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New album by PIMEÄ METSÄ out in CD's

Firstly available in digital,

PIMEÄ METSÄ released their new album "No Blood No Glory" 
in CD format.

Orders can be through the bandcamp page of the band.

Megadeth cover by TENGGER CAVALRY

TENGGER CAVALRY shared their version for Symphony of Destruction that is a song by MEGADETH.

Here's Dave Mustaine's opinion : 

NINE TREASURES new album out now

NINE TREASURES unveiled a new album "Wisdom Eyes" out now. 
The recent single "10 years" is part of that full length, also available for streaming.
Wisdom Eyes by Nine Treasures

YGGDRASSIL released "All Shall Burn"

Firstly released in Spain four days ago, the new album "All Shall Burn" by YGGDRASSIL is now available everywhere. You can order the record to the facebook page of the band or their label.
Update : the record will be out worldwide February 24th in the end!
01. Körangar
02. All Shall Burn
03. End of Cycle
04. The Horde Above All
05. Slaughter of The Dragon
06. Battle in the Storm
07. Shield Wall
08. One Last Ride
09. Andvarinaut
10. Yuletide

Promised Land album by VALFREYA released

VALFREYA released their second album entitled "Promised Land". One album possible, thanks to their fans' help with the crowdfunding project that was for the band. The full length can be ordered through CDbaby.

TRACKLIST : 01. Horizon
02. Odin's Fury
03. Mortal Supremacy
04. Pandemonium
05. The Icelanding Sagas
06. Shame and Despair
07. Peuple du nord
08. Promised Land
09. The Choice
10. Warlords
11. Evolution
12. Undying Tale

Winterspell album signed DRAUGÛL out now

DRAUGÛL released its 4th album "Winterspell". You can order through bandcamp or the webshop of the band.
Full stream :
Winterspell DIGI-CD by Draugûl

AEGIR debut album released

French band AEGIR now released their debut album titled "Ringhorn" also available for full streaming 
passing by bandcamp for the whole.

Ringhorn by Aegir

MÀNRAN released their new album

The new album "An Dà Là - The Two Days" by MÀNRAN is out now and available to their website.

SKILTRON interview online

I interviewed SKILTRON about their new album "Legacy Of Blood", the band, and touring.

01. Hi Emilio! The band founded in 1997 and got several line-up change. What happened between you all and, did the new changes helped in SKILTRON sound, a lot ? The band was actually formed in 2003, but in 1997 we had another band that was the genesis for SKILTRON. Of course is normal that in so many years we had a lot of changes in the line up. Being in a band, recording, touring, etc is not easy and is very demanding, so its a long process until you find the right people.  The current line up was together for the last 3 years now and is working really well.

Details for the second BYRDI album

March 17th, 2017 will be released the BYRDI' second album "Urkraft".

Nash Rothanburg comments : 
"Ansur - Urkaft" is an album with a wider variety of expressions, not only the album as whole, but also within each song. You may sit down in a meadow and listen to an old fairytale-like song where the message is "listen to the old people, they know what they are talking about", and another song will make you stand in the sunset, in awe, and listen to the song of the night to come. You may also find songs making you want to pack your knapsack and head for the mountains. "Ansur - Ukraft" just feels more like living, where you have ups and downs, meet new people and focus on your life on a slightly different angle than before.

LA BREICHE debut album out soon

Arexis and Lafforgue (STILLE VOLK) are members from LA BREICHE band that will release "Le Mal Des Ardents" album in this february 6th, 2017. "Holy Fire" is the meaning for the album title that deals with fears, terrors, about the balance between folklore and reason, myth and common sense, light and darkness, past and present, modernity and archaism.
During the 10th century, Ademar de Chabannes, a French monk, described some mysterious ailment which affected peasants in the Limousin region of France- causing spasms, convulsions, hallucinations and consuming the victims’ bodies with some invisible fire. People suspected witchcraft, possession of the devil. But these illnesses were in fact due to poisoning through by a parasite in the rye grain… Fear and terror spread throughout the country. It coupled with many Medieval fears, including famine, war, violence, death, plague, leprosy…
“Here we are in this fictitious state, transforming images and feelings. We are int…

