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Interview with ELIWAGAR

I interviewed Runahild, the ELIWAGAR founder. The interview is about her new album and project.
01. Hi Runahild! You founded ELIWAGAR project on December 28th of 2006 which means the 10 years anniversary will be in two years!! How do you feel ?  That's true, time goes fast. Eliwagar is what I have most precious in life. Music is what saved me from this world I feel I really don't belong to. It's always been a fight to survive amongst others who I share very little with, seeing that nature is just being destroyed and that most people care more for the most meaningless things while what really matters in life is being completely ignored... Music is my way to speak for nature and to represent our roots, it's through music I try to show a way back to a life in harmony with nature, to the inner peace with oneself and with our environment. It's been 8 very creative years so far and I am deeply thankful for everyone who have been supporting through the years and who have …

One second guitar player for IRMINSUL

Swedish band IRMINSUL has a new guitar player and vocalist in their line-up. His name is Jim Kjell.

And I think that it means a lot of things so, welcome Jim on their facebook.

Preview for Świt historii EP by CRONICA

March 9th will be released Świt historii EP by CRONICA. Heres a preview:

FROSTTIDE released "Blood Oath" album

FROSTTIDE released their second album "Blood Oath" available at Napalm records and almost everywhere.
01. Prologue
02. Blood Oath
03. Gates Of The Asylum
04. Fate Redefined
05. Traitor Within
06. Foreshadow
07. New Reign
08. Winds of Winter's Call
09. One Night In Bangkok (Murray Head-Cover)
10. Apache (The Shadows-Cover)

HEIMFARD demo released

HEIMFARD released for free download "A New Beginning" demo:

A New Beginning by Heimfard

FFERYLLT reveals the artwork for "Achanterez" album

This is the artwork for the new album "Achanterez" by FFERYLLT band that I've been pleased to help with Eld project, earlier in 2013 and 2014. I'll remind also the tracklist:


01. Call of the Wild
02. Disciples of War
03. A Sprengisandi
04. The Final Sunrise
05. Black Sails
06. Into Oblivion
07. Defenders of Tanelorn
08. One Stranger's Fate
09. A Missing Page
10. Wolf's Heart
11. Achanterez

New live report online

I've seen live HOPES OF FREEDOM, DRENAÏ, and CRAVING on the Hell Revisited tour of that last at Le Havre, France.
I made one short live report of this live event.

Find also pictures of the show in my Deviantart page, shot with cell... My camera would have been much better... but rather the cell than nothing :)

One new singer for LEMURIA

Last year, Sancti announced in our forum he parted ways with LEMURIA.
Today, the band announces their new vocalist named Wesley.

Expect new songs and gigs soon.

ANCESTRUM interview online

I interviewed the guitar player, founder and composer, Mortem, from the band ANCESTRUM hailing from Argentina.
This interview deals with "Our Heathen Soil", the forthcoming album of the band, for the main.

01. Hi Mortem! ANCESTRUM founded late 2008 and has got several line-up change until now… How did you manage this issue everytime ?
Hi Kissy, well... we've got some pretty tough times with musicians coming and going, specially with drummers. But I formed this band along with vocalist and eventually bassist Asteroth and we are the core of Ancestrum, so the other ones really can come and go and it won't affect the band at all.  In the past we had to cancel some gigs due to some member leaving the band, but we always find a replacement in the end so we can carry on with this journey.

New WILDERUN track revealed

The band revealed the 6th track of their album "Sleep at the Edge of the Earth" to be released early April.

New album by HULDRESLÅT available for pre-order

The upcoming HULDRESLÅT album entitled "Vallfärd och Viljevandring" (Pilgrimage and Will-Wandering) can be pre-ordered to the band' site. More details on the record can be found here.

The next SMUTA album will be for March 2015

Soundage Productions will release "The Way" album by SMUTA on March 10th.

