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TROLL BENDS FIR live on a local TV channel

TROLL BENDS FIR.performed two tracks on the 78th TV channel (St. Petersburg) "78 New Year's Stories"! 

Release date for the DUIR EP

DUIR EP "Obsidio" will be released on february 16th, 2018. Have a listen :

BAUMBART new EP soon

BAUMBART are currently working on the first EP of the band. The record is entitled "Return Home" and will be released in two days.

Some samples can be heard passing by their youtube channel.

Codru by E-AN-NA - live video

E-AN-NA shared a new official video for Codru song played live. The track is available on Jiana EP.

The new ADAVANT album is out now

ADAVANT released on bandcamp
their new album "The Unyielding".

01. Dimiscian Overture
02. Hangman's Pass
03. Overgaard
04. The Stumbling Huntsman
05. The Landeer Stream
06. Fairhaven
07. The Catacombs
08. Renegade Ridge
09. Grimfang Woods
10. Barren Fields
11. The Divide
12. Gardens of the Ivory Keep

Fafnersbane single by GRIMNER

Awaiting the new GRIMNER album "Vanadrottning”, the band released a new single titled "Fafnersbane" featuring  Erik Grawsiö (Månegarm). You can get the song here.

LADUSHKA released Solntsevorot album

LADUSHKA's new album "Solntsevorot" is now available through bandcamp.

Солнцеворот by Ladushka

DUIR EP soon

DUIR band will release an EP that deals with mistakes and feelings overall.
The release date for "Obsidio" EP is yet unknown.

01 - Inconscio
02 - Destarsi
03 - Rise Your Fear
04 - Dies Alliensis
05 - Insomnia Seed
06 - Obsidio

FROST GIANT released The Harlot Star

The full length "The Harlot Star" by FROST GIANT is out now.

The Harlot Star by Frost Giant

New GOFANNON official video

GOFANNON unveiled a new video for Sempervirens track taken from "Prosodie" that was released back in 2016.

Nyárutó album by DALRIADA is out now

"Nyárutó" is the new album signed DALRIADA. Get a copy to their website.

01. Megöltek egy legényt 02. Hollórege
03. Táltosok álma
04. Nyárutó
05. Búsirató
06. Thury György Balladája 1. rész
07. Laus Deo
08. Thury György Balladája 2. rész
09. Komámasszon
10. Áldja meg az Isten
11. Hajnali

ARKONA released Khram

ARKONA released their new album "Khram" that you can get and listen right here.

01. Mantra (Intro)
02. Shtorm
03. Tseluya zhizn'
04. Rebionok bez imeni
05. Khram
06. V pogonie za beloj ten'yu
07. V ladonyah bogov
08. Volchitsa
09. Mantra (Outro)

NYDVIND released Seas of Oblivion

The long waited album "Seas of Oblivion" by NYDVIND is out now.
Seas of Oblivion by Nydvind

March 2018 will be the next ABINCHOVA release

ABINCHOVA will release their new album "Weltenwanderer" under Massacre Records on March 30, 2018. A crowdfunding was for that release. The album title means "world wanderer".

PRIMORDIAL new album soon

PRIMORDIAL unleased the artwork for their forthcoming album titled "Exile Among The Ruins".

One heartbroken message from LEMURIA

Wesley Beernaert (Formerly known as lead vocalist of Lemuria) said the following words :

          Dear friends, fans and foes.
Today is the day Lemuria has to announce a very painful decision. As most of you who have been following us know, I, Wesley, had some serious accidents in the past. Cracked rib bones and fractured ribs, heavy concussions and more were part of my aches. At some parts I just continued touring with the band, with the intention of not letting the band down.... in another event, where I actually died for a few moments and got hospitalized with a whole lot of fractures, broken rib-bone, fractured ribs and a swelling in my head, probably induced seizures by fainting on top of the stairs and falling down hitting each and every step until I lied down unconscious, died, revived, spit blood out of my mouth and got hospitalized... all future gigs needed to be canceled in order for my recovery.

BATTLE TALES debut album out now

"The Ire of the Condemned" is the debut album by BATTLE TALES now released.

The Ire of the Condemned by Battle Tales

HEIDEVOLK released "Vuur van Verzet" album

Here it is. The new HEIDEVOLK album "Vuur van Verzet" is now available in various formats.

01. Ontwaakt
02. A Wolf In My Heart
03. Onverzetbaar
04. Yngwaz Zonen
05. Britannia
06. The Alliance
07. Tiwaz
08. Het Oneindige Woud
09. Gungnir
10. Woedend
11. Het Juk der Tijd
12. Drink op de Nacht (Bonus Track)
13. Een Wolf in mijn Hart (Bonus Track)

Solntsevorot album by LADUSHKA will be soon

"Each person for his life, lives a certain history, which consists of certain feelings, emotions and inner experiences. And naturally, everyone also takes out of this his definite life lesson, thanks to which, in the course of his life he recognizes himself, which makes it possible to open up and live much brighter, more meaningfully, bypassing the sharp corners of reality, without touching the thin strings of sadness. To be happy and celebrate life in all its colors, how to have fun in all that is urine, and to feel grief, passing labyrinths of stories that sometimes break the inner world of each of us, tearing it into shreds, throwing it under the feet of reality.
The album "Solntsevorot" represents a certain period of life, a history, each step of which is located at the time of the year. Rotating around the sun, events, every time, year after year, make us wiser. "Sunshine" divided into periods of joy, love, fun, razguljajstva and stories with which only ha…

ADAVANT released a new single

ADAVANT released a new single "Gallows Pass" of their forthcoming album "The Unyielding"

The Unyielding by Adavant


FROZEN SHIELD unveiled their new single track titled "Secrets Of The Unknown" available on bandcamp, and video :

News for the next ZRYMGÖLL record

ZRYMGÖLL are currently working on their second album titled "Welcome to the underworld".
This is the artwork :

Teaser for the forthcoming DALRIADA album

DALRIADA launched a new video teaser for their new album "Nyárutó" :

TROLL BENDS FIR - Karjalltroll video

This new video is for Karjalltroll song taken from "Karjalali" album by TROLL BENDS FIR.

Very nice video, nicely worked there - as I enjoy to see them alike. 😊


ASENBLUT are going to release Legenden EP on february 16th.

01. Die Legende (2018)
02. Heldenbürde  (2018)
03. Asenblut (2018)
04. God or Man (Manowar Cover)
05. Von Des Verräters Untergang (2018)

You can pre-order right here.

ARKONA - V pogonie za beloj ten'yu (Official Video)


Ljusväg by NORRSINNT released

NORRSINNT released a maxi entitled "Ljusväg".
Ljusväg by Norrsinnt