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BAELFYR released their debut EP

The American Celtic metal band BAELFYR released their debut and Self-titled EP available through Bandcamp.


01. Mons Graupius
02. The Painted Ones
03. Forsworn
04. As Wind Sways the Trees
05. Of Blood & Rust
06. Andro [ trad. ]

About the EP :

Find Lyrics for "Sij obzorja" EP by ZARIA on Sword Chant

From now are available in Sword Chant the official lyrics taken from the debut EP "Sij obzorja" by ZARIA from Slovenia. The official English translations can be found too.
Links to reach the lyrics are in the band thread, forum and the lyrics database as always.

Enjoy this talented band and their lyrics now. :)

Chosen by MONGOL

The Canadian band MONGOL has chosen this day to release their second album initially named as "Storming the Wall", now entitled "Chosen by Tengri". You will find all meanings for "Tengri" on Wikipedia. The album is available for streaming and purchase on their Bandcamp page but you can buy it at their shows too.

FROZEN SHIELD EP available for free download

The Viking Metal band FROZEN SHIELD from Barcelona, Spain released their debut S/T EP available for free download for the digital version.
The physical version wil be released in about two weeks. You could purchase it on Bandcamp, that place where the free download is too.


01. Harvest Of Deceit
02. Green Beards
03. Path To Oblivion

BORNHOLM labelled as Viking/Pagan Metal ?

I know we don't have a single topic on BORNHOLM band in Sword Chant but the band stated the following :
Through the years we had to recognize, that we had been marked as Viking metal or Pagan metal. That is totally false way and rooted in the misunderstanding and in knowledgeless media.


The band ZARIA released the first single taken from their upcoming album. The song is entitled " Sledi zvezdi" (Follow the Star).

First release for MERKFOLK available!

The Polish band MERKFOLK
released their first single-demo.
The title is the ones from the
songs "Topielica/Trust"
which complete the release.

The entire record is available for streaming :

Bands battles are coming back with a present for listeners!

I am proud to announce 2 projects were born!
Indeed, that's with one great pleasure that I can reveal you the bands battles will come back in September/October...
After the mess we met the last time, the Community and I have taken the decision to keep the bands battles alive since those are one great way to promote Folk Metal bands. 
We would have prefered to keep the voting mode opened to all but experience has shown this is possible no more.

The winner bands will see one entry about them in this site within a link to their band's biography available in our forum but NOT ONLY!

DRENAÏ debut album possible ?

The French band DRENAÏ opened one fund campaign for their debut album. You can contribute and help them by preordering their album "Deathwalker". 
Follow this link here in this site,  to learn more on their crowd funding.

Next year will be the new ENSIFERUM album

The talented band ENSIFERUM will enter Astia Studio in Finland, to record with producer Anssi Kippo their next album throughout this September and October. This record will be released under Metal Blade Records by early 2015. The writing process is nearing completion at the moment.

Sami said :

UBUREN released their new album

The Viking Black Metal band UBUREN now released in Poland their album entitled "Withered Roots". You can watch their first official video(sensitive & young people can forget it) which deals with Blood Eagle as the track title can reveal.
The album will be out the July 19th in Germany, and 21st into the rest of the world.


01. Aegir
02. Sea of Deceit
03. Asmegin
04. Blood Eagle
05. Escape
06. Voluspaa
07. Kampen
08. Deprived Of Empathy
09. Forgotten Battlecries
10. Visions Of Valhalla

Polish listeners can purchase their copy while the Norse Rage Over Poland Tour.


LOCATION : Öland, Sweden

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Segersäll : vocals, guitar, irish bouzouki, Swedish wooden flutes (offerdalspipa, häjedalspipa, seljefløjte), hurdy-gurdy, jaw's harp Mårten Gråfäll : nyckelharpa, fiddle, guitar, kantele, säckpipa (bagpipes)

The duo founded the band in July 2011. Several sessions musicians took part in the project that combines Scandinavian folk music with elements of death and black metal. the lyrics deal with nature, folklore, cultural heritage, legends and history. 

