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Noita album by KORPIKLAANI

As you may know, "Noita" album is settled for May 2015. Now recorded, the band members said some words regarding this upcoming album where will feat. new accordion player Sami Perttula for the first time, who has been playing a very active role in the folk arrangements along with Fiddler Tuomas Rounakari.
Jarkko Aaltonen: “Noita” in the traditional Finnish meaning is different than what people associate it with nowadays. “Noita” is a person with wider knowledge and understanding of the nature and who also was believed to possess paranormal or unnatural abilities. These people were often also referred to as “Tietäjä”, that exactly means someone with wider knowledge and understanding of pretty much everything. Native American medicine man is pretty much the same thing or actually all the different types of Shamans of the primitive peoples are the same thing.

EQUINOX debut album

EQUINOX plans to release their debut album made of 10 tracks and 1 bonus in March 2015. This album is entitled "Świteź".
The band said:
"Świteź" is recorded. At the moment Sergey Lazar (CDM records, Arkona) is mixing a new material. The album consists of 10 absolutely new songs and one bonus track. No re-recorded compositions, no covers, just post-folk metal with a lot of progressive elements.Most of the lyrics based on the oeuvre of famous polish poet Adam Bernard Mickiewicz. The main song of the album is the ballad about beautyful spirit-maiden of the lake Świteź telling a story about ancient russian war between Moscow and Lithuanian princedoms. At the moment well known artist Jan Yrlund is working at the decor of the album.

Preview for the WALDKAUZ debut album

The German Folk band WALDKAUZ will release their debut album entitled "Komm' mit" in March 2015. Heres a trailer:

FORTID new album and new song

March 27th will be released by Schwarzdorn Production. the new FORTID album "9".
You can check out album details here while listening to this new track entitled "Hrafnar":

Zeitlos will be the upcoming VERSENGOLD album

VERSENGOLD revealed the artwork for "Zeitlos",  their upcoming album planned to be released on July 31st.

Wild Jig Of Beltaine, the new FUROR GALLICO song

FUROR GALLICO revealed one first track taken from their forthcoming album "Songs From The Earth" to be released the 17th of February through Scarlet Records.

"Wild Jig Of Beltaine" is the third track of their second album available for pre-order.

OMNIA unplugged 2014

OMNIA shared five live acoustic tracks on their youtube channel. This very intimate (unplugged and fully acoustic) OMNIA show was to celebrate the 80th birthday of Hans (Jenny's father), whom you see sitting on the far right of the screen in some shots next to his wife Ans (Jenny's mum).

Tracks played while that event of october 2014 are the following:

- Alive!
- FairyTale
-­ Old Man Tree
- Noodle the Poodle
- ­En Avant Blonde/Etrezomp-­Ni Kelted

The first track by SUN AND MOON DANCE is online

Four months ago, SUN AND MOON DANCE has seen the daylight in the mountains of North Carolina, USA. You can hear in this Folk band, sounds of Appalachian dulcimer but also Talharpa (Jouhikko), Frame drums, Flutes, and more... The founder of the band told me: "I have a strong connection to my Northern European heritage but also wanted to blend a bit of my heritage from the mountains of Appalachia. I am currently working on 4 other songs" ...And the first track revealed is entitled "Hymne til Freyja". Runahild from ELIWAGAR feat. in this track and plays Hardanger fiddle on this tune available for free download on Bandcamp.

Updated the broken link to the track.

The next RANNOCH MOOR is an EP

RANNOCH MOOR will release one EP entitled "The Pagan Highlands" in this Spring.


01. The Pagan Highlands (Intro)
02. As One With The Hills
03. Entombed In The Mountain
04. Hoist The Foul Brew
05. The Three Jarls
06. Wind And The Cascading Steam

IRDORATH video online

IRDORATH will release one album soon. Promoting this upcoming record, the band from Belarus made one official video available here:


LOCATION : Buenos Aires, Argentina

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Folter : lead guitar, vocals, accordion, drums
Kryz Olaf : vocals
Patrick : guitar, vocals, keyboard
Olek : bass, vocals

Sola Norr

LOCATION : Strasbourg, France

Status : Split-up
Music : Folk Metal

Mathieu : vocals
Hugo : guitar
Kelhs : lead guitar
Alissia : bass
Joff : drums
John : keytar

CRUADALACH first official video

CRUADALACH revealed their first official video that is for the seventh track of their new album "Rebel Against Me" freshly released.

