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Streaming for the forthcoming ODRAEDIR album

From now can be pre-ordered the new ODRAEDIR full length entitled "Legends of the Dark Times".
Listen to some "Legends of the Dark Times" album songs here. June 12, 2017 is the release date.

Legends of the Dark Times by Odraedir

Obumarcie lyrics video by NETHERFELL

NETHERFELL unveiled a new song and video within lyics and translation.
The track is taken from their upcoming release.

Deiwos will be the new CELTIBEERIAN

Spanish band CELTIBEERIAN are currently working on their next record entitled "Deiwos".
A crowdfunding will start in some hours. Below are details for the new record.

01. From deep waters (intro)
02. Deiwos
03. Devotio
04. The wolf I am
05. The shadow of the Lynx
06. Fear my beard
07. The reborn
08. The harvest song
09. Navigium Isidis
10 Puellae Gaditanae
11. Life goes on
12. Txoria Txori
13. Looking for beer
14. Gallaecia II
15. The spirit of our inner nature (outro)

ŽREC returns with an EP

ŽREC band returns with a new EP titled "Klíč k pokladům".

Klíč k pokladům by Žrec

The very first KROMLEKH work available for free

KROMLEKH is a new band from Ukraine with members of KRAAMOLA.
They released their first single "The Time of Eternal Winter" that you can get for free download.

The Time of Eternal Winter by Kromlekh

NORRSINNT released Tiden går single song

The band unveiled "Tiden går" song available on Bandcamp, here :

Tiden går by Norrsinnt

ODROERIR : Das Erbe unserer Ahnen track listing

ODROERIR have shared the tracklist for "Das Erbe unserer Ahnen" album coming soon,
together with a teaser.


THE PRIVATEER third album is coming soon

THE PRIVATEER are currently working on their next album titled "The Goldsteen Lay".
The full length will be released on 28 July 2017 under the flag of NoiseArt Records This is the artwork :

Ashes from a Keltic Spirit lyrics video by STEIGNYR

Heres the new lyrics video by STEIGNYR taken from the upcoming maxi single.

ARVINGER released Rast EP

ARVINGER's EP titled "Rast" is out now since May 17th. I've been waiting for one link of store selling digital downloads and not streaming only. Here it is.
02Til Evig Tid

New UTMARKEN track off the upcoming album

UTMARKEN published the lyrics video for the last track of the upcoming album "Förfallstid" .

Tales From a Cloud-Born Land by FOREFATHER out now

FOREFATHER.released in digital "Tales From a Cloud-Born Land" that is part of the forthcoming split "English Steel" with MEADS OF ASPHODEL.

"Tales From a Cloud-Born Land" featuring 30 minutes of brand new material recorded during the year 2017.

OPRICH released Poveter

OPRICH released their new album "Poveter".
Get it here.

01. All Sails To The Wind
02. Campaign
03. An Axe And A Flail
04. Winds' Heady Mead
05. In Oars' Splahes
06. Bear Hug
07. The Ruthless Ones (Sword Of The Volga)
08. A Barrow Over The River
09. Volga Lullaby (bonus song)
10. Danube Lullaby (bonus song)

ALESTORM released No Grave But The Sea

The new ALESTORM album "No Grave But The Sea" is out now.

01. No Grave But The Sea
02. Mexico
03. To the End of the World
04. Alestorm
05. Bar ünd Imbiss
06. Fucked with an Anchor
07. Pegleg Potion
08. Man the Pumps
09. Rage of the Pentahook
10. Treasure Island

ADAVANT off to the studio soon

ADAVANT will start the recordings for their new album in july. 

The album is entitled "The Unyielding".
It is planned for this fall.
"This exciting concept album follows the tale of an intrepid hunter who undertakes a journey to unravel a timeless mystery, set upon the backdrop of a fictional world created by Adavänt. After a failed assassination attempt upon his king, Darius the Unyielding is called upon to hunt down and destroy the culprit and dismantle the rebellious Brotherhood that has arisen throughout the kingdom. However, as he travels across the land and follows the clues to the assassin's whereabouts, he discovers a horrifying truth that causes him to question his allegiances, and ultimately, his true identity.