NYTT LAND new album soon

NYTT LAND shared the following news :
Already in the next couple of weeks it is expected the big release of our new flagship creation entitled "Fimbulvinter"! this time he'll be increased circulation, compared with the previous releases, including expect and sells vinyl. True with edition on vinyl came out a little interesting story - we're a little did not take into account the limited size of the format for the duration of possible record for him. And this is the limitation of the entire 45 minutes. So there's been a bit of a sacrifice for a duration of sound and to make some correction. By the way, this time the album was written entirely in the use of analog equipment, just specially for full sound on vinyl formats, and with the masteringe were prepared 2 different versions of - for CD and vinyl and think amateurs "warm" sound will appreciate this))

Release date for the next WARSEID album

"A New Land To Find" is thte title for the next WARSEID album that will be released by February 2nd.  Find more album details in this article.

Teaser :

TRIDDANA unveiled new tracks taken from their upcoming acoustic album

Born in the Dark Age and Gone with the River are two songs initially from the debut TRIDDANA album "Ripe for Rebellion". The band unveiled the acoustic version for those songs that will be available on the next album entitled Twelves Acoustic Pieces.

Metsänhenkien Tanssi EP by TERHENETÄR released

TERHENETÄR now released Metsänhenkien Tanssi EP.
Contact the band to order a copy.

1. Iku-Turso
    I. Aaltojen alla 2:37
    II. Veden Valtias 3:25

2. Metsänhenkien tanssi
    I. Hämärän mailla 4:57
    II. Varjot tanssivat 2:16
    III. Metsänpeitto 2:44

3. Surumieli, Varjosielu 8:44


WOLFCHANT released Bloodwinter

The new album "Bloodwinter" by WOLFCHANT is out now in various editions, passing by their webstore.

CD 1 Bloodwinter 01. Nornensang
02. Schicksalsmacht
03. Wolfchant (A Wolf To Man)
04. Das Bollwerk [ video ]
05. Bloodwinter [ video ]
06. Heritage of Fire
07. Sehnsucht
08. Prelude to Revenge
09. Anthems of Revenge
10. Am Schlachtfeld
11. New Born Killer

CD 2 The Fangs of the Southern Death (Rerecorded - Digipack version)
01. A Wolfs Tale
02. The Desire of a Wolf
03. Fenrir - Formed by Fire
04. By Crimson Moonlight
05. The Ballad of the Elders
06. Alive in the Angels Hall
07. In a Cold Winter Night

SMUTA video

SMUTA made a video for their "Smuta" song available for free.

The video is not recommended for youth.

Defendiendo Amaia song by CRYSTALMOORS

CRYSTALMOORS shared "Defendiendo Amaia" song taken from the Folk CD from  "The Mountain Will Forgive Us" released last year.

KNIGHTHOOD lyrics video

KNIGHTHOOD published one lyrics video (not for sensitive people) for their song "Last Beat" taken from their debut album "Tales Of Ania".


TENGGER CAVALRY released a new EP so called "Kaan".

kAAn (EP) by Tengger Cavalry

And a new music video :

HEIDRA : video for Lone Warrior (acoustic track)

HEIDRA.unveiled their official video for Lone Warrior (acoustic) song  that will be released for free in a few days in the end.

Update February 2017 : 
Mistake from band's communication : but the song won't be for free download.

Tiefenrausch will be the new NACHTGESCHREI album

NACHTGESCHREI will release their new album "Tiefenrausch" on March 3rd, 2017.
01 Tiefenrausch
02 Aus dem Licht
03 Mal mich schwarz
04 Kaempf um mich
05 Meilen unter Meilern
06 Gift
07 Zurueck
08 Heldenmut
09 Beste Feinde
10 Stein um Stein
11 Ich verstumme
12 1000 Tonnen Stahl
13 Laniakea

EP details for TERHENETÄR

The next EP "Metsänhenkien Tanssi" by TERHENETÄR will be released under this January 13th.

