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LES COMPAGNONS DU GRAS JAMBON released their third album "Last Vegan Parano".

MORNIR released Hexer

Hexer is the new single signed MORNIR that you can get on Bandcamp.

Hexer (Single) by Mornir

MÅNEGARM released Fornaldarsagor

The new album by MÅNEGARM is now released. Listen the record on youtube.

01. Sveablotet
02. Hervors arv
03. Slaget vid Bråvalla
04. Ett sista farväl
05. Spjutbädden
06. Tvenne drömmar
07. Krakes sista strid
08. Dödskvädet

Bonus tracks (special editions)
1. (Don’t need) Religion (Motorhead cover)
2. Day star, son of dawn (Re-recorded old song from 1995, never released before)

ATLAS PAIN released Tales Of A Pathfinder

Tales Of A Pathfinder is the new released album by ATLAS PAIN.

01. The Coldest Year
02. The Moving Empire
03. Hagakure’s Way
04. Ódauðlegur
05. The Great Run
06. Kia Kaha
07. Baba Jaga
08. Shahrazād
09. Homeland
10. The First Sight Of A Blind Man

VÄSEN : Typhoon Nozaki music video

Heres VÄSEN official music video for "Typhoon Nozaki" track available on their freshly released album "Rule of 3".

A new HORDAK album on the way

HORDAK are currently working on their new and acoustic album titled "Los Gigantes Del Bosque" which means "The giants of the woods".
The title is a reference to those immense beings that populate the earth and walk very slowly: the trees.

BALDRS DRAUMAR unvealed the track listing for Magnus album

"Magnus" is the name of the upcoming BALDRS DRAUMAR album.
The band unvealed the following tracklist :

01. Friso
02. Toh Alden Fahne
03. Of Slogma Tha Saxum
04. Ferbline, Ferballe
05. De Poarten fan Rome
06. Frij
07. Upstallesbâm
08. Magnus Forteman
09. Eala Frya Fresena

More news will be later on.


BARLOVENTOS unleased a trailer for their new album "Ritual" coming out June 1st.


HINDARFJÄLL unvealed their new song titled "Alvatid".

Alvatid by Hindarfjäll

AMON AMARTH album 2019

"Berserker" is the title for the next AMON AMARTH album coming out May, 3rd.

01. Fafner's Gold
02. Crack the Sky
03. Mjölner, Hammer of Thor
04. Shield Wall
05. Valkyria
06. Raven's Flight
07. Ironside
08. The Berserker at Stamford Bridge
09. When Once Again We Can Set Our Sails
10. Skoll and Hati
11. Wings of Eagles
12. Into the Dark

STORM SEEKER new album in may

May 18th, 2019 will be the new STORM SEEKER album.
The record is entitled "Beneath in the Cold"

The band unleashed the "Drag O Below" music video and artwork.

New album and song by VARANG NORD

The VARANG NORD's new album will be entitled "Pārķiuņa uomurs" (Thunder hammer) and this is planned for this year. Lyrics for this album will be into Latgalian language for the first time ever for the band.
The band added : we would also like to thank Yuri Borin (orchestral parts) and Sergey "Serkhio" Karshev (bass) for their respective contributions to this record.
They released one first song titled "Stuojīs" that you can listen right here :

VÄSEN released Rule of Three

Today, VÄSEN released their new album titled "Rule of 3".
You can listen and get their album on the band site.

TOTER FISCH's EP's All-in-One

TOTER FISCH re-released their EP's  "Blood, Rum & Piracy" and "Bottoms up Treasure" in a CD compilation of the two as they explain here :

JONNE : Tuhka lyrics video

Thpse are lyrics for "Tuhka" song yet available.

New video signed WE BANJO 3

WE BANJO 3 released Haven music video for the song taken from the eponym album released.

Ategnatos album by ELUVEITIE full stream

The new and full ELUVEITIE album "Ategnatos" freshly released is available on Youtube

WOLFBROOD first single

WOLFBROOD is a band made of past and present members of TROLLBAND
and they released their very first and self-titled track :

Wolfbrood by Wolfbrood

JONNE new singles

JONNE released a new single in digital. The song title is Autere.
Another single titled Kaiho with its music video is in process.

NORTHLAND new album will be like their debut

NORTHLAND decided to record their debut album again, making the songs even better than it was.
They shared the artwork for the eponym album coming out by september :

New UTMARKEN digital single

The band released a new song in digital.
The songtitle is "Hell Odin" and this is available to this page.


The band GOBLIN HOVEL recently recorded an EP to be released soon. They shared the artwork :

ELUVEITIE released Ategnatos

The new album "Ategnatos" signed ELUVEITIE is now released under Nuclear Blast.

01. Ategnatos
02. Ancus
03. Deathwalker
04. Black Water Down
05. A Cry In The Wilderness
06. The Raven Hill
07. The Silvern Glow
08. Ambiramus
09. Mine Is The Fury
10. The Slumber
11. Worship
12. Trinoxtion
13. Threefold Death
14. Breathe
15. Rebirth
16. Eclipse

17. Ategnatos (Acoustic Version)
18. Ambiramus (Acoustic Version)
19. Threefold Rebirth

ATORC album released and tour in England

The new ATORC album "Under The Raven Banner" is out now.

01. Hrafansmerki
02. Under The Raven Banner
03. The Mead Hall
04. Hammer To Anvil
05. Maidens Of The Shield
06. Sovngarde
07. Voice Of The Storm
08. Isle Of The Brave
09. Ragnarok
10. Shieldwall

The band will be in July on tour in England

Fenrir : lyrics for Echoes of the Wolf album

Words : Official lyrics
Release : Echoes of the Wolf
Thanks to the band for the sharing.

Tracklist :.
01. Awakening (instrumental)
02. Morrigane's Fury
03. The Rainbow Bridge
04. Macbeth
05. Fenrir
06. The Tale of Taliesin
07. The Battle of Stirling
08. Lost in the Twilight
09. Pavane
10. Prancing Poney (instrumental)
11. Holfgar's Kingdom
12. Mama Troll
13. Tristan and Iseult
14. Thunder-Cliff
15. Gaya (instrumental)

02. Morrigane's Fury All the land is waiting
Silence lies untroubled
Nothing but the wind is muttering on the hills
Swirls of dust then appear
And a low sound pounding
Far in the distance, there is an army marching

My dear goddess I’m calling you
Give me the strength to face my foes
I pledge my sword and my soul into battle
Let my fury charge with you!

Now the fight has begun
Scattered shields, broken lives
Close to my own arm so many friends are falling
Blood is darkening my sight
Fear driven to anger
Kill! I’ve lost my mind, the beast inside is roarin…