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Heathen Foray

LOCATION : Graz, Styria, Austria

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Robert Schroll (Alphayn) : vocals
Jürgen Brüder : guitars
Alexander Wildinger : guitars
Markus Wildinger : bass
Markus Kügerl : drums

Past members :
Bernd S. Zahn : guitars
Franz Löchinger : drums

Heathen Foray is Austrian band created in 2005. Music of the band can be described as viking metal connected with folk and melodic death metal influences.

Forest, demo 2007
The Passage, album 2009
Armored Bards, album 2010
Inner Force, album 2013 [ details ] [ lyrics ]
Into Battle, album 2015 [ details ]



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Percival Schuttenbach

LOCATION : Lubin, Poland

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Mikołaj Rybacki : guitars, mandoline, saz (lute), darabuka, vocals
Katarzyna Bromirska : cello, double bass, accordion, flutes
Joanna Lacher : davul, bodhrán, vocals
Marcin Frąckowiak : bass
Andrzej Mikityn : drums
Christina Bogdanova : keyboards, vocals


LOCATION : Manchester, England

Status : On hold
Music : Folk Metal

Coll Féchin. : vocals, whistle, mandola
Atticus. : guitar, vocals, mandolin, melodeon
Jorund. : guitar
Scåpa. : drums
Idris Fawr : bass

Past members :
Andrew Nixon-Corfield : bass

Andraste started with Coll and Jorund colliding in the moshpit at Paganfest 08... and an outpouring of pent-up folk and metal tunes soon followed. Atticus got wind of this through a mutual friend and brought in a second lead guitar, vocals, mandolin and melodeon; and dragged in Scåpa on drums and vocals, who in turn roused the dormant bassist, Idris. The Goddess arose...
Their music rooted in both traditional British folk and various forms of extreme metal as their lyrics focus all over the British Isles and Europe, especially from the celtic and viking North. Some examples with tracks from the demos : 'Sheild Ring' and 'Honour' are both based on the story of a Cumbrian rebel army battling on in Buttermere after…