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WAGAKKI BAND video for "Akatsuki-no-Ito"

WAGAKKI BAND revealed their new video for the song "Akatsuki-no-Ito" taken from their coming album "Yasou-emaki" to be released by September. Find all album details to this page

DRAKUM : Trollmin tracklist

DRAKUM revealed the tracklist for their EP "Trollmin" which will be released this September 10th :

01. Introll
02. Wall Of Deadly Trolls
03. Magic Potion Of The Evil Jester
04. Troll Recipe
05. Drunk Troll
06. Outroll

ALESTORM new video

ALESTORM made a new video for their song "Magnetic North" taken from "Sunset on the Golden Age" album released last year.

MERKFOLK bringers

"The Folk Bringer" EP by MERKFOLK is out now. You can get it by contacting the band, or Art of the Night Productions, their label. Find the tracklist here.

MIDVINTERBLOT released Gryning EP

MIDVINTERBLOT released their EP entitled "Gryning" which can be purchased to this page.

01. Gryning
02. The Feast
03. Spell Of Night
04. Under The Barrel
05. Demise

MYRKVEDR on hold...

Sad news for MYRKVEDR fans,

The  band goes on indefinite hold. Thurisaz and the rest of Myrkvedr said :

Dear fans.  We have decided to put Myrkvedr on hold indefinitely. Time will tell if we ever play together again.  We've lost our will to drive this project any longer so we will end it here before it drains us further.  Hagal will spend his time on his newborn baby, Sumbl will continue on with his other band Falkhan and myself and Rok will be starting to look for other bands to join.
It has been a fun and exciting 5 years overall, and we hope you've enjoyed the ride as well, catch you on the flip-side!

DRAKUM : Trollmin artwork

Today, Spanish band DRAKUM unveiled the artwork  for their EP entitled "Trollmin" coming out this September 10th :

DAËNA's legends

French folk metal band DAËNA is currently working on one upcoming demo entitled "Légendes" and planned for the end of this year or debut 2016.
01. Winterfrost (intro)
02. Fier et Conquérant
03. Hargaentroll
04. Skal (instrumental)
05. Terre Sauvage
06. Luor

Whisky song video by DRAKUM

Spanish band DRAKUM made a new video from pictures recorded during their show at Devil fest (25/04/2015) in their country. The song is taken frm their debut album out now.

METHYSOS video online

The band from Cyprus, METHYSOS, revealed their first official video for the song "Drink Loud, Drink Proud" which will be part of their upcoming album.

RAGNARÖEK released Dornig

Dornig by RAGNARÖEK is now available. You can purchase it @ Trollzorn.

01. Man(n) liebt Dich
02. Irrenhaus
03. Schach
04. Alles dreht sich
05. Mann
06. Schattengold
07. Seelenjagt
08. Herzlos
09. Dornig
10. Drei Wege
11. Hungrig
12. Trinkfest 5-4-3-2-1
13. Gevadder
14. Gevadder Remix (Bonus)

Tracklist for "Gryning" EP by MIDVINTERBLOT

The Swedish band now revealed the tracklist for "Gryning", their EP coming out this July 24th as Digipack and free download. The tracks are the following :

01. Gryning
02. The Feast
03. Spell Of Night
04. Under The Barrel
05. Demise

Preview of the forthcoming VERSENGOLD album

July 31st is  the release date for  the new VERSENGOLD album  entitled "Zeitlos". 
Find a preview for that record here : 

Let's party with CELTIBEERIAN

CELTIBEERIAN revealed their new video for "The Booze Song" taken from their last album to date "Keltorevolution".


MIDVINTERBLOT will release their first EP entitled "Gryning" on July 24th.  Below is the artwork :

PIMEÄ METSÄ Official video

PIMEÄ METSÄ published their new video for the song "The Wolves' Rebellion" taken from their debut album "Legacy of the Heathen North".