VALENSOROW new album

The American band VALENSOROW are currently working on their second album entitled "The Battle of Oak Mountain". The record is planned to be released in June.

Some news related with Sword Chant

I made some change in our forum: We have a new Tavern!!! :D
Three forums have died to give birth to a new one. There can be found all topics not related with music, games are in this forum; and topics more related with you are now public in this forum excepted that thread with your picture which is in our gallery forum, now located below the new tavern and available to the members only.
The listing for new releases is back as it was and I added around 120 albums tba over there. Of course, I kept the secret ones aside by respect to bands decisions but you'll know about in time. Don't worry. :)
I had removed all those from this spoiler because one long list and because the disrespect of some people for my work I do almost everyday on that listing; my work they've stolen and some of them acted with piracy again after, on some social networks which means also disrespect to bands while only bands decide for the sharing of their Art at Sword Chant as it has ever been. This is n…


LOCATION : Santa Cruz, California, USA

Status : On hold
Music : Folk Metal

Joseph Scanlan : vocals
Joseph Menicucci : guitar
Conner Bruce : guitar
Noah McLean : bass
Nico Spence : drums
Natasha Littlewood : cello


LOCATION : Copenhagen, Denmark

Status : Active
Music : Black Pagan

Fjorgynn : vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard programming, composer, mix/master/sound engineer

Live sessions :
Fjorgynn : guitar, vocals
Helgarm : guitar
Arent : drums
Onslaughter : keyboard

DEMOTERION becomes a one man band

The band DEMOTERION now becomes a one man band project ruled by Alen Fogila.

Due to work and studies, the other band members can't follow the DEMOTERION adventure.
"Echi di Vittoria" debut album is always planned to be released in this year.

NEBOKRAJ new single online

NEBOKRAJ released online a new single titled "Перуновым Зорям..."

This TEMNOZOR cover is available here.

The Tracks TEMPEST Leave

February 24th will be released the TEMPEST's first studio album "The Tracks We Leave" in five years draws upon Celtic, Scandinavian and other folk traditions from around the globe. Inspired by a Dakota Sioux proverb: "We will be known forever by the tracks we leave," a reference to the environmental, spiritual and musical tracks we leave upon the world we live in.
"The Tracks We Leave" can be preordered on their website where can be found the tracklist together with samples.

"Sturmwind" is the new single by NIDHOEGGR

NIDHOEGGR released in digital format a new single available here which is entitled "Sturmwind".

01. Sturmwind
02. Zeit
03. Wolfssage

This single is entirely avaialble in this article :

ENSLAVED in times

Below is the making of the artwork for the upcoming album "In Times" by ENSLAVED. Six tracks complete the record available for preorders at Nuclear Blast.

"In Times" will be released on March 6th ni Europe, March 9th  in the UK,
and the 10th in the USA.

New single for FROSTTIDE

FROSTTIDE released a new single taken from their forthcoming album entitled "Blood Oath" available on Napalm records from February 27th. "Fate Redefined" single is the fourth track of the record:

Their new record can be pre-ordered through this link.


LOCATION : Campania, Italy

Status : Active
Music : Pagan Folk

Aianna Egan : harp, vocals
Emain Druma : percussions, fiddle, flutes, vocals
Rohan : bass, irish bouzouki, tin whistle, back vocals
Máirtín Killian : drums, percussions, guitar, backing vocals

EMIAN is a pagan folk band founded in 2011. Their music deals with North European, Mediterranean trad. and medieval folk . They are inspired by these cultures, theirs included, and Nature. Celltic music and shamanism can be found in their album "Acquaterra" released for example.


Tales of Frost and Flames EP by HAGBARD will be available in two weeks and today, the band shared a new song and lyrics video entitled "War for the Dawn" which is the third track of the record that you can preorder by email for 5$ or 4€ + shipping.

The Expedition album by TENGGER CAVALRY for streaming

The Expedition album is the second TENGGER CAVALRY album entirely available on Youtube passing by the channels of Metal Hell Records

This streaming appears on Youtube after the one for Sunesu Cavalry by the label.

What means Friday the 13th for LAPPALAINEN ?

French band LAPPALAINEN will release their album "Kraken's Awakening" on Friday 13th of February 2015. 

