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VALKENRAG new video online!

The Polish band VALKENRAG shared a new video for their song "Waves Of Coming Future" taken from their debut album "Twilight of blood and flesh" to be released soon.

SATANAKOZEL: face to face

Nikolay Kuskov from SATANAKOZEL explains a bit the current situation inside the band. These are his words:
It is time to talk a little bit about the stuff going on with SatanaKozel. Jokes aside, things are rather serious. So, in a couple of words…

To the greatest things

Today, ATAVICUS released within some delays their first record entitled "Ad Maiora" (To the greatest things). You can order the EP to the Bandcamp of Nemeton records.

SOLA NORR reveals their very first track

The young band SOLA NORR from Strasbourg, France revealed their very first demo song entitled "The Traveller".

You can listen to "The Traveller" song here:

"Vintar" by OBSCURITY is now released

The German band OBSCURITY released their seventh album "Vintar" (winter) which deals with Nordic mythology, a fictional lore after Ragnaroek. In the ancient times of Old-Midgard former legislation is repealed, many peoples are afflicted and subjugated, only a few have actually survived the Twilight of the Gods. The core of Vintar’s tales, narrated by a long-serving warrior, is the new continent “Wodanheim”. On their search for a safe haven, this is where the surviving peoples find a new place to live.

Geographically Wodanheim is located in the heart of nowadays Europe, its center being the “Bergisch Land”.

You can order the new OBSCURITY album at Trollzorn, their label.

01. Schicksal der Götter
02. Naglfar
03. Nebelwelt
04. Wodanheim
05. Alter Feind

One first trailer for the upcoming VEXILLUM album

The Italian band founded ten years ago, 
will release this January 16th, 2015 "Unum" album.
They have shared online, one preview of the album:

BREZNO released Kri

November 21 was the release date of the new album entitled "Kri" (Blood) by BREZNO band from Slovenia but they confirmed me today only.
TRACKLIST: 01. Kjer so padli veliki                   
02. XI. bitka 03. V nebo 04. Na veke 05. Dolina pogubljenih 06. Solze 07. Žanjica 08. Zatišje 09. Krst 10. Glasnik 11. Izdana legija 12. Poslednji

Thanks to you all!

As a reminder, I added a flag counter in this site, exactly one month ago and today can be found this amazing (alphabetical) result :

CRUADALACH released "Shiva World Dance Party" single

"Shiva World Dance Party" is the new single from CRUADALACH, and the second track taken from their upcoming album "Rebel Against Me" to be released the 17th January 2015 .
About the track: "Since my childhood I was always somehow into oriental philosophies. Great-conquering mantra, which is part of this lyric, helped me to get over a painful personal crisis. Everytime I hear somebody singing it, it helps me to see how natural is the cycle of beginning and end of things. Anyway, it is so hard to accept it. I’m afraid to accept the end of things I love. This song is my attempt to deal with it. Let’s party on the tomb of the past."

Happy birthday, Runahild!! :D

Today, the ELIWAGAR founder, Runahild, is 28 years old!
She shared one new song entitled "I Villmarka" (In the Wilderness) for the event.
This song represents a feeling I have carried all my life (28 years now), ever since I can remember, this call to the wild nature, this need to escape this society I never understood, always seeking solitude for that's when I usually feel the strongest energy in nature... and also because it happens just too seldom to meet those people who can feel this with the same intensity, she said.


LOCATION : Köln, Germany

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Stef : vocals, various instruments
Dave : guitars, tin whistle
Jens : guitars, backing vocals
David : drums, acoustic guitar
Nelli (Fyrnreich) : keys, backing vocals

Dave and Stef founded the band in 2009 but two years later, they split up due to differences amongst some of the members and then. Dave and Stef found another band. The duo comes back with Jörmungand in 2013 and completes the line-up for this band.

Von Wind und Schatten, album 2014
Zwischenwelten, album 2018 [ details ]



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ZARIA reveals the release date for their debut album!

"Po poti življenja" is the title for the debut album by ZARIA.  It means "Upon the Trail of Life".
This record will be released the 18th of December 2014. Find the album teaser below, and all infos related with ZARIA and "Po poti življenja" album are in our forum :

KONUNGAR on youtube channel

The young French viking metal band KONUNGAR will release their very first demo by the end of the year. Five tracks complete the "First blood" demo. Below the shared playlist is the tracklist with some explanations.


Here comes the storm...

As you may know: our forum is the first site of Sword Chant founded the november 10th, 2007 and I (along with the community) share all the news over there since that time.

This doesn't change.

But now, most news will be also in this site opened in 2013:
which means double work for Dragonhead, the only admin of all Sword Chant pages. :)


01.Flaming Drake
02.Tenacious Love
04.By The Light Of The Moon
05.Blow Northene Wynd
09.In Dem Begyn
11.Flame Amoureuse
12.Musa Venit

Chile: Folk Metal Compilation available on SC-TV

From now can be listened the Chilean folk metal compilation

The next ANCESTRUM will be in 2015!