BLACK MESSIAH new album out soon

The new album signed BLACK MESSIAH is entitled "Walls of Vanaheim", set to be released on June 30, 2017 through Trollzorn/SMP-Records.
Here is the final track listing :

01. Prologue - A New Threat
02. Mimir's Head
03. Father's Magic
04. Mime's Tod
05. Call To Battle
06. Die Bürde des Njörd
07. Satisfaction And Revenge
08. The March
09. The Walls Of Vanaheim
10. Decisions
11. Mit Blitz Und Donner
12. The Ritual
13. Kvasir
14. A Feast Of Unity
15. Epilogue - Farewell

Tracklist for the forthcoming TRIDDANA album revealed

Soon, TRIDDANA will release "Twelve Acoustic Pieces" album under the flag of Einheit Produktionen.

This is the track listing :

01. Becoming
02. When the Enemy's Close
03. Spoke the Firefly
04. Gone With the River
05. Flames at Twilight
06. Echo Through the Days
07. The Wicked Wheel
08. Born in the Dark Age
09. Galloping Shadows
10. Shouting Aloud
11. Everlasting Lie
12. Men of Clay
12. Who Wants to Live Forever (Queen)

The VIS demo's released

VIS released their demo "The Everburning Fire" for free download.
The Everburning Fire by VIS

FORJA are currently working on their debut album

FORJA are working on their first full length planned to be release 
before the end of the year.

The album titled El Llibre dels Feyts (Chronicle of Jaume) will be recorded this summer at AXTudio at Barcelon, Spain.

Making this possible, the band opened a crowdfunding project.

DUSKMOURN unveiled album details in video

DUSKMOURN revealed in a video all the "Of Shadow and Flame" album details.

The band had launched one fund campaign for the album.

VANAHEIM EP available for full streaming

VANAHEIM (NL) shared their new EP entitled The House Spirit".

The record is available to this page.

DOOM OF VALYRIA released Warg album

DOOM OF VALYRIA released her album "Warg", available on her facebook bandpage, and bandcamp :

Since the crowdfunding campaign was a success, we can expect a new video soon.

TROLLFEST Kabaret video

TROLLFEST revealed their new video for Kabaret song taken from their recent Helluva album.

STEIGNYR EP/single news

STEIGNYR unveiled details for their upcoming EP entitled "Ashes from a Keltic Spirit".
Their EP made of three tracks sounds more like a maxi single.  Heres the tracks listing :

01. The Uprising Hymn
02. Ashes from a Keltic Spirit
03. Fallen Gods

Recorded & mixed at Olimpo Sound Studio. Produced by Jön Thörgrimr. With the collaborations of Daniel Perez "Ravenblood" (Growls) & Diego Ricardo Artuz Janchiz (Percussion).

Due out worldwide on digital platforms June 9th through Art Gates Records.

Tracklist and release date for "Förfallstid".album by UTMARKEN

UTMARKEN will release their second album "Förfallstid" on June 16th, 2017.


01. Förfallstid
02. Vintervind
03. Ifrån byn
04. Kamplåt
05. Bröder i strid
06. Vårdröm
07. Läk dig själv
08. Dit anden går
09. Lidandets väg – intro
10. Lidandets väg
11. Mitt Norrland

VIS demo coming soon

Italian band VIS will release their first demo "The Everburning Fire" on May 18th.
They unveiled one first track :

01. Forestwaltz (7:04)
02. Il Risveglio (9:20)
03. With The Thunder (6:14)
04. Slaves To The Pagan Fire (8:08)

APOCALYPSE ORCHESTRA debut album out now

APOCALYPSE ORCHESTRA.released their debut album "The End Is Nigh" through Despotz records. The full length can be purchased passing by bandcamp as well.

01. The Garden of Earthly Delights
02. Pyre
03. Flagellants' Song
04. Exhale
05. Theatre of War
06. The Great Mortality
07. To Embark
08. Here Be Monsters

ATLAS new video

ATLAS unveiled their video for Amaryllis & The Birds of Paradise song taken from the debut album 'Affinity'.

SAXNOT Mettrunken video