This date will be also the day of the release party, one concert planned at Le Midland, Lille, France, sharing the stage with the bands CRAVING and GORGON - ...Because of ELD, this other part of Sword Chant.

"The Widening Gyre" by ALTAN will be out in February

The next ALTAN album is entitled "The Widening Gyre". We borrowed the title from one of W.B.Yeats poems ; A Second Coming; the band said. Yeats was the first Irish man to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.  ALTAN had opened a fund campaign for the album which was a success. 
Today, ALTAN revealed the artwork for "The Widening Gyre" to be released on February 20th, UK Feb. 23rd and USA 24th

NINE TREASURES first live album out now

NINE TREASURES (九宝乐队) released their first live album entitled "Live In Beijing".

"Padre" is the title of the next HORDAK album

The next HORDAK album is entitled "Padre".
The album title means "Father".

The album is planned to be released around
Spring 2015.

Preview of the coming ULGARD album

The American band ULGARD shared a preview for their upcoming album:

VEXILLUM released "Unum" album


ANABIOZ album: We will have to wait for the World edition

July 11th of 2014, ANABIOZ released "There The Sun Falls" album via Soundage productions in Russia. This record full of 10 tracks was planned to be released on January 15th of 2015 for the World but things have changed.
I contacted Revalve records regarding "There the sun falls" World edition album cd and they told me the record is delayed to March 15th! We will have to wait some more then!



Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Artiom (Varang Nord) : vocals, shamisen (luth), shakuhachi (flute), jew's harp
Nikita : guitar
Tom: bass
Andrey : drums
Koto - khurr

Rebel Against Me by CRUADALACH now released

The band CRUADALACH released their new album entitled "Rebel Against Me" that you can order in their Bandcamp. Physical and digital format are available for eight euros.

01. Revolt without a Name 02. Shiva World Dance Party 03. Stuff that Matters 04. Earth Café 05. Rebel Against Me 06. Wolves at the Gates 07. Life-Worshipping Bastards 08. Satyros 09. Karma to Burn 10. The Astralnaut 11. Ziemie Niczyje

First YOMI demo released

The YOMI band from Latvia released their first demo entitled "Age of the Gods".

01. The August Countenance of Amaterasu
02. Yamato-Takeru
03. The Eight-Forked Serpent
04. Onogoroshima
05. Slaying the Disobedient
06. The Creation of Inugami
07. The Sacred Scrolls
08. Yomi
You can get the entire demo for free download while "Age of the Gods".

Today, I have created the YOMI :

NETHERFELL new track, new album, and tour

Polish band NETHERFELL released a new track taken from their new album to come out on March 31. The song is entitled Światło i Cień (eng. „Light and Shadow”) and you can listen here:


LOCATION : Minsk, Belarus

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Yury Kazlou : accordion
Kiryl Hutavets : guitars
Vadim Shender : guitars
Ales Maksimovich -: vocals
Elvira Stelmashuk : vocals
Nazar Hrabionkin : drums
Lorina Lozovskaya : bass

MYSTERIA MORTIS new video online!

The Russian band MYSTERIA MORTIS released a new song and video on youtube, also available here:

VARANG NORD is the new and right start

Previously named as BALAGURI in 2004, the band changed name for VARANG NORD ten years later and has freshly released "Fire of the North" album that you can listen on my channel
VARANG NORD meant a new start for them, and after hiatus.  VARANG NORD have fought Nine other bands with force, and won our Bands battle with bravery.

Interview with ELDERTALE

I interviewed Kirya and Evgeny Kozakov from ELDERTALE regarding their projects.
01.  Hi Evgeny Kozakov & Kirya ! You released “Land of Old “EP in 2014. How was it perceived by the listeners & Medias ? Evgeny: Hi and Happy New Year! Yes, we did release our debut effort digitally last year and I have to say that the reaction was far better than any of us had anticipated. We got good and even great reviews from our local and some international critics. Listeners were mostly happy with our work too. Of course, there were people here and there, who’d find flaws in our music, but hey! We’re not a 100 dollar bill for everyone to like us :)

Happy New Year, folks!  02. We can feel ENSIFERUM influences in your Music. Are you all very big fans of them ? Evgeny: It’s true that we are compared to Ensiferum A LOT! I mean it’s just getting ridiculous how often people bring up Ensiferum when talking about Eldertale’s music. We do enjoy the band’s music greatly, specially earlier albums, but that’…

VELUA is the next HEIDEVOLK album

HEIDEVOLK are back with a new album entitled "Velua". This new record will be available in Digipack and Deluxe box by the end of March in Europe and early April in America.

