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A new title for the new MONGOL album!

The Canadian band MONGOL changed the title for their new album to come out this July 2014. This record is entitled "Chosen by Tengri", and not "Storming the Wall" as it was initially planned. You can go to Wikipedia to find details about Tengri.

TRACKLIST : 01. Clans Carve the Way 02. Chosen by Tengri 03. Subutai 04. The Last Ride of the Merkits 05. Scourge of the East 06. Storming the Wall 07. Glory of the Khan 08. Whispering Winds

10 years ago, FINNTROLL released Nattfödd

FINNTROLL wants to celebrate their glorious album "Nattfödd" with a special tour in Europe.

Now you can purchase the MORTAL ADULLOUIS EP

The Black pagan metal band MORTAL ADULLOUIS from Indonesia now released their EP composed of 6 tracks. The EP is entitled "Battlehymn From The Asgard Thrones".

01. A Dungeon Flames
02. Arms Of Azazel
03. Arising The Black Lights
04. Battlehymn From The Asgard Thrones
05. Survived Paganism
06. Ending

Yav album by ARKONA is now released!

Today, Napalm records released the new album by the talented ARKONAfrom Russia.

The album entited "Yav" is also in Deluxe boxset (limited to 500 copies) You will find below all the content of this new record.

STEIGNYR EP available for streaming on Sword Chant TV!

The Spanish band STEIGNYR will release in May their very first EP entitled "The Legend".
The story of this record deals with warriors fighting for freedom, and they destroy those who want to kill humanity.
The band has shared the full EP for streaming online :

MÅNEGARM live in Brazil!

MÅNEGARM will play in Brazil @ THORHAMMERFEST in one year and will share the stage with SCYTHIA, HAGBARD, ARANDU ARAKUAA and RED SUNLIGHT
This is the flyer :

ELIWAGAR S/T album out now!

Yesterday, the Pagan band ELIWAGAR released their self-titled album "Eliwagar". The following tracks complete the new record :

The TROBAR album is OUT NOW!

"Charivari" is the title found by TROBAR for their new record.

01. L'Aube de Tous les Diables
02. Troubadours
03. Charivari
04. Le Sacrifice
05. Le Bosquet
06. Ivresse, Notre Déesse
07. Tyran
08. Dans un Autre Monde
09. Neuf Orteils et Dix Sous
10. Noctambule
11. À L'Ombre du Chêne
12. Pactés À Mort

Have a listen passing by their Bandcamp page.

"Reino de Cramfer" album by OLAM EIN SOF is released!

The fourth album by the Folk band OLAM EIN SOF is entitled "Reino de Cramfer" (Cram for Marc - and Fer for Fernanda - alias the two band members^^).

The new kitten looks like this :

"Earth Warrior" album by OMNIA is available now!

Available...Yes, but not everywhere because
the official release date is settled for April 25th.

However, you can already purchase your copy to the official webshop of the band or their live shows.
01. Weltschmerz
02. Earth Warrior
03. Babu Bawu
04. Kokopelli
05. Crazy Man
06. Triceltika
07. Epona
08. Black House
09. Mutant Monkey
10. Cernunnos
11. Noodle the Poodle
12. Call me Satan
13. Free Bird Fly
14. Lament for a Blackbird

The following guests musicians are on the new record :

KOENIX album "Im Fluss" out now!

KOENIX band from Switzerland released their new album entitled "Im Fluss".
You can order to their website.


01. Quelle (Spring)
02. Bärgfrüelig (Mountain’s Springtime)
03. Leine los! (Cast off!)
04. Wildwassertanz (The wild water’s dance)
05. Dr Pfyffer vom Galgehubel (The Piper from Gallows Hill) *
06. Meandertal (Meandering Valley)
07. Loreley
08. Arkadia
09. Bi de Fahrende
10. Voll verhudlet
11. Sturm (Storm)
12. Mönschetröim (Human dreams)
13. Stärnemeer (Sea Of Stars)
14. Im Fluss (In the River)
15. Hårgalåten (bonus track)

*The original Swedish track is entitled "Hårgalåten".


LOCATION : Buenos Aires, Argentina

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Lian Gerbino (ex-Tengwar) : vocals, guitar (incl. DADGAD celtic tuning), bodhran
Franco Robert : keyboards, piano, accordion
Camilo Torrado : bass
Andres Gualco : drums


LOCATION : Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Status : Split-up
Music : Folk Music

Patrick Lieffers : didgeridoo and percussion
Anouk Platenkamp : harp
Rusmir "Oz" Hadziarapovic : bodhran, percussion, whistles and vocals
Olaf Borsboom : violin, vocals

Past member :
Jerina Welgraven : clarinet, whistles

Anouk Platenkamp & Jerina Welgraven founded Faerydae back in 2008. The name means "the gift of the faeries". October 2014 means the end for this band inspired by Celtic and world music.

Demo 2010
Changeling, album 2012


Contact : N/A

Tourbiere Festival 2014

SWORD CHANT is proud to support the TOURBIERE FESTIVAL 2014!

April 26th will be the second edition for this Folk Metal event located between Strasbourg & Saverne. It will take place at La Charrue, in Marmoutier, (Bas-Rhin) Alsace 67440, France.
These great bands will take part in the event :


Tales of DRAUGÛL

The Viking/Black Metal band DRAUGÛL confirmed me just now their album "Tales of Loot and Plunder" is now out and released since March 28th.


01. Furore Normanorum II
02. Plundering Ilkolmkil
03. Dubh Linn
04. Lodbrok
05. Från Sfärerna Av Asgard
06. The Conquest of Jòrvik
07. Vengeance for Faith Renounced
08. Anno domini 991
09. Svoldr
10. Hardrada

Bonus Track :
11. King of a Stellar War (Rotting Christ cover)