Find here my database for lyrics and their translations.


The database is an Excel document where are listed and linked official lyrics and translations given by bands for the sharing on this site, together with unofficial translated lyrics.

Official lyrics video are available in bands' keywords.

Lyrics here deal with nature, paganism, mythology, medieval era, death, past wars, history when it isn't fantasy.
The storytellers in band don't share hate when they tell about the past, a bit like History teacher.

Of course, if you find out something wrong or that hurts, contact me at anytime. I want you safe here.


For people to understand better lyrics of the bands, Followers of Sword Chant can translate these permitted lyrics to the desire language and then, I can share into the database. Others can't be due to copyrights matters.

Submit your translations by email.

Those translations remains unofficial, which means the content may not be entirely correct but should be helpful.
I won't publish unofficial lyrics translated, if the official lyrics translations are avaialble into that same language.


Your rights matters here. You may know that I don't earn a cent through this website, and that project is one more way for me to support your art.

You can email me your official words at anytime - with English or French translations for me to understand them as you probably know I don't support hate in all its ways.

Be explicit in your email and do the following :
  • Official words and translations as attached file to the email (no cloud or something)
  • Allow or Disallow the sharing of your official words 
  • Allow or Disallow the sharing of your official translations 
  • Allow or Disallow the sharing of your unofficial translations 
Let me know if your rights model have changed for a possible removal, because I can't guess it.