETHERFELL album :