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DALRIADA next album will be acoustic

On May 13th will be released the new DALRIADA album full of acoustic tracks.
You can pre-order the record entitled "Forrás" to

01. Hej, virágom
02. Bor vitéz (részlet)
03. Ígéret
04. Hírhozó
05. Vérző ima
06. Hazatérés
07. A Galagonya
08. Úri toborzó
09. Szent László (részlet)
10. A dudás
11. Középeurópai Hobo Blues III
12. Hajdútánc
13. Téli ének
14. Bukott diák

FEJD released "Härjaren" single

"Härjaren" is the new single by FEJD. The song is taken from their forthcoming album "Trolldom". You can purchase the track on Itunes.

One official video for the song was also released,
but I won't share that violent video here.


THE DREAD CREW OF ODDWOOD made a video for "Dead Man's Medley" that is the ending track of their new album "Lawful Evil" out now.

The NORRSKÖLD video is live!

“Shores Forsaken”, the new video by NORRSKÖLD, band I had interviewed this month, is now online.

SKILTRON new album planned for this year

This year will see the daylight of a new SKILTRON album. The title is "Legacy Of Blood".
The full length will be released under the flag of Trollzorn records.

SUIDAKRA : The Hunter's Horde

SUIDAKRA shared one first track "The Hunter's horde" taken from their upcoming album "Realms Of Odoric".

MISTUR released "In Memoriam"

"In Memoriam" is the second album signed MISTUR and it is available now to their bandcamp page.

01. Downfall
02. Distant Peaks
03. Firstborn Son
04. Matriarch's Lament
05. The Sight
06. Tears of Remembrance

Also, Ole announced that he parted ways with the band because he doesn't have the time to dedicate himself enough to the band. The bassist is replaced by Bjarte Breilid.

In Memoriam by Mistur

SALTATIO MORTIS : Best Of 2000 - 2014

SALTATIO MORTIS will release a double compilation for tracks from 2000 to 2014.


CD 1 :                  
01. Früher war alles besser
02. Prometheus
03. Habgier und Tod
04. Wachstum über alles
05. Hochzeitstanz
06. Nichts bleibt mehr
07. Satans Fall
08. Salome feat. Doro Pesch
09. Sündenfall
10. Ebenbild
11. Tritt ein
12. Falsche Freunde
13. Spielmannsschwur

Quid Pro Quo, the next IN EXTREMO album

IN EXTREMO new album is entitled "Quid Pro Quo".  This is the artwork for the full length planned to be released June 24th.


LOCATION : Mainbernheim, Bavaria, Germany

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Ralf Hutter : guitars, vocals

Ancestry founded in 2016 by Ralf Hutter as a music project. The songs and lyrics of Ancestry deal with the Central and Northern Europe heritage. They refer to events in history, legends and incantations.

1524, demo 2016



Artwork and tracklist for the first VELIOCASSES record

May 5th is one big event for VELIOCASSES band since it is the release date for their first record entitled "Seluanos Bona". This is the tracklist :

DARKESTRAH released Turan album

Initially planned for April 29th, the new DARKESTRAH album entitled "Turan" is now released.

Here is the tracklist for the full length with over 50 min running time.
01. One with the Grey Spirit
02. Erlik-Khan
03. Conversions of the Seer
04. Gleaming Madness
05. Bird of Prey
06. The Hidden Light

You can order the record in CD and LP to Osmose Produtions.

Trailer :

DUIVELSPACK new album soon

DUIVELSPACK will release  "Weibsbilder" album on May 6th.

Teaser :

BARLOVENTOS reveals the artwork for "La Senda Eterica" album

Today, BARLOVENTOS unveiled the artwork for their second full length entitled La Senda Eterica (The Etheric Path) planned to be released around June.

IVAN TZAREVICH released "Звезда Руси"

"Звезда Руси" is the new album signed IVAN TZAREVICH,released in digibook cd.

01. Intro – Звезда Руси
02. Magnus Dux (муз. В. Наумов - сл. Лео Хао)
03. Ведаю (муз. В. Наумов - сл. Лео Хао)
04. Коловрат (муз. В. Наумов - сл. Лео Хао)
05. Севастопольская страда (муз. В. Наумов - сл. Лео Хао)
06. Небо в осколках (муз. В. Наумов - сл. М. Ратов)
07. Ледовое побоище (муз. В. Наумов - сл. Лео Хао)
08. Несмеяна (муз. В. Наумов - сл. С.Загатин)
09. Коловрат (микс для радио) (муз. В. Наумов - сл. Лео Хао)
10. Черный ворон (Р.Н.П.)

