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LOCATION : Madrid, Spain

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Rubén Ramírez : bass
Iván Herrero : lead vocals
Iván Leria : lead guitar
Pablo "Drakhai" Cantalapiedra : drums, backing vocals
Noel Barajas : flute, dulzaina (sort of bombard), violin, backing vocals

Past members :
Carlos : bass


LOCATION : Ippesheim, Bavaria, Germany

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Manuel Hiller : vocals
Steffen Schultheiß : guitar
Tobias Herrmann : guitar
Björn Bayer : bass
Simon Dittrich : drums

Past members :
Sascha Fragner : guitar
Marco Scheider : bass

DELIRIUM is a Pagan Metal band from Franconia's district from Bavaria, Germany. DELIRIUM, founded while summer 2006, started as a Black/Death metal band but things changed with a new line-up. The band is inspired by their location in history, its landscapes and paganism. The first demo of the band was without bass player and Björn Bayer joined three months after the release.

Asatru, demo 2009 [ free download ]
Frankenblut, album 2011
Das Erbe der alten Zeit, EP 2013
Wolfshenker, promo 2014 [ free download ]
Urkraft, album 2019 [ details ]


Horde Thor

LOCATION : Medellín, Colombia

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Úlfhedinn Blodsverd : vocals
Ygg Bólverk : guitar
Vingtor : bass, accordion, tin whistle
Báleygr : guitar, keyboard
Thorvald : drums

Inspired by Scandinavian mythology, HORDE THOR was born while february 2002 in Medellín, Colombia. They describe their music as "Folk'n'Troll Metal".

Horde, demo 2007
Fatherland, album 2008
Fatherland, single 2009
Roots, EP 2011
Fire, EP 2012


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I interviewed our winner band GRIMTOTEM

For our latest bands battle, I promised one interview for the winner band. Since GRIMTOTEM won that battle, I interviewed Carolina Rebolledo then. Here we go:
01. Hello Carolina! Back in 2011, You founded GRIMTOTEM. How came the idea ? Hello Krissy! The idea came when I met José, Victor and another past member in 2011. It was hard to find people who had those kind of interests at that time, so we thought that it would be interesting to form a band mixing all those influences, then we started to cover a couple songs. About the name of this band,it was inspired just in our chilean totem called "rehue" in mapudungun language. We chose it in the end of that year.

02. Your lyrics are mainly about Chilean History. Do you have any particular favorite history from Chile ? Of course! my favorite one so far is "La guerra de Arauco" (Arauco war). I've been living in that city for 13 years, but many other cities were involved into this 300 years war between spanish conquero…

16/04/2013: Eld is online!

How was born the idea of ELD?
Well, I am also the founder of a folk metal forum called "Sword Chant" since november 2007. This website & I involved into a constant will to support bands by promoting them, sharing their news... Sword Chant ever invited bands to promote themselves over the forum and their news are shared by myself in all the social network pages of Sword Chant.
Meanwhile, I met many artists from everywhere over the internet. They show me they appreciate my free work with Sword Chant & sometimes, ask me advices or some things listeners and medias don't need to know... I've been pleased to help them, ever. 
ELD is the result of their demands to me.
Before ELD, I helped some bands to get some gigs:
- FEJD @ Cernunnos Festival 5 (2011), FR - KRAMPUS @ Samhainfest 2 (mini tour-2012), CZ - WAYLANDER @ Cernunnos Festival 6 (2013), FR
Now, I hope to help some more the bands under the banner of ELD.
You can contact me by email.


LOCATION : Lörrach, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Oliver König (Finsterforst) : bass, backing vocals
Phillip Thienger : guitar, vocals
Marius Zeinhofer : guitar
David Kempf : drums

Past members :
Neves Sänger : guitar
Simon Philip : guitar, backing vocals
Linda Biermann : keyboards
Martin "Troll" Lindner : drums

LITVINTROLL : Czornaja Panna album news

Minsk folk metal band Litvintroll brings to general attention the second album "Czornaja Panna" (“The Black Lady”)  which has marked the ending of the way which lasted for 3 years since the moment of the debut disk release in long-ago 2009.