The next album by BOISSON DIVINE

BOISSON DIVINE are working hard on their second album entitled "Volentat" ("Will" in English). Music is recorded, half of the vocals too.
The new album will be much longer than their debut CD with its 45 minutes length which includes four songs that overpassed 5 minutes while the length of the ending track is near 10 minutes.
The band said to Sword Chant : We took the time to develop our melodies and ambiences. There's a great instrument diversity. We can hear our lovely "boha" of course but we added whistle, mandolin, accordion, hurdy-gurdy, great Highland bagpipes, trumpet and euphonium. We have kept the essence of our sound : catchiness, energy, power and melody but there's some new elements. We can hear a military-close introduction, a waltz, a disco-close rythm, some extend acoustic guitar parts and even an oriental influence.  The lyrics won't be French but Gascon, and includes many choirs. They deal with the King of a traditional carnav…

FIMBULTYR album and single coming soon!

FIMBULTYR band will release the new "Oförgätlig Erinran" single and video on July 31st. The song is taken from their upcoming album "Niddikter". Find the track listing for "Niddikter" here.

VALKENRAG debut album

Now VALKENRAG are under the flag of Art of the Night Productions, the band will release their debut album "Twilight of Blood and Flesh” by September.

SALTATIO MORTIS - Wir sind Papst (Lyrics Video)

Above is the "Wir sind Papst" video with lyrics by SALTATIO MORTIS. The song is taken from their forthcoming album "Zirkus Zeitgeist". Find a preview of the record here.

MERKFOLK : The Folk Bringer

Polish band MERKFOLK will release their debut album in July 2015.
Their record is entitled "The Folk Bringer" and will be available from July 14th at band shows and 26th worldwide through Art of the Night Productions.
You'll find in this tracklist, two songs from MERKFOLK’s debut EP but changed tracks.
Find the tracklist below :

VESPERIA released The Iron Tempest EP

The Iron Tempest EP by VESPERIA is out now.
You can get your copy on Bandcamp.

01. The Western Tempests
02. Iron Saga
03. In the Hall of the Mountain King

DRAKUM's next work

The follow up of the debut DRAKUM album "Torches will rise again" will be their first EP entitled "Trollmin".  The band said :  "Trollmin" is a concept album about the story of a clan of mountain trolls determined to kill a human settlement. The title is inspired by the town of Tolmin (Slovenia) where we have spent great moments and lived fun experiences after our participation in the first two editions of MetalDays festival.


Here is the title track of the first LAPPALAINEN album "Kraken's Awakening" :

FFERYLLT : Call Of The Wild video online!

FFERYLLT band unveiled their new video "Call Of The Wild" taken from "Achanterez" album coming out this July 12th. As ELD, I had helped the band finding a Breton translator; but also with the making of their crowd funding project, for this video to be possible. I want to thank all the contributors again, and the band.

The band said: "We'd like to thank all those who took part in filming and production of this video, and all those who gave us support. Special thanks to those who participated in funding of the project!"

Official STEIGNYR video online

This is the STEIGNYR video for "Another Stupid Song of Beer"
taken from their upcoming single.

STRYDEGOR - Video Teaser

STRYDEGOR unveiled a bit of their upcoming official video through a teaser. The chosen track is "Grogaldr" taken from "Enraged" album released last year. This is the teaser :

STWORZ revealed the tracklist for Zagony Bogów album

"Zagony Bogów"is the tile for the new STWORZ album and means "Fields of Gods". This record made of 12 tracks, is dedicated to vernal symbolism of Nature's rebirth and the journey of human souls, the band said. The tracklist is the following :

01. Zagony Bogów (Fields of Gods)
02. Pług czasu (The plough of time)
03. Maro, Maro
04. Przędza losu (The yarn of fate)
05. Perun jest mnogi (Perun is multiplicitous)
06. Droga mleczna (The Milky Way)
07. Jaskółki (Swallows)
08. Czerwone jajeczko (Little red egg)
09. Nic ponad Bogów myśl i czyn (Nothing beyond Gods' will and deed)
10. Pieśń żerców (The chant of [heathen] priests)
11. Pożegnanie Słońca (A farewell to the Sun)
12. Szerokie pole (A vast field)

Teaser of the upcoming KNIGHTHOOD album

Below is the teaser for the forthcoming album "Tales Of Ania" by KNIGHTHOOD,
giving you an idea on this record coming soon.