Find release dates, tracklist and all details in this page dedicated to this band.


Nemeton records released the new album by the Italian band EVENDIM.

This album is entitled "Old Boozer's Tales".

All details are available here.

TROLLFEST re-released their compilation "A Decade Of Drekkadence" (LP) in digital format. The album includes a collection of unreleased songs, demo songs, acoustic re-recordings and cover songs of Tom Waits, Drekkameratene and Britney Spears. There is also a new song for this album called "På Beruselsens Vinger".

"A Decade Of Drekkadence" is available at SpotifyAmazon or again iTunes.

HILDR VALKYRIE second album in progress!

HILDR VALKYRIE is currently working on her second full length which will be made of 11 or 12 tracks. Some of them are sung in Ancient Hellenic language, while the album is dedicated to both North and Hellenic pantheon.

"Valkyries" is the new video by SERPENTYNE

The band SERPENTYNE made a video for the third track of their most recent album “Myths & Muses” released last year. The track title is "Valkyries" and this is the first video of the new Folk playlist of Sword Chant TV ; playlist now also available passing by this website.

DEATH OF FOLK are back with a new video!

Croatian band DEATH OF FOLK are currently working on their debut EP and they are looking for a label to release it.

This is a new promotional official video for the upcoming record:

The band has recently opened a new website, and facebook page.

Details for the SELVANS EP

SELVANS will release their first EP entitled "Clangores Plenilunio" on February 13th under the label Avantgarde Music.


01. Lupercale
02. Clangores Plenilunio
03. Prologue
04. ...In The Woods (In The Woods... cover)
05. Epilogue


Four days left until the release of "UNUM", the new VEXILLUM album full of 9 tracks that you can pre-order on the band'site. The band said about this track: Let us introduce you the first character from UNUM: The Jester. The Bear is his totem and “Over the clouds” narrates his chapter, the weird encounter with the main character.Discover another piece of Unum’s world and enjoy the video! " In the album, the Jester role is played by Chris Bay from Freedom Call, and we can say that working with him , as with all the other great singers, was inspiring and a great pleasure and honor!

ENSIFERUM: One Man Army, the video

Famous band ENSIFERUM revealed a new official video, for the song "One Man Army" taken from their album coming out this February 24th. This new video is available on Metal Blade channel :

The band will be on tour in March 2015 as our calendar can show you.

Details on the upcoming EP by STADACONNÉ

The Canadian band STADACONNÉ revealed the artwork for their debut EP entitled "Sorry for my bad English". The EP is settled for this Spring. Heres all details:


01 - Woodman Jig
02 - Sorry for my bad English
03 - Now, You live here!
04 - Variola Vera
05 - (Unknow Track) (Surprise)

Songs from the Earth, the new FUROR GALLICO album

Scarlet Records will release on February 17th of 2015, the second album by their new signed band FUROR GALLICO. Below are the artwork and track listing:

01. The Song Of The Earth

02. Nemàin’s Breath

03. Wild Jig Of Beltaine

04. La Notte Dei Cento Fuochi

05. Diluvio

06. Squass

07. Steam Over The Mountain

08. To The End

09. Eremita

NIBURTA new EP available online!

The new NIBURTA EP entitled "Reset" is out now and available on the web only! Physical release won't be. The three tracks ReSet / Two Faced / Evolution complete the EP that you can listen here :

"Freedom, tolerance and solidarity" recover the new GLITTERTIND album

"Liberté, égalité, fraternité" (Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood), the national motto of France and three great, and powerful words that GLITTERTIND understood well. Indeed, we can read on their website describing their new album ”Blåne for blåne” (Blue Distance) to be released on April 27th: "freedom, social justice, tolerance and solidarity" and then, ended their announcement on their facebook page by "NOUS SOMMES TOUS CHARLIE!"
Their record doesn't deal with the attacks of this week here, but the Power of Europeans in 1945, and Torbjørn Sandvik's life. You can read all the infos on our forum as well. 
Today, GLITTERTIND released a new single available in Spotify and Itunes. The single is entitled "Høyr min song (Til Fridomen)" which means "Hear My Song (To Freedom)". They said:  The song express that without freedom one loose a core of what it means to be human, and that it is a constant struggle, through ones life, to hope a…

NIDHOEGGR winner of the ENSIFERUM contest!!

