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KALEVALA : Worlds End Inn EP reviewed

1. The foggy dew you folks may know that song...or mainly ones into celtic folk XD. Here is the track sung only. but what a beautiful voice! the CD starts pretty well! no wrong note in the voice. Beautful. Plus I love that song in all.

2.Worlds end inn A track for folk metalheads!^^ we feel like wanna dance over the main riff & solo. Rock n roll voice. The background vocals parts to the end made the song a wee poprock... but if your eclectic, then you'll see its a good song! 

3. Heritage cry Epic intro somewhere, voice kinda bluesy/hard and so powerful - very nice! The music sounds kinda hard/celtic - pretty cool mix imo. Sometimes his voice reminds me Angelique Kidjo but male version^^, not sure you folks know her but thats world music. I like her pretty much. I think if you like deep purple, acdc, folkstone, turisas, korpiklaani, you'll like that tune.


LOCATION : Kulmbach, Bavaria, Germany

Status : Split-up
Music : Black Pagan

Skjöld : guitar
Bourbon : guitar
Ulfhednar : bass
Sirrush : keyboards
Jon Draco : drums

Past members :
Galrauch : vocals
Skål : vocals
Grydal : keyboard
Messerach : guitar
Streitmacht : drums

The band was formed in 2007. Except for the demo, their lyrics deal with forests and nature. The band is now inactive.

Demo 2007
Verborgene Pfade, album 2009


Contact : N/A


LOCATION : Skellefteå, Sweden

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Andreas "Vintersorg" Hedlund (Otyg) : vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, programming
Mattias Marklund (Otyg) : guitar
Simon Lundström : bass


LOCATION : Chandler, Arizona, USA

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Andy the Cunning : piano, keyboards
Justin the Fierce : guitar
Ryan "the Dreaded" Gero : guitar
Corey the Vigorous : bass
Jacqui the Rapturous : clean vocals
Nathan the Ravenous : growling vocals
Jake the Thunderous : drums