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JONNE released Kallohonka album

The new JONNE album "Kallohonka" can be listened to that link meanwhile physical copies can be purchased to various stores.
01. Vieras [ sound ] 02. Tanssi 03. Ajan Taakse 04. En Olé [ sound ] 05. Pimeä On Oksan Taitto (feat. Ville Sorvali of MOONSORROW) 06. Kallohongassa Kotini 07. Hulivili 08. Hauki 09. Yön Syli 10. Suojärvi 11. Rajat Ruumiini 12. Nu'tenmaqnituk

VÄSEN released their new album

Now available, 
the new VÄSEN album entitled "brewed" can be ordered passing by their website.
01. Väsenvalsen
02. IPA-Gubben
03. Sommarpolskan
04. Ellis & Andrés bröllopssvit
05. Bråkstaken
06. Mellow D
07. Framtidens Marsch
08. Jungfrun av Norge
09. Gudda
10. Stråkmakarns polska
11. Tröstemarsch
12. Tiomiljonerspolskan
13. Hogmarkar’n
14. Tanja
15. Sonias promenad

ENCELT released Stories By The Fire

ENCELT released Stories By The Fire album now available through Bandcamp.

Stories By The Fire by ENCelt

Warrior Spirit by MONGOL out now

'Warrior Spirit" is the new maxi single by MONGOL released. 
Get it here.

01. The Mountain Weeps
02. River Child
03. Warband

SKYCLAD released Forward Into The Past album

The new album "Forward Into The Past" signed SKYCLAD is out now.

Forward Into The Past by SKYCLAD

Caoineadh song by BUAITEOIR

BUAITEOIR shared the following song "Caoineadh" :

TENGGER CAVALRY new album soon

Available for pre-order, the new album "Die on My Ride" by TENGGER CAVALRY set to be released on June 2nd.

The band revealed one first track, so are its lyrics that won't be available here.
However, have a listen :

Die on My Ride by Tengger Cavalry


October 7th, BALDRS DRAUMAR will release their new and acoustic album titled “Fan Fryslâns Ferline”.
01 Fan Fryslâns Ferline
02 Raven
03 Tsjoch op
04 Slach by Warns
05 Hva Faen!?
06 Magna Frisia
07 Thuners Fjoer
08 Oer de runen
09 Deat Lun
10 As de loften brekke
11 Hymirs Tsjettel
12 Hadagrims Fertriet

VINTERSORG will release a new album by June

"Till Fjälls Del II" is the title for the upcoming VINTERSORG album settled for June, 30 2017.
What to expect from "Till Fjälls Del II"? No scientific lyrical concept, no progressive trickery, but a heartfelt return to snowcapped mountains, pure nature-inspired mysticism, Nordic folklore and real black metal with a captivating epic streak. VINTERSORG share a vision of equally harsh and melodic soundscapes that melt the raging extremes of the late '90s with the focus of 2016.
The record made in CD and, vinyl (300 copies), is available for pre-order.


01. Jökelväktaren
02. En Väldig Isvidds Karga Dräkt
03. Lavin
04. Fjällets Mäktiga Mur
05. Obygdens Pionjär
06. Vinterstorm
07. Tusenåriga Stråk
08. Allt Mellan Himmel Och Jord
09. Vårflod

New ALESTORM video online

Napalm Records published the new ALESTORM official video that is for the song "Alestorm" taken from their upocming "No Grave But The Sea" album.

JONNE unveiled En Olé single

"En Olé" is the title for the new single signed JONNE.
The track will be part of the upcoming Kallohonka album

Listen and get it here.

ENSLAVED new albums

ENSLAVED who released « Roadburn Live » through Record Store Day just now, announced that they are working on their new studio album.

SELVANS released their live album

Avantgarde Music released in limited edition, the SELVANS live album titled "'Hirpi", that reminds the past.

TRACKLIST : 1. Lupercale 2. Hirpi Sorani 3. O Clitumne! 4. Furore Pagano (Draugr cover) 5. Pater Surgens

Mythos album by WALDKAUZ out now

Today, WALDKAUZ band released their new album "Mythos" available to their webshop.

01 Zwielicht
02 Mati Syra Zemlya
03 Am Wegesrand
04 Ringaloo ya Merry-O
05 Father of Stone
06 Leshy
07 Mond & Sonne
08 08 Woods of  Україна
09 Baba Jaga
10 Waldlandreich
11 Hinter der Brombeerhecke
12 Vom Wassemann
13 Karneia
14 Raigan Dannsa
15 Bonus Track - Dimna Juda
16 Bonus Track - Waldlandreich (Niel Mitra Remix)

New FAUN live video available

Find in the following video the band FAUN together with Einar Selvik of WARDRUNA performing the song "Odin" available in the "Midgard" album by FAUN.