Great news for NIDHOEGGR band who participated to the ENSIFERUM contest which was about to re-create one song under some rules.

October 5, 2014, I said that I added their effort in the playlist of Sword Chant TV related with official videos even that isn't really one but I hope that you'll understand me and now, I think you and ENSIFERUM understood me. XD

Indeed, the Swiss band NIDHOEGGR won the first prize of the ENSIFERUM contest!

Preview of the very first CRUADALACH official video

As you may know, CRUADALACH will release their album "Rebel Against Me" in almost 10 days and if you have missed in our forum, this is the tracklist:

01. Revolt without a Name
02. Shiva World Dance Party                      
03. Stuff that Matters
04. Earth Café
05. Rebel Against Me
06. Wolves at the Gates
07. Life-Worshipping Bastards
08. Satyros
09. Karma to Burn
10. The Astralnaut
11. Ziemie Niczyje

CRUADALACH shared a preview of their first video which will be for the seventh track of their album:

SABHANKRA against the false Gods

SABHANKRA made the official video for the second track entitled "Against The False Gods " of their new album "Seers Memoir" released last year. Find all details on the record here. You can listen to the album passing by their Bandcamp page now. 

LAPPALAINEN: First track of their debut album revealed

French band LAPPALAINEN will release their debut album soon. 
Promoting "Kraken's Awakening" album,  the band shared online "Riding On The Load Of Hay" song taken from the album.

Tina parts ways with ARBRYNTH

Bass player and female vocalist, Tina, parted ways with ARBRYNTH band. She was in the band from the beginning. ARBRYNTH said:
Tina, our bass player and female vocalist has parted ways with the band. Tina is further pursuing her career and we wish her all the very best. Its something Tina has been very passionate about and we know she will continue to be successful doing what she loves.  Miss T has been here since the start and we would like to take this moment to thank her for all the contributions she made building Arbrynth from the ground up.  For us this marks a huge change in the band that will see us challenged in new ways and we are looking forward to a new year with new possibilities.

Interview with OBSCURITY about "Vintar" album and more

I interviewed Agalaz from the band OBSCURITY.  The interview deals with their new album "Vintar", gigs, the band itself and more.
01. Hi Agalaz! You have recently released through Trollzorn label, your seventh album entitled “Vintar”. Are you happy with the result ? Hi there and thank you very much for this interview!



is the album title for the new BALDRS DRAUMAR record. 
Originally planned for Summer 2014, "Aldgillissoan" will be available from this April 18th.

A release party will be also on that date at Dokkum, NL.

Downfall and Rebirth by NORTHLAND released

Today, NORTHLAND released their new album "Downfall and Rebirth" initially planned earlier but the band had to face some trouble with their Bandcamp. The album is available for 8€ in digital (including the booklet images with the lyrics) and you can pre-order for 12€ Digipack CD + free poster, they will be shipped from January 16th. 


01. When Nature Awakes
02. Bloodred Sunrise
03. Together We Die
04. The Rite
05. Fury's Unleashed
06. Duskriders
07. Spirit in Darkness
08. Whispers In The Wind
09. Downfall And Rebirth
10. Moonlight Spell
11. Newborn Star

NIBURTA EP coming soon

The band NIBURTA will release a new EP entitled "ReSet" soon.  Three tracks complete this record: 01. ReSet / 02. Two Faced / 03. Evolution



Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Marios Koutsoukos : lyrics (official songwriter)
Emily Cooper : recorders
Michaël "Saga" Fiori : music composer, electric guitars, bass, vocals
Gianluca Tamburini (Hildr Valkyrie) : music composer, electric guitars, classical guitar, bass
Hildr Valkyrie  (Hildr Valkyrie) : female vocals
Anaïs Chevallier : female vocals
Dennis Schwachhofer (ex-Caverns Of Arnosh) : drums
Juan Pablo "Juskko" Churruarin (Zrymgöll) : accordion
Nostarion : cello
Holger Funke : nyckelharpa, hurdy gurdy, bagpipes