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Folk Metal news of the week!

I talked about twins known by their music videos in my previous entry, so stay in that topic for a moment.


- AKYRVIRON released the official video for their track Celestial Return.
- "Vision of the Condor" video by TIERRAMYSTICA is available on the web.
- New DEMOTERION track online!


- These days, CELTIBEERIAN are recording their second album.

The Harp Twins plan to release their very first cd!

Camille and Kennerly Kitt are two talented harpists from the USA, also named "The harp Twins". Many listeners know them from their music videos shared on the web, covering rock, metal bands, video games.. 

Nowadays and after big demands, the twins plan to release before the end of the year, their very first cd to please their fans. The cd will be one compilation made of 14 tracks of rock and metal songs. 11x17 posters will be included with the compilation.

Sword Chant Forum is down for maintenance!

I expected to publish one interview before to do it but I guess the band is too busy for now...
Remember sometimes ago, I announced that I'll close the forum for some days and so, this time has come.
As previously said, I'll change the design there. I'll do my best to keep the sharing of the bands news on the other pages of Sword Chant, including this website and, if the interview comes to me, I'll share it here as well. Obviously, bands battle won't be for this month.

LES ALABRES EP is out now!

The EP is entitled "Blanche Biche". We can translate it by "White Deer".  The French band LES ALABRES made five tracks for their EP and this is the tracklist with my translations:
01. Tout aux Tavernes et aux Filles (All To Caves and Girls)
02. Le Prince d'Orange (The Orange Prince)
03. Blanche Biche (White Deer)
04. Testament de Guerre (War Testament)
05. Ah que nos pères (Our Fathers)

Ol' Jolly Roger

LOCATION : Sétubal, Portugal

Status : Split-up
Music : Folk Metal

André Lúcio ''captain Lucius'' : vocals
Luis Coordeiro ''Fossil'' : bass
Ruben Goncalves ''lixívia'' : drums
Pedro Rapouso : keyboard
Vitor Silva ''Arrasa'' : guitar

Tomorrow, you could purchase the new IN EXTREMO!

This one is entitled "Kunstraub".
Let me show you the looking of the new IN EXTREMO album:


Fejd, Månegarm, Saltatio Mortis, and more for free download

The label NAPALM RECORDS made one zip file for the "Best Of Festival Season 2013" including tracks from Fejd, Månegarm and more... The file is available for free download on their facebook page.


One month active...

...And 3570 views for the new site of Sword Chant!

I don't know your opinion on that number but it sounds rather good to me. :) Thank you all very much for following Sword Chant!
I take that opportunity to remind a tutorial on the different options to follow us. 

Everyone can be a member of our forum and, create and discuss topics with the other registered users; and/or join the Google+, Youtube, Twitter, or Facebook pages of Sword Chant. Look at that page to learn more about us.

The ELDIARN debut album is released now!

Today is the release date for "Кабаньей тропой", the first ELDIARN album. You can translate the album title by "Along the wild boar's trail".


01. Intro
02. The Song of chainless Winds
03. The Blacksmith
04. Konung Svein
05. Skel!
06. Flush of a dawn
07. Beer
08. Master of the Wind
09. Bring Odin a drink
10. The Funeral of Jarl
11. Along the wild boar's trail (Outro)

You can purchase the album (150RUB / 4€) by contacting the band in Vkontakte, but also at their live events.

From this week-end, "Кабаньей тропой" will be for free download on their official page.


LOCATION : Helsinki, Finland

Status : Active
Music : Metal

Susanna Vesilahti : vocals
Harri Hautala : guitar, synth
Jari Hautala : guitar
Teemu Vähäkangas : bass
Jukka Hantula : drums

Folk Metal news of the week!


The Pirate metal band SANDOO covered the known song "Face à la mer" (let's translate it by "in front of the sea") initially made by the duo Calogero / Passi... The SANDOO version is called "Face à la Bière" (front of the beer).

Camille & Kennerly


Status : Active
Music : Harp

Camille : harp
Kennerly : harp

Camille and Kennerly Kitt, also called "The harp Twins", are two talented harpists from the USA covering music from video games to metal bands while they studied classical. The Harp Twins perform on identical statuesque acoustic Concert Grand Harps as well as identical modern ebony Electric Harps.

This new Equinox means the new Percival Schuttenbach's out

the new PERCIVAL SCHUTTENBACH album was released today.

To celebrate this Autumn Equinox,
the band shared the full album on youtube.