This is a preview of the forhcoming album:

Line-up change in LEŚNE LICHO band

Vocalist Skaldi parted ways with LEŚNE LICHO and is now replaced by Agnieszka; who covered here the nice Swedish Folk song "Herr Mannelig":

THUNDRA is no more...

After four albums released, the band decided to split-up.

They said on facebook:
"This is it. After 17 years, we are sorry to announce that THUNDRA calls it quits. It's been a fun ride, and thanks to everyone who has supported us throught the years, you know who you are. A special thanks to friends and bands we have toured/played/partied with.  SKÅL!!!! \m/"
- Steven, Rune, Harald, Nils, Ruben, Stein

SVARICA released Tira Les EP

Croatian pagan folk band SVARICA released their new EP entitled "Tira Les" that you can order through their facebook page for 8 euros. The band said: The lyrics on this EP are folklore lyrics that reach into the pre-Christian era, and were transmitted from generation to generation for literally thousands of years. And they survived without major damage through all these centuries. They are texts that symbolically, through stories about Ivo and Mara (old slavic deities) and other deities, invoke spring and fertility.

A second album for JUODVARNIS

Lithuanian band JUODVARNIS will release a new album soon!
The band told Sword Chant the following:
We are now mixing it in MuzLab studio in Vilnius, Lithuania. It is going to be a concept album, with one story going through songs like through chapters. This album will be more progressive than our debut. It will have very technical stuff and also very slow and mellow parts, also samples and orchestrations will appear in music. As for our first album, lyrics will be in Lithuanian.

FUROR GALLICO debut album re-released

Somedays ago, Scarlet Records released the second album "Songs from the Earth" by the Italian band FUROR GALLICO and on April 28th, they will re-release the debut S/T album of the band.
You will find on Sword Chant one review of their debut album firstly released in 2010.


LOCATION : Milan, Italy

Status : Split-up
Music : Folk Metal

Edward Marella : vocals
Emanuele Cosmaro : bagpipes, whistles
Ghilli Prati : whistles, Irish bouzouki
Leandro Pessina : whistles
Francesco Giusta : hurdy-gurdy
Andrea Marino : keyboards
Stefano Zocchi : guitar
Andrea Simone : bass

Clamor Silvae

LOCATION : Bari, Italy

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Baronaxe (Brendon Capriotti) : vocals, guitar
Dysie (Glen Dyson) : guitar, vocals
Lord Jim (Jim Parker) : bass, vocals
Oscarius (Ashley Large) : drums
Jesselina (Jesse Millea) : keyboard, vocals

CALICO JACK official video

CALICO JACK made one video for "Grog Jolly Grog" track taken from "Panic In The Harbour" EP released in 2013. This is the "very alcoholic video":

ALTAN - The Widening Gyre album is now released

The new ALTAN album entitled The Widening Gyre, that Sword Chant has been proud to support the crowdfunding of the band's project with free promotion on the forum and website, and reminded more than once through the various social networks pages, can be ordered on Compass records,

SVARTSOT released Vældet album

"Vældet" album (The Spring) is now self-released by the Danish band SVARTSOT together with Nail Records. You can order your copy to the band site.

"One Man Army" album by ENSIFERUM is OUT NOW!

ENSIFERUM released via Metal Blade Records their new album "One Man Army" to the following editions: CD, CD + DVD, 2xLP and CD + T-shirt, or ziphoodie, or women's zipper hoodie. You can purchase the record here or your local store.
01. March of War
02. Axe of Judgement
03. Heathen Horde
04. One Man Army
05. Burden of the Fallen
06. Warrior Without a War
07. Cry For the Earth Bounds
08. Two of Spades

Heathen Throne part III:
09. My Ancestors’ Blood
10. Descendants, Defiance, Domination
11. Neito Pohjolan

Bonus Songs (Digipak &Vinyl)

Second new ELIWAGAR track revealed

ELIWAGAR revealed one second track which will feat. on the upcoming full length.
The tracktitle is "Vanafolk".

