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Pimeä Metsä

LOCATION : Madrid, Spain

Status : On Hold
Music : Folk Metal

Angel Flores "Enkeli" : vocals, bodhran, jaw's harp
David Chas : rhythm guitar, choirs
Hugo Pérez : lead guitar, choirs
Juanto Viana : bass guitar, choirs
Miguel Morón "Proto" : keyboard, accordion, choirs
Pablo Carmona : drums, choirs

Dawn of Frost EP by FROSTTIDE reviewed

The cover from this recent FROSTTIDE EP made of 7 tracks doesn’t amaze me much. But it may be a question of taste, I guess. Lyrics are in the booklet, good thing, and that kind of “effect” from letters about lyrics is nice.

1/ Dawn This is a soft & majestic instrumental track introducing the CD where the keyboard & guitars are the main instruments. It goes a little the same way as Ensiferum’s tracks 1 for each of their respective albums. Let’s hope they won’t act same as Ensiferum about cd-intros because this way is Ensiferum one already. Moreover, this Frosttide introduction is very well composed!


LOCATION : L'viv, Ukraine

Status : Active
Music : Alternative

Viterzgir : vocals, guitar, bass, traditional instruments
Volkovlad : guitar
Andriy Hordiychuk : drums
Sudymyr : keyboards

Past members :
Tur : drums

Spring 2010 started Viter as a folk metal band but in 2012, the band changes its musical path for alternative-indus style.

Dzherelo, EP 2010
Diva Ruzha, split 2011


Contact : N/A