From Tuatha De Danann to Kernunna

Before the recent return of the great TUATHA DE DANANN, the band members made their path: Rodrigo Abreu, Bruno & Edgar founded KERNUNNA with some other folks and Rodrigo Berne, Felipe and Giovanni founded TRAY OF GIFT, and made a first album with it, last year. 
By the way,  now the TUATHA DE DANANN are back, expect one new album in 2014! :)
September 19th of 2013,  KERNUNNA released their album entitled "The Seim A New". I didn't tell here before because I wanted it confirmed by the band since I couldn't see recent entry about by them. The band confirmed me last night. 
So, this is KERNUNNA:


Today, the band CLANNAD released their new album entitled 'Nádúr'.


LOCATION : Prague, Czech Republic

Status : Active
Music : Black Metal

Alexey "WelicoRuss" Boganov : vocals, lead guitar
Gojko Marić : guitar
Dmitriy Zhikharevich : bass
Artiller : drums

The Traucoholik album "Kalku" is out now!

The wait is over! And from now, you can purchase the TRAUCOHOLIK album so called "Kalku". This is the artwork:

"Kalku" is that powerful warlock user of black magic.

The new Týr and Mael Mordha are out now!

Find here details on the new Týr album entitled "Valkyrja", with the artwork, tracklist, and their new official video:

The winner band of our 56th bands battle

Bands selected this month by our community for the bands battle were MALADECIA, SANDOO, CRAVING, HOPES OF FREEDOM, NETHERFELL and KYLFINGAR.

Sadly, SANDOO didn't respect our rules,  forcing me to ban them from the battle. 
So, KYLFINGAR is the winner band of this battle! My hearty congratulations, KYLFINGAR!
Founded in Hungary during 2012,
They started with covers like Ensiferum, Finntroll...

And then, KYLFINGAR evolved fine. Now, they compose their own songs about History, Mythology..
Learn more to that link

Jonne Järvelä (Korpiklaani) is working on his solo project.

The shaman frontman from the band KORPIKLAANI, Jonne Järvelä,  is currently working on his solo project.

The project is oriented Pagan Folk & one album will see the daylight in 2014! Many famous guests will feat. on that album.
One topic is opened in our forum for the fans.


LOCATION : Teramo (TE), Italy

Status : Split-up
Music : Folk Metal

Alen ''Barbas'' Foglia : guitars, vocals, bass, keyboard

Past members :
Gianmarco Bandinelli : lead guitars
Cristian ''Asgarðr'' Sacchetti : bass
Jacopo ''Skáld'' Pellicciotti : bagpipes, keyboards
Marco "Signifer" Berrettoni : drums
Riccardo ''Embratur'' Litta : lead vocals
Enrico Maria "Ferens Lucem" Laudi : bass
Pierpaolo "Cinghialotto" Saccomandi : keyboards

What means Friday 13th of 2013, for you?

That day of September means for us the Free download day of the new NEKROGOBLIKON entitled "Power"!


1. Friends (in Space)
2. Nothing but Crickets
3. Powercore
4. Bells & Whistles
5. Giraffe

"Power" is available for free
only today until 9 PM.(US time)

Now left to know what will NEKROGOBLIKON plan for that other friday 13th in december 2013?

New songs, new albums, and news...


- One more to remember...
Sadly, the Belgian VALGARD disbanded...
- Soon, they will return:
The band ELDENSKY will come back with new material once their studio problem will be no more.MAGLOR will return as well.

Forged in flame

"Forged in flame" is the new album by CLAIM THE THRONE. 

I. Ravagelands II. The World Grows Dull III. A Grand Destruction IV. Zephyrus V. In The Mist VI. Forged In Flame VII. Serpent And The Star VIII. Incursion IX. At The Ocean’s Edge X. Essence Of A Scorched Realm XI. Gloryfeast XII. Darkened Seas Collide XIII. In Blood Be Sworn XIV. Chronicle
Some choices are opened to you to order the album:

100% Folk!

I have written here that the next interview will open the two closed forums for reviews and interviews. That waiting time is over now.

Indeed.  Before they go on tour, I interviewed the band HEATHEN FORAY about their new album entitled "Inner Force". The interview is available to that link.
The reviews and interviews forums,  now become bigger in the sense it will deal also with Celtic / Nordic / Trad. / Medieval / Pagan Folk bands, in addition to the Folk Metal ones.
I know some members in Folk Metal bands, registered or not in our forums, play also Folk Music in other band. Some may be part of pipes band or other. This may be seen also as a reminder of the Folk side of Sword Chant.

HEATHEN FORAY interview online

I interviewed Robert from HEATHEN FORAY, also known as "Nikar" in the forum. The interview deals with their new album "Inner Force" for the main.
01. Hi Robert! You are about to promote your new album "Inner Force" with a tour in somedays, Are you ready ? Ready? No. Far more than that! Right now I am burning! I want to go on stage!