1. Iku-Turso
    I. Aaltojen alla 2:37
    II. Veden Valtias 3:25

2. Metsänhenkien tanssi
    I. Hämärän mailla 4:57
    II. Varjot tanssivat 2:16
    III. Metsänpeitto 2:44

3. Surumieli, Varjosielu 8:44

Duskmourn second album processing

DUSKMOURN recorded their second album entitled "Of Shadow and Flame" but need your help for the studio work to feed. Thus, they created one crowdfunding project where you can pre-order the record planned for July 2017.
This is the artwork :

DRAUGÛL covered Inkubus Sukkubus

DRAUGÛL unveiled their cover song "Wytches" initially by Inkubus Sukkubus. This cover feat. on the coming album "Winterspell" that will be released in a few days.

The band I interviewed late november, added :
Special thanks to Inkubus Sukkubus for giving me permission to make this cover and as well to Katia Azzopardi for the female vocals on this one!

Second teaser for FELLED

FELLED unveiled one second teaser taken from their upcoming demo "Bonfire Grit". 
Find rhe first one here.

Wolfchant : lyrics video for Das Bollwerk song

WOLFCHANT published this lyrics video for Bollwerk song taken from their "Bloodwinter" coming soon.

No Grave But The Sea

"No Grave But The Sea" is the title for the next ALESTORM album that will also be the first full release featuring their guitarist Máté Bodor. The band added : We will be spending the next month at Alpaca Ranch Recording Studio in Orlando, USA, with producer Lasse Lammert once again at the helm.

Tie varjoista single by VORNA

VORNA released a new single titled "Tie varjoista". Lyrics are available onto the bandcamp page.

Tie varjoista by Vorna

Teaser for the upcoming HEIDRA single

January 10th will be released for free, one acoustic single by HEIDRA. Heres a teaser :

RIMMERSGARD's demo re-released

CASUS BELLI MUSICA and BEVERINA PRODUCTIONS re-released in CD and LP the demo "A Venturer's Mind" by RIMMERSGARD. Preorders.
01. Intro (Entering Erchester)
02. Rimmersgard
03. Jarnauga
04. Surrender And Submerge
05. Battle Of The Five Hordes
06. Loneliness My Friend
07. Rays Of Sunset
08. Outro (Leaving Erkynland)
09. Legend´s Domain (bonus)
10. Melancholy (bonus)

Tracks 1-8 are taken from Demo 1 (´97)
Track 9 is taken from CD "ErzHerz", recorded new in 2005 
Track 10 is taken from 1995 rehearsal, recorded new in 2016

DUR DABLA : Ar c'hannerezed noz lyrics video

DUR DABLA shared this new song from the new album "Eñvor An Avel". 
I had interviewed the band late October.


LES DERNIERS TROUVÈRES released a new track "Sainte Geneviève : ses appels écoutez !" taken from their album "Héros, Dites-Moi!" coming out this March 12th, 2017.

SOWULO music video

SOWULO published the official video for Ginnungagap song taken from Sol album out now.
Ginnungagap is about the origin of the universe as is described in the Nordic Mythology.

Artwork for the new KING OF ASGARD album

March 17th will be released the new KING OF ASGARD album entitled "Taudr". Heres the artwork :

Happy 2017!

The year 2016 just ended that a new year begins. We entered the year that will complete the ten years for this site. From the Folk Metal listing, we can expect one great year full of nice music going on, again. Meanwhile, the Folk music one yet enlarge that feeling.
2017 won't be one easy year but I know bands and all professionnals behind, will bring and create great musical, design and art projects, making our Culture yet stronger, as I know we'll be many to enjoy loud their projects! Nobody can break this. And we'll show to the world.

As for the 10 years anniversay for this site, I would like to make something very special, maybe one compilation, free download for the world to enjoy but it is probably difficult for bands under a label, I think also to games in agreement with bands or labels.... but I don't know.... If somebody gets some ideas for this event. contact me and I'll see. :)

Best wishes to all of you!