VESPERIA enter the studio soon

Next month, VESPERIA will enter the studio to record one EP / Mini CD full of 18-24 minutes about.  Two tracks and one cover will compose this EP entitled  "The Iron Tempest". Find below a preview of the artwork for the upcoming record..
Morgan Rider said:
"We are going to be recording 2 brand new original songs that we have been playing live and in rehearsal for the better part of the last year as well as a special cover song from a well-known piece of Norwegian classical music. We realize that none of us hold much Norwegian heritage, but we really love this piece of music and would love to record our take on it".

DRENAÏ in Bifröst

I couldn't believe to these news when I saw it... which are let's say, originals. : )

DRENAÏ published online a booklet of "Deathwalker" draws to color by you or your children. Here is the link to download it free:

You can also imagine and draw the artwork for the next Drenaï album. ^^

YONDER REALM now part of the Maple Metal Records family

American band YONDER REALM signed a deal with Maple Metal Records. 
MMR re-released "The Old Ways" album on Valentine day, and "Beyond a Long Lost World" EP will be also re-released later in this month.

WILDERUN revealed the tracklist for their new album

WILDERUN band revealed this tracklist available below this new sampler for "Sleep at the Edge of the Earth" album coming out this April 7th.

01. Dust and Crooked Thoughts
02. And So Opens the Earth (Ash Memory Part I)
03. Hope and Shadow (Ash Memory Part II)
04. Bite the Wound (Ash Memory Part III)
05. The Faintest Echo (Ash Memory Part IV)
06. The Garden of Fire
07. Linger
08. The Means To Preserve
09. Sleep at the Edge of the Earth

KONUNGAR released their first demo

From now can be ordered by email to the band and for 6 euros (add shipping) "First Blood" demo by the French band KONUNGAR. Special pack is for 12 euros as you can see on the picture.
Last year, I shared on this website the streaming for this demo, with more details regarding this tracklist and demo:
01. Last Battle
02. Fury From The North
03. Tons Of Beer
04. About Crucifixion
05. Springfest

BERGSVRIDEN released their debut album

The band BERGSVRIDEN released their debut album entitled "I Vitterhetens Becksvarta Gömmen".
01. Den Bergsvridnes ankomst
02. Vinterfader
03. Tordöntrummans slag
05. Skuggor
05. Häxans kylande viskning
06. Jag ska äta dig
07. Skogsfest (TROLLFEST cover)

You can listen to the entire album through this article. :)

Songs 2015 from FUROR GALLICO

FUROR GALLICO released their second full length entitled "Songs from the Earth" under the flag of Scarlet Records.
You can purchase your digital copy on the Bandcamp page of the label, or physical release, - with T-shirt or not - to the band store,
"Songs from the Earth" album is also available on Spotify.

IMMORGON parts ways with their drummer

David Blay, the IMMORGON drummer, has taken the decision to leave the band.

These are his words:
"Greetings everybody, I'm David Blay, the drummer. Due to personal reasons I'm deeply sorry to announce that its no longer possible for me to stay with immorgon, a band which is giving their best and for whom I desire to be known all over the world. It's been a great year in which I gave my musical part to you all and I'm very happy of having shared many things with these three guys who are more than more than just musicians to me, as they are friends. I wish best of luck to everybody and a Metal future!"

VARANG NORD new album

VARANG NORD are currently working on their next full length. The record is planned to be released for this year.

SOLA NORR, our winner band

The young French band founded in 2013, SOLA NORR, won the second folk metal bands battle of Sword Chant for this year of 2015. Congratulations to them!
Together with YOMI band, they faced one against the other,  and gave us one great show
The six members from SOLA NORR are currently working on new materials. 
Have a listen to "The Traveller" and "Carcass of Ship" songs, available on the bandpage - if you didn't already.

ZRYMGÖLL are recording a new single

ZRYMGÖLL band are currently recording a new single entitled "Creatures of the Night" that is also the first tracktitle while the second song is entitled "Wood" Morning.
This single will be available for free download.