"Klechdy" album by THY WORSHIPER is a double album

THY WORSHIPER next record is a double album planned to be released on May 25th by Arachnophobia Records. The music in "Klechdy" (Tales) album appears mature, gloomy and heavy. It may be a contender for the oddest album of the year.
"Darkness and light, birth and death. Ethnic epos enclosed in the cyclical Sun marching. Explore the secrets concealed in 12 songs overfilled by sadness, aggression and spirit, which moves you in to places accessible hitherto for Guardians, Shamans, Witches and possessed. Thy Worshiper will surprise for the fourth time and will hit as never before by a story concealed in the music lasting an hour and a half"


KORPIKLAANI unveiled a new video "A Man With A Plan". The song is available on Noita album.

La bonne fam au courti video by TRI YANN

TRI YANN made a video for "La bonne fam au courti" song taken from their new album "La Belle Enchantée" out now.

MYSTERIA MORTIS released "Our Time" album

MYSTERIA MORTIS released their new album "Our Time" under More Hate Productions.


Good evening, folks,

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Thus, I had to give-up the work on my transition, fixing that issue here. So, I moved and added all pictures I have (bands logos, artworks, etc) to the new google space for the pictures keep to show and of course, most unavailable pictures due to that google mess are back now.
Regarding bandpages, left to write again bio for folk metal bands from H to W. The other bandpages are already available under the new design.
Besides, I'll do my best to keep you updated with music news.


TRI YANN released "La Belle Enchantée"

The new album "La Belle Enchantée" by TRI YANN is out now.

01. Far Away From Skye
02. L’ankou, La Libertine Et Le Ménétrier
03. Les Six Couleurs Du Monde
04. Sant Efflamm Hag Ar Roue Arzur
05. La Bonne Fam Au Courti
06. Aliénor En Arrabie
07. The Velvet Otter
09. La Bayadère Et Le Roi
10. Gavotenn An Huñvreoùigoù
11. L’ermite Et Le Connétable
12. La Belle Enchantée
13. Saint Efflamm Et Le Roi Arthur (Bonus Track)

Slayer of Gods, the new BRYMIR album

BRYMIR will release their next album "Slayer of Gods" to the following dates and places :
- 25.05.2016: Japan
- 03.06.2016: Finland + Worldwide

The band said :
"It is full of compact, hard-hitting and angry, yet also epic and overflowing material. You can easily hear how we used the frustration we felt at the arduous years-long process of making this album as an inspiration; it is definitely the darkest we've ever been. But at the same time the epic feel, orchestrations and melodic lines are at their biggest and catchiest as well!"

SIG:AR:TYR released "Northen"

The new full length entitled "Northen" by SIG:AR:TYR is now available to bandcamp and Hammerheart records.

Northen by SIG:AR:TYR

Daemonskald shared the following message :
Well today is the day, Northen is released! Physical CDs just came in this week at Hammerheart and they are available now from
I won't be getting my physical copies for a few weeks, so please keep in mind if you order CDs directly from me from my Bandcamp page you will get the digital download and digital booklet immediately and I will ship CDs as soon as they arrive. Sorry about that!

Talamyus released Honour is our code, Death is the reward

TALAMYUS released "Honour is our code, Death is the reward". Contact the band to get it.

01. Victory or Valhalla
02. Blood Eagle
03. Loki's Punishment
05. Honour to Wotan
06. Nine nights (odin's sacrifice)
07. abode of myst
08. jormungand
09. bring the weak to their knees
10. i bow to no man
11. until death we ride

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NORRSKÖLD tells the new records

Once again, I interviewed Henrik from NORRSKÖLD who recently released a double single entitled "Shores Forsaken". The band is also currently working on their second album so, let’s speak about these new records!
01. Hi again, Henrik! How are you since the last time ?  Cheers mate! Well, the last year has been really intense for all of us in the band! We’ve had some line-up changes, and we’ve now established ourselves as true live act with permanent members. Countless of hours have been spent on rehearsing for live shows, writing new music and of course the recording of our latest release “Shores Forsaken”. Although the agenda usually is really demanding, it´s fantastic to see all the progress we’re making right now!