ARVINGER EP coming soon

The band ARVINGER will release an EP titled "Rast", soon.
This is the front cover :

The artwork for the new UTMARKEN record unveiled

UTMARKEN unveiled the artwork for their upcoming album "Förfallstid".

The band added : Förfallstid is in the final stages. First mastered tracks from Kalthallen studios have arrived, and despite all uncontrollable circumstances in the process... I now know Förfallstid will be a powerful album!
Another important piece of the puzzle is the cover, which also is finished and I am, to put it mildly, not just a litte amazed and honoured to have received help with it by Thomas Väänänen, ex-vocalist in Thyrfing and veteran of the swedish scene, whose heavy metal ears are much, much more experienced than my own. That is a big thing to me personally.

PEREPLUT released their debut album

PEREPLUT (Переплут) released their debut album "В Стародавние Года"

В Стародавние Года by Pereplut


May 12th will be released via Despotz Records, the debut album "The End Is Nigh" by APOCALYPSE ORCHESTRA.

The debut album "The End Is Nigh" was recorded during the second half of 2016, the drums at Studio Overlook by William Blackmon (producer of Gadget, Beardfish, Isole among others) while all other instruments were recorded by the band at Studio Bordun. A live choir was also recorded at the historic Sailors Church in Gävle. It was then mixed by Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry/Kaipa) at Studio Kabyss and mastered by Fredrik Groth at Studio Flåklypa.
The album features original compositions and lyrics with a heavy medieval flare, but also contains actual melodies hailing back as far as the 12th century. With the hurdy gurdy, bagpipe, cittern, lute, mandora and several other traditional instruments the ambience is set from start. Clashing with a modern sound the combination is unique. Lyrical themes ranges from everyday toils of the common man in the dark ag…

Second album by DOOM OF VALYRIA settled in May

The next DOOM OF VALYRIA album is entitled "Warg" and, will be released on May 15th.

Seven tunes complete the full length limited to 500 copies, including that one that is a personal view of the song “When the chains are broken” from the band Twin Obscenity :

Last but not least, the band opened a crowdfunding project, releasing an official video.

This summer will be a new STEIGNYR EP

STEIGNYR are currently working on their forthcoming EP planned for this summer.
This is a teaser for the EP entitled "Ashes from a Keltic Spirit".


TOTER FISCH unveiled their official video for "Mami Wata" song taken from "Yemaya" album out now.

OPRICH new album

Beside is the artwork for the third and upcoming full length by OPRICH.

The record is entitled Poveter’ that means
"All Sails To The Wind!"

MuyzKKubuN new material

The band shared the following :

GRIMNER released a new single

GRIMNER released their new single Freja Vakar under Despotz Records.
You can get it through that link.

VEDRFÖLNIR released "Loki's Rache" EP

"Loki's Rache" EP by VEDRFÖLNIR is now available for full streaming and for sale.

Loki's Rache by Vedrfölnir

SERVAN interview

I interviewed SERVAN on various topics, including their upcoming album "Tales of the Forest".
01. Hi! Welcome at Sword Chant! Three years ago was founded SERVAN. Can you tell us your adventure from the beginning until now ? Hi Krissy, and thank you! Three years ago, as you said, SERVAN was founded. Many things happened since today : from the ashes of another folk band, we decided to start this project, because we had some good material. At the time we were only 4 but after many changes we finally had the current lineup (last changes were done in the last months of 2015). We have to remember the live we shared during those years with some great folk metal bands from northern Italy too and some records we have done... But maybe we can talk about it later.


YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS sign worldwide deal with Napalm Records.
Known for their excellent taste and passion for pirates in metal, Napalm Records welcomes a new band to their diverse and exciting artist roster and label family: YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS have signed a worldwide record deal with Napalm Records! The band's 3rd studio album titled 'First Night Back In Port' is set to be released on June 30th 2017.
With songs inspired by traditional Irish and Scandinavian folk music, YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS takes you 300 years back in time for an imaginary journey through the harsh life at sea during the early 18th century.
Says the band about their recent signing with Napalm Records: "Spring has finally come to the Gulf of Botnia, and with the rotting ice we are now able to set sail with some extraordinary good news onboard. We are immensely proud to announce that our chaotic band of Pirates will be joining forces with Napalm Records, to release our next album First Night Back…

AVVEN new lyrics video

AVVEN shared a new song "Red Sun" taken from their upcoming EOS EP.

ALNE and STWORZ released a split

ALNE and STWORZ released together,
one split entitled "Warńija".

Warńija by Stworz

You can pre-order the new ENCELT album

The new album "Stories By The Fire" by ENCELT is now available for pre-order through bandcamp.
Stories By The Fire by ENCelt
April 27th is the release date.

ODROERIR : Abecedarium Nord

ODROERIR shared one more track taken from their album "Das Erbe unserer Ahnen" coming soon.