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HELLEBAARD Fier album reviewed

1. Hellebaard The intro of the song sounds like some thunders with the crunchy distortions & the big beats, the synth joins the troop then followed by a cleaner drums after. Now everyone's here, the singing can start. good voice. Seems like something serious gonna happen. Drums is heavy. It goes more & more fast until everyone stops, then go on slowers strong beats but the synth is still around & invite to the march, hellebard in hands.
The distortions instr found a little way joining the troop & is now well present (thx the mix option) then everyones here again & 3rd part could start.There is a certain rage & pression there. The riffs sound rather easy. I didn't try on guitar but guess i could find it easily. But thats a nice track and their sound is good too & proper to the band. Never you'll find & feel same thing if you listen to some other bands. its particular sound. Let yrself enter in their world, you'll see its beautiful. And th…

Black Lotus

LOCATION : Victoria, Canada

Status : Split-up
Music : Folk Metal

Jasper v.d. Veen : vocals
Lindsay A. Kerr : guitar
Adam Angus : guitar
Nick Engwer : bass
Jason Robertson : keyboards
Craig Stewart : drums

Founded in 2003, Black Lotus is a Black/Folk Metal band from British Colombia in Canada, with lyrics about Nature. They have released several albums and EPs, but now the band is split up since 2011.

Radiance, EP 2006
Light Subsides, album 2006
The Great Mortality, EP 2007
Harvest of Seasons, album 2008


Contact : N/A