Initiallly planned for the beginning of this year, the band ANCESTRUM will release "Our Heathen Soil" album this February 2015 under Misanthropic Spirit Records.

Patrick Kistler is no longer part of ELUVEITIE

These are the ELUVEITIE words :
With a heavy heart we have to share with you the news that Päde is no longer a part of Eluveitie. After six years and four albums, he leaves big shoes to fill. While we have no further comment at this time, we would like to wish him all the best for his future endeavours.

...Before the storm...

Hi folks!
Lately, I have been very quiet but I was very active inside Sword Chant.
- Forum: Small change in the design : I replaced that gray marble in titles parts of the forum by two white lines added of some blue. I made also some minor changes in description of forums for one better balance.I added a new link in band pages which is related with thieir news shared in this website. Heres one example with Selvans page.
- Website:

ANABIOZ is our winner band

They have faced Apocalypse Orchestra, Arandu Arakuaa, Haeredium, Lagerstein, and Ulvedharr in our battle ; and they have won this battle! Congrats ANABIOZ!
The Russian band released "There The Sun Falls" album this year. You can get it passing by their Bandcamp page or Sound Age Productions.
ANABIOZ page in our forums:

DRAKUM will rise the torches!

The debut album of the DRAKUM band from Spain is now released. The title for this record is "Torches Will Rise Again" and you can listen to it entirely as much time wanted through my youtube channel and theirs, without to forget through this right article too.

SALDUIE released "Imbolc" album

From today, "Imbolc" album by SALDUIE can be yours if you send to the band 
8 € + the shipping cost.


The Australian band STORMTIDE released a new single entitled "As Two Worlds Collide".

You can get it for free on their bandcamp page as you can get also for free their previous "A Skalds Tale" EP from last year.

SELVANS: The new project of the members of DRAUGR

Selvans Haruspex, also known as Ursus Arctos from DRAUGR band, founded this new project SELVANS together with other former DRAUGR members and have released a first single "Lupercale".


LOCATION : Abruzzo, Italy

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Selvans Haruspex (Ursus Arctos of Draugr) : keyboards, flutes, tibiae (pipe), sistri, rattle, scream and clean vocals, programming
Sethlans Fulguriator (Mors of Draugr) : guitars, clean vocals
Stolas : bass
Acheron : guitar (live)
Cordyceps M. : bass, backing vocals (live)
HK : drums (live)

ZRYMGÖLL album : CD version available now!

Since November 8th, the day of the WILD LAND FEST in Argentina that I've been pleased to support and which happened very good from the pictures and comments i've read on the different pages, you can order the physical version of "Mighty Tavern", the debut album signed ZRYMGÖLL.

AKYRVIRON requiem in digital

AKYRVIRON released in digital download their second album entitled "Dreamscape Requiem". The physical version is unknown by now.


The celtic metal band from Barcelona, Spain, STEIGNYR, released under the banner of Art Gates Records their very first album entititled "Tales Of A Forgotten Hero".
You can order this record to the label where is also available the tracklist.

New lists of our beloved bands!

Hi Folks!

These past two days, I worked on this website and created new lists of bands. I sorted bands by country while the alphabetical lists are always in the forum of Sword Chant.

The new album by LES ALABRES is out now!

The band LES ALABRES released their new album "Ballade de merci".
You can order it here.

Oltre… l’Abisso by FOLKSTONE released!

The new album is out today. Italians can order to the band store while others have to contact the band to purchase a copy.


Corr Mhóna

LOCATION : Cork, Ireland

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Robert Farrow : drums, percussions
Martin Farrow : electric and acoustic guitars, vocals
Stephen Quinn : bass guitar, choirs, vocals
Paul Quinn : electric and classical guitars, choirs

Founded in 2009, Corr Mhóna sing entirely in the Irish language (Gaeilge). They use a combination of harsh and cleanly sung vocal harmonies and sometimes sing in the seanós style (that is a traditional Irish one). Their music is a blend of different genres, with doom, black and death metal elements more prominent.  


LOCATION : Østlandet, Norway

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Christopher Rakkestad : guitar, vocals
Magnus André Wandås : guitar, fiddle
Sean Murphy : tin whistles, tussefløyte (a type of recorder)
Martin Pettersen Langebraaten : guitarsCarl Engstrøm : drums

Past members :
Jan Solheim : bass
Peter Felix Runde : drums

Elvarhøi are a norwegian Folk Metal band founded in 2004. They sing about nature.

Fjellet Faller Aldri, EP 2006
Trolljuvshallingen, single 2014
Langt fra len og leite​, single 2016 [ details ]
Tolv Mand i Skove, single 2017



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