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Stuojīs video by VARANG NORD

The band from Latvia unveiled one new track and video titled "Stuojīs", taken from their upcoming album "Pārķuņa uomurs".
More details related with the new release will be later on.

Interview with E-AN-NA

I interviewed E-AN-NA who recently released their debut album titled "Nesfârşite".

01. Welcome E-an-na ! First of all, what is the meaning of the band name ? It literally means « The home of the skies » in ancient summerian. It is a whole new, separate world that we’ve created to escape this one. Every soul is welcome.

02. The band started as a studio project back in 2014 and became a full line-up band ready for shows…. How and when did it happen exactly ? The songs we started putting out at the beginning received more attention & positive feedback than we would’ve ever expected. People started requesting shows a lot, and as a consequence, 2016 was our first busy year.

03. So, E-an-na is one of those bands which started to be famous, thanks to Youtube and internet, right ? I think so, yes. We were very fortunate in this regard.

04. How did you feel in that time ? Like not having a clue what we’re doing. We didn’t have any plans back then, every idea was just shot at us by pe…

FRIJGARD returns with a new album

Five years after "Bellum Aeternum Est" album, FRIJGARD returns with a new one titled "Chapter Zero".

Chapter Zero by Frijgard

BALDRS DRAUMAR : Magnus album details

BALDRS DRAUMAR unveiled the artwork for Magnus album.
Here are the complete details related.

The record will be released November 23, 2019.

01. Friso
02. Toh Alden Fahne
03. Of Slogma Tha Saxum
04. Ferbline, Ferballe
05. De Poarten fan Rome
06. Frij
07. Upstallesbâm
08. Magnus Forteman
09. Eala Frya Fresena


LOCATION : Sibiu, Romania

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Andrei „Solomonar” Oltean : Vocals, Recorder, Bagpipes, Accordion, Jaw Harp Ovidiu „Cio” Ban : Guitar Dragoş Geomolean : Bass Paul Bucătaru : Drums Roxana Amărandi : Vocals, Violin Ioana Popescu : Keyboard Andrei Piper : Guitar

Past members :
Dragoş Berţia : Bass Alex Giurgeca : Guitar Edwin Marc : Accordion, Vocals

HISTORY : E-AN-NA started in 2014 as a studio project of Solomonar and Ovidiu, but quickly gained popularity and then, it turned into a live band. From March 2016, the band gets high anticipated live appearances. By this time, E-an-na’s confirmed to play all major romanian metal festivals, and also the Kavarna Rock Fest, in Bulgaria. 
They release their first EP “Jiana” back in 2016 and the bands official YouTube channel surpasses one million singular views during the next year. Since then, they made numerous festivals and won the second place at Wacken Open Air in 2017, playing in front of almost 8000 fans, with tremen…

Zlydzień single by SAKRAMANT out now

SAKRAMANT  released a new single titled "Zlydzień" that you can purchase on Bandcamp.

LORD WIND new album in July

July 31st, 2019 will be the new LORD WIND album that is entitled "The Forest Is My Kingdom".

01. Chants on the forgotten palace
02. Severnyj veter
03. Leshy
04. Czarny kruk
05. Królowa Śniegu
06. Oj moroz moroz
07. Drzewo Przodków
08. Pagantiga
09. Rusalki
10. Cult of Seth
11. Herr Mannelig


BATTLE TALES released Lè Lèjande dè vêr no EP.

Lè Lèjande dè vêr no by Battle Tales

BELENOS : tracklist for Argoat album

BELENOS unleashed the track listing for "Argoat" album set to be released September 20th, 2019.

01. Karvden
02. Bleizken
03. Argoat
04. Nozweler
05. Huelgoat
06. Dishualder
07. Duadenn
08. Steuziadur
09. Arvestal

FINSTERFORST : Zerfall album

August 2nd, Napalm Records will release "Zerfall" album by FINSTERFORST.

01  Wut   
02  Zerfall   
03  Fluch des Seins 
04  Weltenbrand 
05  Ecce Homo

Two videos are yet available :

KULTASIIPI new release

The KULTASIIPI new release is entitled "Mahtaja" and this is planned for August 30th, 2019.

01. Noidan Synty
02. Mahtaja
03. Tuulispää
04. Tuulen Sanat
05. Tuulen Vire
06. Taivas on sininen ja valkoinen
07. Ennen Sotaa
08. Sotalaulu
09. Soturin Sanat
10. Väliintulo
11. Hiihtäjä
12. Tod auf Skiern
13. Tulipalo
14. Metsänpalosanat
15. Loppusanat

Big Boss, the upcoming SVARTBY album

SVARTBY will release their 5th album titled "Big Boss"  for late Summer 
TRACKLIST : 01. Magic Gumbo 02. Rails and Guns 03. Goblin Malt 04. Deadly Tango 05. Tommy Guns 06. Big Boss 07. Hangover

CELTIAN released En Tierra de Hadas

CELTIAN, a band from Madrid, Spain, released "En Tierra de Hadas" album that you can purchase to this link.

1 La Llegada del Druida
2 La Musa del Bosque
3 Tu Hechizo
4 Niamh
5 El Solsticio de Driade
6 Mirada de Fuego
7 En Tierra de Hadas (feat. Patricia Tapia)
8 El Sueño de Deirdre (feat. Ruben Kelsen & Debler)
9 El Mar Sabe Tu Nombre

Renegades, the new EQUILIBRIUM album

EQUILIBRIUM will release their new album "Renegades" on August 23rd, 2019.
This is the new video of the band :

The record can be preordered through Nuclear Blast.


CD 1:
01. Renegades – A Lost Generation
02. Tornado
03. Himmel und Feuer
04. Path of Destiny (feat. The Butcher Sisters)
05. Moonlight
06. Kawaakari – The Periphery of the Mind
07. Johnny B. (bonus)
08. Final Tear
09. Hype Train (feat. Julie Elven)
10. Rise of the Phoenix

CD 2:
01. Renegades – A Lost Generation
02. Tornado
03. Himmel und Feuer
04. Path of Destiny
05. Moonlight
06. Kawaakari – The Periphery of the Mind
07. Final Tear
08. Hype Train
09. Rise of the Phoenix

Khriighenacht video by BALT HUTTAR

BALT HUTTAR unleashed their new video for "Khriighenacht" song
available on their album "Trinkh Met Miar" released last year.

GOFANNON debut album out now

GOFANNON released "Craft" album and made a video for the third track of the record.

Craft by Gofannon

The very first BAUMBART video

BAUMBART unveiled the very first video of the band, shot for "Stýr" song taken from "Return Home" EP yet available.


"Salvej" is the new and 5th album by BARBARIAN PIPE BAND and it is available on Bandcamp.
Have a listen :

Salvej by Barbarian Pipe Band

E-AN-NA album and video

July 19, 2019, E-AN-NA will release their debut album titled "Nesfârşite".

01. Viu
02. Aer
03. Fiecare gest al nostru (feat. Robert Cotoros)
04. Epitaf
05. Pielea
06. Pânda
07. Frica
08. Zadar (feat. Daniel Neagoe)
09. Izbândă şi a râvni
10. Apele îngheţate
11. iO.tă
12. În frânt (feat. Michalina Malisz & Archy Jay)
13. Mashiara (feat. Daniel Neagoe)

They unveiled their new video for the 10th track of the album available for preorder  :