02. What do you expect from that tour ? I really hope that we can give the audience a good time. And I want to see a little bit more of this world. It will be the first time for HEATHEN FORAY to perform in the Czech Republic and i'm very curious about the Czechs. And the Pivo!

Going to adventure!

Some may know that Münggu, from the metal band EXCELSIS, is also into some projects, and one of them is a Celtic Folk project called SchtiereGring
These days, Münggu has gone to adventure to record his album entitled Abentüürer (Adventurer). The material will be ready for the end of the year, or the next year and then, we, listeners could go to adventure, with SchtiereGring!

Some news regarding Sword Chant

This morning, I made a tutorial available in the forum. The tutorial shows all the options opened to you following this website. This is the link.
Yesterday and today afternoon, I worked on the two closed forums about reviews and inteviews. See how active is your admin :) Both forums are ready now but I'll open them two when one interview will be ready.
I sent one interview to one band on Thor's day and I am ready for one more. Contact me if your band wants to be interviewed. The first interview ready to be shared will be the opening of the two forums.

Drenaï and AfterGod demos now released!

Today, AfterGod released their demo entitled "The Honourable Way". Leonardo Dalla from VALLORCH appears as guest on the song "Para Bellum". Heres the artwork and tracklist:

1. Old Viking’s March 2. We Ride 3. Para Bellum 4. Waning Moon

Below, you can listen to the demo:


Today, TANZWUT released their new album so called "Höllenfahrt". This is the artwork and tracklist:
01. Höllenfahrt 02. Das Gerücht 03. Die Ruhe vor dem Sturm 04. Schwarzer Engel 05. Niemand weiß 06. Die letzten Tage 07. Heimatlos 08. Der Himmel brennt 09. Zieh Dich aus 10. Das Elixier 11. Kein Blick zurück 12. Hymnus Cerberi

The new DELION and HEATHEN FORAY cd's available now!

Since august 12th, the demo so called "The Beginning" by DELION is available for free download via Soundcloud. Today, the CD version is released!


1. The Beginning
2. An Unknown Recruit
3. Drink Or Die
4. A Journey Through The Elements
5. A Long Forgotten Anger
6. Dragonborn (Skyrim Cover)

How to buy your copy? Contact the band.

One new forum was born

As you may know, I am always working on Sword Chant Forum.

I made a new forum, for interviews this time. That forum is closed for now so it means you can't read the interviews done for Sword Chant because I moved them into that new forum.
As for the reviews, that part will evolve too!
I plan to open the new forum with one upcoming interview.


That's with sadness I have to announce SANDOO is out of our bands battle.
The band didn't read well the rules, nor the goal of the game; and it seems there was inner communication conflict. I explained publicly in their official facebook page once and then, in private mode later but things weren't repared, always. The listeners couldn't follow the right informations then. Therefore, I've been forced to throw 'em out of the current bands battle...

The upcoming releases

Some cd's are about to see the daylight during September.
For now, the planned releases are the following;

02/03 - Turisas - Turisas2013 (UK/America)
04 - Krampus - Paralysis (single) [ Free download ]
06 - Heathen Foray - Inner Force
06 - Tanzwut - Höllenfahrt
07 - AfterGod - The Honourable Way (demo)
07 - Drenaï - Demo 2013
09 - Winterhym - Huntsman (single)
11 - Claim The Throne - Forged in Flame
16 - Mael Mordha - Damned When Dead
17 - Týr - Valkyrja

The time for change is now!

Sword Chant Forum was born in november 2007. So much things done since that time. I feel rather proud of its evolution, helping bands and so on. Like Folk Metal, Sword Chant is strong and it will become stronger, again. 
The time of a new change started with the recent Sword Chant TV for more bands promotion and then, this new website appeared lately while the other social networks pages of Sword Chant will be kept. 
And yes, I am the only one running them all but Sword Chant isn't only my website, it is also yours. I want to thank our community and the oldest member, Kjartan (who's into photo & design), for their help and to believe in Sword Chant, but also the bands for their trust.
These days, I worked a lot on this website and our forum. 
I removed the portal of the forum and the "home" button now links you to here when you select that last. The words from that page are now available here. Since we all support music, you could find the labels from that delet…

56th bands battle

The new battle is online and for 2 weeks, as always. The goal of this game is promotional. You may discover some folk metal bands so, listen to them all before to select one. :)
The lucky fighters are:


Members of the forum like guests can vote for their favorite band in the current battle! The event takes place here.

Have fun!