A new title for the new SCYTHIA album

"Barbarian", the new album by SCYTHIA is now titled "Lineage". Eight tracks complete the record.that you can pre-order on bandcamp. "Lineage" album will be released on May 4th.

Lineage by Scythia

RELIQUIAE released "Winter"

RELIQUIAE released their new album entitled "Winter".

BELENOS : Kornôg artwork unveiled

French band BELENOS

revealed the artwork for "Kornôg", 

their new album planned to be released

 around august/september.

Artwork for the debut album by the LORDS OF THE DRUNKEN PIRATE CREW


unveiled the front cover for their debut album 

"Loaded to the Gunwales (Gunwalls)".

DRAKWALD video for "Erase by Fire"

DRAKWALDunveiled the official video for "Erase by Fire" song taken from "Riven Earth" coming out May 7, 2016.

Mountain Side video by TENGGER CAVALRY

TENGGER CAVALRY released a new video promoting their new record "Mountain Side".

New ODROERIR track online

ODROERIR released a video for the song "Phol ende Uuodan".

BLAKYLLE : new track online

Pagan metal band BLAKYLLE shared one new track on youtube :

Distoriam new video

DISTORIAM shared a new video for the 5th track "Steel And Steeds" of the labum "Chapter I : Vinlanders".

MYRKVAR new album soon

MYRKVAR worked on their upcoming album. Heres a small preview :

CRYSTALMOORS : a new video for a new album coming soon

CRYSTALMOORS unveiled a video for the song "Over The Same Land" taken from the forthcoming and third album "The Mountain Will Forgive Us" made of two records : the album and older tracks played unplugged.

VETTEN ÄPÄRÄT debut album released

VETTEN ÄPÄRÄT released their debut album "Syntyi Talven Kyynelistä" (Born from Winter's Tears). You can orderhere
TRACKLIST : 01. Ancients' Call 02. Exile 03. Brothers Of Hate 04. Winterheart's Silence 05. Winter Darkness 06. Grief Of Woods 07. Sydäntalven Viha [ sound ] 08. Herätys 09. Swords' Dance 10. Wind Of Exhaustion 11. Ice Made New Kingdom 12. I Heard Them 13. Vala

NORRSKÖLD new single out now

NORRSKÖLD released a new single in digital
available to that page.

The track title is "Shores Forsaken"

TENGGER CAVALRY released "Mountain Side" EP

TENGGER CAVALRY released a new EP entitled "Mountain Side".
The record can be purchased in digital here.

TRACKLIST : 01 Intro 02. Mountain Side 03. War Horse 04. Mountain Side (Acoustic) 05. Interlude 06. Mountain Side (Club Remix) [Explicit] 07. Krutaya Gora 08. Mountain Side (Instrumental) 09. Tengger Cavalry (Bonus Track) [Live] 10. Folk Jam 01 (Bonus Track) 11; Folk Jam 02 (Bonus Track)


LOCATION : Genève, Switzerland

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Jimmy : vocals
Benjamin : guitars
Basile : guitars
Kevin : bass
Sylvain : drums
Brian : keyboards

Past members :
Jason : keyboards

Brand new UBUREN song

Vikings black metallers UBUREN shared a new video and song :

UTMARKEN debut album out now

UTMARKEN released their self-titled album available here.

01. Strömkarlens Son
02. Välkommen Till Norrland [ video ]
03. En Stadig Puls
04. Till Skogs
05. Tystnadens Röst
06. Dråparen
07. Vintern
08. Regnet Faller
09. Häxkonst
10. Bleka Toner
11. Yxtid
12. Norrland Är Mörkt Nog Ändå

ENSIFERUM : Two Decades of Greatest Sword Hits released

The compilation full of ENSIFERUM songs is now available in digital and CD.

01. By The Dividing Stream
02. From Afar
03. Heathen Horde
04. One More Magic Potion
05. In My Sword I Trust
06. Token of Time
07. Dragonheads
08. Twilight Tavern
09. Burning Leaves
10. Treacherous Gods
11. Lai Lai Hei
12. Two of Spades
13. Iron
14. Victory Song

"The Eyes of Giants" video by HEIDRA

Sometimes ago, HEIDRA asked for some help to fund the cost of their new video "The Eyes of Giants" now unveiled. The song is taken from "Awaiting Dawn" album.