ELD : SCYTHIA European tour cancelled

The European SCYTHIA tour initially planned for 2014 is obviously cancelled. The band told me it was a bit delayed due to personal reasons but I had to wait one fine moment to say it here. Now I noticed their next tour in America. So yes, this is "delayed" to another time and so, in one word: cancelled! As you know, I publish on my work done here even cancelled, I'd be pleased to work with SCYTHIA again for another tour later.

GANAIM released their debut album

German Celtic Folk band GANAIM released their first record entitled "Ceol ón Mhuileann", One video is also online:

Below are the artwork and tracklist for this debut album,


LOCATION : Toulouse, Midi-Pyrénées, France

Status : Active
Music : Pirate Folk / Rock

Colin : keyboards, fiddle, backing vocals
Corentin : electric guitar, backing vocals
Jérémy : bass
Mathieu : vocals, tin whistle, mandolin, bagpipes
Richard : drums, backing vocals

Past member :
Boris : bass

Teaser for the new WILDERUN

WILDERUN will release "Sleep at the Edge of the Earth" on April 7th  Heres a teaser:

SELVANS debut EP is out now!

SELVANS released their first EP entitled "Clangores Plenilunio" available for 7 euros on Avantgarde Music. Reminder of the artwork and tracklist:

01. Lupercale
02. Clangores Plenilunio
03. Prologue
04. ...In The Woods (In The Woods... cover)
05. Epilogue

LAPPALAINEN released Kraken's Awakening

"Kraken's Awakening" is the name for the debut album by LAPPALAINEN, and that last can be ordered for 10 euros + 2 euros for shipping. Contact the band to get your copy.

Blood Oath album trailer by FROSTTIDE

February 27th will be released the new FROSTTIDE album "Blood Oath".You can find details here, and one single together with pre-order link over there
Today, the band shared the official trailer for "Blood Oath" album:

Winter Rage feat. in this new HEIDEVOLK video

The band HEIDEVOLK shared one first track "Winter Woede" (it means Winter Rage) taken from their upcoming album entitled "Velua" to be released in March.

This track is one new official video available here :

SVERDKAMP new single released

SVERDKAMP released a new single entitled "Skomakarnibbå" and available for free download during February 2015.
Skomakarnibbå (Shoemakers Peak) is the name of that mountain peak viewable in the picture below. It got its name from a shoemaker who died there hundreds of years ago. The song is about the story behind.
You can listen and get it here: Skomakarnibbå by Sverdkamp

This is the first FJORSVARTNIR video

FJORSVARTNIR released their first official video on youtube which is for one song taken from the upcoming album "Mzoraxc's forbandelse".
The song is entitled "Nordens genopstandelse" and heres the video:

TENGGER CAVALRY are re-recording their demo album

Metal Hell Records shared the following TENGGER CAVALRY news on their website:
Beijing / NYC – Mongolian folk metal band TENGGER CAVALRY is re-recording their demo album Blood Sacrifice Shaman with all new folk instrumentation for official worldwide release on Metal Hell Records in 2015. Currently all principal recordings have been completed and the album will soon enter the post production & mixing stage.  The title, concept and artwork of this album reflects the philosophy of ancient shamanism. Shamanism is the earliest religion in human history, which exalts nature, the grassland, forest and animals. A shaman is a person with the wisdom to understand nature, they could travel to the heavens to communicate with the gods of the wild. Blood sacrifice is one of the most primal forms of sacrifice, with the offering an animal’s blood to the sky father to show veneration.

The upcoming single by SLANE

March 20th of 2015 will be released the first single "Insomnia" by SLANE.  This is the artwork (by Luigiht) :
Adam Csete (DALRIADA) plays flute and pipes on this single.
"Insomnia" will be available in digital and physical versions. The band is also working on their debut album.

