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I want to thank the bands, zines, labels, and everyone supporting this website! It means alot!
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"I discovered Sword Chant forum while I was looking for some additional support for my band. I landed on a cool messageboard with a design made of runes and triskels... and I was like "wow, I am in the right place". I started participating in the topics and met some good folks before making my own topic about Nightcreepers. I got good feedbacks and Krissy added us to the "Bands Battle" (thanks to her !) that we won. I still follow Sword Chant's news on Twitter and I recently realized they had exceeded the 10.000 messages, which is damn great. Long live Sword Chant! Hail!" 
Haarath from Nightcreepers - website

"I’m really impressed about how people in this forum still supporting the dark meanders of the underground, without any nepotism, partiality or contentious mood, are you following an underground band or a more mainstream’s one? In Sword Chant Forum, it doesn’t matter how big or known is the band, the only essential thing is the passion involved in music! Every musician’s got the chance to spread his own projects, and every listener can write his free comment about 
them : communication is important for both sides!”
Phanaeus from Vinterblot - website

"It is so cool that a forum especially dedicated to folk metal exists. Sword Chant is a place for all true folk metal fans to hang out, get news, post comments, and meet folk musicians. We are happy to see that this forum is still flourishing. We wish Sword Chant a long and lively existence!”
Jonne Järvelä from Korpiklaani - website

"Sword Chant Forum is a cool place where everybody's free to tell opinion about bands. We can discover new bands inside. That's how I became a fan of Fejd!" - Sjuk - website

"Our band Eldelvar was looking for its place in the world when it was born around the same time as Sword Chant forum. One day, when our music evolved to what it has become now, I found Sword Chant forums and felt free to share our music in here. I also discovered unknown but awesome artists, latest news from our favorite bands, feedback from people who enjoy the same style of music, band battles and more! It's awesome to know that there's a whole community supporting folk metal music. Carry on Sword Chant forum!" - Eduard Forroll from Eldelvar - website

"It's really awesome that there's a place for folk metal fans where they can socialize with each other, discover new great music and meet real "brothers and sisters in drinks". It's worth raising up our mugs. Besides, I'd like to thank all those members of the community who help to spread Troll Bends Fir music by translating our lyrics. Cheers to Sword Chant!" - Konstantin "Troll" from Troll Bends Fir - website

"Sword Chant is a great community and tool to find out about folk / viking / pagan metal, meet like- minded people into similar music and a place for people to discuss and exchange ideas opinions and give recommendations. When Celtachor had first started as a working active band, we found it a great resource and Krissy has been a great help since we joined up helping spread various updates and news. One of the better folk metal forums out there."
Stephen Roche from Celtachor - website

"To all folk metal lovers : Sword Chant is a place that allows new and old bands to promote their work and a place where the real fans can discover new bands around the world! HAIL SWORD CHANT!"
Dubh Vandraedaskáld from Sigfadhir - website

"Sword Chant is a great community, one which holds Viking, Pagan and Heathen Folk Metal of the highest regard - thus making it the perfect place for discussing, reviewing, and discovering many old, as well as emerging - epic projects.”
Beren Tol Galen from Maglor - website

"Sword Chant is one great community for folk metalheads! In the beginnings of Frosttide, Sword Chant helped us by releasing and spreading our news, review, etc... It's really respectable to see people who really try to help underground bands! All the best, Sword Chant!” - Joni Snoro from Frosttide - website
"First time i get in touch with Sword Chant was when i received a message from Facebook, "someone had shared News from our Bandpage", as i klicked the link i was conducted to the Facebook page of Sword Chant. So i browsed the page and i was suprised how interesting the posts were and the most flashy thing i saw, was a lot of Underground stuff and great Support of Bands without a million people fanbase. This was Awesome, so i discovered the page and found a link to the Forum... it was awesome.
A page, which makes this amount of work and support... especially in the Underground, needs a lot of personal.... but i get in touch with the Founder and i found out, these peges ALL were run by ONE Person... WOW! This kind of addiction immediately had my full Respect and my Support! Thanks and keep it up!" - Manuel Hiller from Delirium - website

"I discovered Sword chant when Krissy contacted the page of my band, we were recently formed and we did not expect such a help immediately! She helped us in all our first steps, explaining many things and giving advice very wise and important! If we evolved, and we are doing it, certainly part of the credit goes to Sword Chant, great forum, well built and detailed, where Krissy alone plays an exceptional job! Great Sword Chant, Hails from Italy!"
Alen "Barbas" Foglia from Demoterion - website

"We really appreciate the fact that there is a community aimed to support folk-metal, both the bands with decades of experience and young novices of the genre. News, events, bands, ideas - everything you might possibly want, if it concerns folk-metal, Sword Chant is definitely the place! Let the place live long and enjoy endless mugs of the finest mead!"
Varang Nord - website

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