Words From The Dead, EP, 2012



One first press kit for ELDERTALE

The Ukrainian band ELDERTALE contacted me for I build their first press kit since they were new to this. The press kit in a .pdf file will be available with their debut EP for free download, and is composed of  their biography that I have entirely written again, pictures, lyrics for "Land Of Old" EP and contact information.

The elements of the press kit are also available here on Sword Chant.


LOCATION : Oberhausen, Germany

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Marc A. Brode : lead vocals, dist. guitars
Nico Fürbach : acoustic guitars
Anton Müller : bass guitar
Julian F. Hagen : keys, backing vocals
Severin Weiand : drums, dist. guitars, keys, backing vocals

Past members :
David "Goldi" : drums
Erik Z : guitar
Simon Steinborn : guitar

PORTCULLIS released their new album

The Medieval Folk band from UK, PORTCULLIS, released their new album entitled "Forever...and a day". Beside is the artwork for the new record full of original tunes. 

You can order
"Forever...and a day"
album to their webshop.

The projects of Sword Chant

When I see Sword Chant, I have in mind that i'd never think this website as it is today when I started with the forum back in 2007. It seems that I can't stop to think to new ideas to keep me busy. :D These ideas, for the best of the musical genres I and the whole community defend. Some projects were born and some of them are under construction like The Folk Elements full of 10 pages which consist to list Folk Metal bands by Folk instruments available through their line-up. Useful for the people searching for Folk Metal bands within, for example, bagpipes mixed with metal music. The second part of this project deals with Folk instruments and then, everybody can open a thread in the forum on their instrument and teach everyone with it. Instruments and bands threads take also part in this project then.Last year, I built ELD project. This was in parallel of this website but now integrated into Sword Chant, this project is designed more to bands, labels, and other people related w…

ABINCHOVA released Wegweiser album

ABINCHOVA released their second album entitled "Wegweiser". You can purchase it through BandcampAmazon or Itunes if you didn't contribute to the fund campaign of the band and make this album possible. Some tracks can be played on Soundcloud.
01. Präludium 02. Handgeschrieben 03. Wandlung 04. Vom grünen Grund 05. Flaschengeist 06. Sturmgeweiht 07. Unbenannt 08. Unter der Erde 09. Felsenfrass 10. Echo


'To the Shores of Nórthór" was released in digital today. Since the band is currently working on the design for the booklet, the pressing for the physical version will come later then. Earlier, I published details for the album together with one palylist for the entire record available on youtube. You can purchase the BAUMBART album in digital through Bandcamp.
Find below the concept for the album "To the Shores of Nórthór" :
Nórthór is a continent in the band's fantasy world Ellínór, which consist of three main lands named El'úthó, Líthon and Nórthór. There are Dwarves of Duur & Gwyrd, the Folk of Wolven Moon, and the Men of Cyane Fields. In the album's story, the El'úthan People of Thousandsprings want to sell some ores recetnly found in the mountains to the rich Duuran dwarves of Nórthór and therefore, they begin their adventure to the mostly unknown Nórthór!

The First EP by HEIDRA is now translated to French

I have translated to French the HEIDRA songs taken from their EP entitled "Sworn to Vengeance". 
The Official lyrics are available at Sword Chant  for awhile 
The HEIDRA fans can also support their favourite band in our forum and translate their songs in their mother tongue.
This can be for HEIDRA songs and other bands. Check out the Database.

The Official and translated lyrics for "Northern Tales" demo are available too.

June 30th of 2013: One great hero has passed away

Today is a sad day for all the fans of FOLKEARTH and FOLKODIA bands, but also for all the ones who contributed to these great and international musical projects.
One year ago, the leader for both bands, Ruslanas (Metfolvik). has passed away fighting hard against Cancer for the last 1,5 year of his life.
Metfolvik has worked with numerous musicians. I remember we, in the forum of Sword Chant, recommended as one help to a violin player there to contact Metfolvik and therefore, the two of them worked together.