I asked KNIGHTHOOD "what is about the record ?" They replied me the following :
"Tales Of Ania" is a concept album by Nicolas Acuña where the main character is Nied. Ania is a fictional town based on our hometown Talagante of Santiago de Chile  (Talagante is full of legends, stories, curses, witches and Warlocks) Nied legend begins in Ania. He is a stranger who comes to live in Ania. and becomes the most faithful knight of King Beno. But one day at a banquet, somebody with sinister aspect, approaches the King and says "Nied wants to bring chaos in Ania". That last didn't believe him until a horde of enemies interefered with the party. Thus, The King Beno decides to banish Nied. So, Nied takes the legendary sword of flames from Ania as revenge on the King and find the traitor after several search. Once the betrayer kille…

YOMI first video

This is the first official video for the band YOMI. The chosen track is the 7th one from "Age of the Gods" demo: one track inspired by the story of O no Yasumaro.

SVARTSOT video for Midsommer song

This is the new SVARTSOT video for the song "Midsommer", taken from their last album released, "Vældet". 

A new title for the upcoming RED RUM album

"Vikïngaöld" (Viking Age) was the title planned for the upcoming album by RED RUM until the band members changed their mind. The new album title is "Booze and Glory".


Find below the official RAGNARÖEK video for the song "Trinkfest 5-4-3-2-1", taken from their forthcoming album entitled "Dornig" coming out this month.

KARKAV demo out now

KARKAV is a new Viking Metal band founded by Hildr Valkyrie (GRE), Auztaroth (BRA), and Funes (ARG) members. They have released through Infernal Rites Distro their first demo which is entitled "Winterfrost Karkav".

01. Intro
02. Winterfrost Karkav
03. The Sun Reflecting our Shields
04. Baldur's Tod (Falkenbach cover)


NACHTGESCHREI revealed one first track "Das Nichts", taken from their forthcoming album "Staub und Schatten".

DISTORIAM: New album and single

Canadian band DISTORIAM released in digital a maxi single with 3 songs taken from their forthcoming album entitled "Chapter I : Vinlanders" to be released on September 21st (all details below).

You can purchase "Les Voyageurs" single at Amazon or Itunes and listen to the two first tracks :

PAGAN THRONE: New album and video

This month, PAGAN THRONE will release their new album entitled "Swords of Blood". One official video for the song "Rites of War" is available below. The band said to Sword Chant: "The video for "Rites of War" was filmed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and reenacts a war landscape of ancient times. The elder evokes the mystic power for the warrior through fire and blood".


Two new tracks by VARANG NORD for free

VARANG NORD allows you to download for free 2 songs taken from their upcoming album "Master of the Forest". The songs are " In the Halls of the Fallen" and "Warchant of the Forests". The album will be released by Winter 2015.
Free download is available here.

Achanterez album by FFERYLLT now available

The new album by FFERYLLT entitled "Achanterez" will be released on July 12th.

Contact the band to pre-order Standard or Digibook version of the album, with or without merch available :

"Achanterez" CD - 15$
"Achanterez" digibook CD - 25$
"Achanterez" Cup - 20$
"Achanterez" T-shirt - 25$
"Achanterez" CD + "Прорицание" CD - 20$
"Achanterez" CD + T-shirt - 35$
"Achanterez" CD + T-shirt + "Прорицание" CD - 40$
"Achanterez" CD + Cup - 30$
"Achanterez" CD + Cup + "Прорицание" CD - 35$

ALDA released "Passage"

"Passage" is the title for the third album by ALDA out now.

01. The Clearcut
02. Passage
03. Weathering
04. The Crooked Trail
05. Animis

You can purchase it here.

ARANDU ARAKUAA: New video song taken from the new album

ARANDU ARAKUAA released a new official video for the song "Hêwaka Waktû" taken from "Wdê Nnãkrda", their new album coming out this August.

Part of the video clip was recorded on the day of the Indian to the Aldeia Bananal (Santuário dos Pajés), Distrit Federal, Brazil in a ritual in tribute for the first death anniversary of their leader, Shaman Santxiê Tapuya.
The band plays Enawenê- nawê flute, strictly used in rituals by Enawenê- nawê and other people from Xingu, giving the hint that the new album will go deeper in music and indigenous languages.

KALEVALA new video online

Russian band KALEVALA made a new official video for the song "Snezhniy Dom".