Artwork and release dates for the new KORPIKLAANI album

Nuclear Blast revealed the artwork for the upcoming 'Klaani album planned to be released on May 01 (EU), May 04 (UK) and May 05 (US):

You can already pre-order "Noita" album in CD, black or blue vinyls formats passing by their webshop.

Last Domain by VORGRUM is released

VORGRUM released their debut album entitled "Last Domain" in digital for now.  Physical version will come later.
You can purchase "Last Domain" for $9 on the VORGRUM Bandcamp page.


This year will be the second album by BOISSON DIVINE. The record will be composed of nine tracks which deal with History and drinks. 

Tracks there will be more epic and longer than the ones on the first record "Enradigats". The length of the record is about 45 minutes.

Some change in the LES ALABRES line up

Three good news regarding LES ALABRES:

- The first is nobody leaves the band! :D
- The second is they have a second guitar player named Steph now
- The third is they have a second drummer! His name is Krout and will play drums when Tom, the first drummer, will be unavailable -  and will do backing vocals when availability will be for Tom.

HAGBARD released "Tales of Frost and Flames" EP

Today is the day for the new HAGBARD's EP "Tales of Frost and Flames" now released.

01. Intro
02. Cursed Dwarf
03. War for the Dawn
04. Stormborn Queen
05. High as Honor

You can purchase it by email to the band for 5$ or 4€ + shipping.

BALDRS DRAUMAR: Tracklist revealed for "Aldgillissoan" album

April 18th will be released the new BALDRS DRAUMAR album entitled "Aldgillissoan", as you may know.

Today, the band revealed me the tracklist for
their upcoming album full of 12 tracks:

02.Koppen yn ‘e mist
03.Wolvetiid [ video ]
05.Yn ‘e meahal
06.In skym yn it tsjuster [ video ]
08.By Ty en Thuner
09.Hel as Himel
10.Stoarm oer de Streamen
11.Ûnder it Skyld
12.Hadagrims Fertriet

SERPENTYNE presents their new video: "Freya's Firedance"

This is SERPENTYNE's new video for the 8th track of the album 'Myths and Muses':

Nature (TENGGER CAVALRY) performing with NYU orchestra

Nature from TENGGER CAVALRY performs Morin khuur & throat singing  in this video with the NY University Symphony Orchestra and Jazz group in New York, USA.

Forum about Mythology & Medieval Era

Our old forum related with Mythology, Medieval culture and events is back under one shorter name: "Mythology & Medieval Era".

I included some rules over there and many topics removed but not erased. Either they will appear again, either they will be created again.
This forum is designed for Education; the one of Medieval History, and Mythology.
This part is for all the enthusiasts.
The upcoming Medieval festivals taking place in your country can be shared in one specific thread over there. These medieval events will appear on our Folk & Medieval Events calendar then. 
Lately, I updated this calendar regarding medieval events:
Pagan / Celtic / Medieval Folk bands concerned by Medieval events (like Olam ein sof) or Folk tour can always use the Excel file designed for concerts. Ask for it if your band doesn't have this useful file.
Have a nice week-end!

HERCUNIA first demo on youtube

The young Italian band HERCUNIA founded in 2013 shared for streaming their very first demo,

CRUACHAN Official video

CRUACHAN revealed their official video for Blood for the Blood God taken from the s/t album, within some explanations related with on the video page: "The narrative shows the grim and selfless task taken by the Chieftan of a Gaelic village to sacrifice his own first born child to the Blood God known as Crom Cruach. By appeasing the God in this way he hopes to restore glory and fortune to his clan. His wife must accompany him on this journey and partake in the ritual of sacrifice despite the obvious pain it is causing both of them.."
The video can be found on their channel.

One new path for BARLOVENTOS

BARLOVENTOS made a new official video dedicated to one new song which will be available on their second album entitled "La Senda Eterica" (The Etheric Path) planned for this year.
The band from Argentina told me that we can expect more power and speed on this record and said "we focus on various styles of folk , from the Norse, the Arab, the Celtic and even perhaps beyond the odd tango... but still have to define..."